Video Voyager brings location based video sharing to Google Glass

Video Voyager Glassware

Ever since the Google Glass Mirror API went live a few months back, we’ve watched as more and more Glassware (Google Glass apps) found themselves available in the official web portal. The latest of which is Video Voyager, a new video sharing service that allows users to take video of their favorite spots — eateries, amusement parks, etc. — and upload the videos to share with others.

Video Voyager Glassware

As much of a discovery tool as it is a sharing one, once Video Voyager is enabled on your headset, traveling to the general vicinity of where someone uploaded a video will trigger a notification from your Glass. This will allow you to view their video directly from your Glass headset, making it a great way to discover new places to eat, local nightlife, or anything in between.

What’s more, you can even watch videos in your area (or one you’re traveling to) using your desktop web browser by visiting the Video Voyager site here. Sure there’s not many videos at the moment, but we expect that to pick up as more and more users get their faces on Glass.

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  • Vincent Scala

    i’m just waiting for Google Glass to bring Google Glass to Best Buy so i can finally buy the damn thing!!!

  • Phaz0n

    No videos in Arizona yet :(

  • Kenyoni

    Video Voyeur would be a better and probably a more accurate name.