Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in new Rose Gold will be a Verizon Wireless exclusive

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold Verizon Wireless.jpg

After Samsung introduced new color options of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back in early December, we weren’t sure which, if any, would be headed stateside. Fast forward to earlier this month where @evleaks had it on good authority the “Rose Gold” Note 3 would be headed to Verizon.

Today, those rumors have officially been confirmed by Samsung who’s announced that the Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 will be offered exclusively at Verizon Wireless. No word on a specific release date or if the Rose Gold will also be offered in black, but just know it shouldn’t be much longer.


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  • Steviemac

    Apple is Samsung’s idol. The ripping off continues!

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      What does any of this have to with Apple?

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      Yeah because Crapple invented multiple colours.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Everyone has had gold phones before Apple even made phones.

    • jimmy laa

      loser,so Nokia,Motorola,Sagem is Apple’s idol?and your name “stevie”?funny name.

  • a)

    That’s one exclusive that Verizon can keep

  • Jay

    Oops I just cracked my screen by accident. Hello Verizon, can I get a rose gold replacement :)

  • DavidB23

    What an original idea.

  • svh105

    No news

  • Megatron_Don


  • Roaduardo

    Not enough Verizon logos on it, can’t be sure it’s a Verizon Note 3.