If Google were a guy, he’d have the worst job ever [VIDEO]

Not sure if you’ve, while typing into Google search, ever came across the most bizarre suggestions to complete your query. We have, and other than killing our faith in humanity a little bit every day, these suggestions can sometimes yield hilarious results. So what if Google was just a man in an office, trying to make a living? Do you think he’d like his job? Probably not. Watch the slightly NSFW video below for a chuckle.

[via College Humor]

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  • J Cav the Great


  • nwd1911

    Great ending, very funny. Good find Chris.

  • Edward Tyrone Mcknight

    now that’s funny

  • hemipw54

    Ha, not funny!

    If Google was a man he would be some grotesque abomination with ads all over him and a ability to know what you want before you speak just a few words and then follow you as you browse learning your habits to target you later with products.

  • Julio Rivera

    Awesome video! “round 2″

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez


    • Roaduardo

      Hahaha! Round 3?

  • eltiberon

    Last one-wow. LOL!

  • SuperShrug

    Google’s mischaracterized as a normal guy and not a government spook.