Final Fantasy VI for Android arrives tomorrow on Google Play


Final Fantasy VI featured

It was late last year video game publisher Square Enix announced that the highly regarded Final Fantasy VI would finally be making its way to Android devices. We even got a glimpse at the title in the worst launch trailer ever, which did a terrible job of showing off the slightly enhanced graphics.

Final Fantasy VI Android remake

Today, a few of Square Enix’s Twitter accounts went live, tweeting that the game would actually be hitting Google Play Stores starting tomorrow, January 15th. While specific regions weren’t confirmed, Square Enix Europe mentions the game will be available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish — priced at £11/€15. We’ll just keep our fingers crossed for a worldwide rollout soon after.

Final Fantasy VI Android screenshot 1

We found it interesting that Square wasn’t divulging in details on the iOS version of the game, only mentioning that they would reveal more at a later time. Them’s the breaks. Sorry, Kevin. ;)


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  2. WANT

  3. OK…cool….but gimmie Final Fantasy 7 Gosh Dammit!!!!!!

    1. LoL!! I’m not a FF fan, but I know how popular number 7 is. I can only imagine the turmoil you’re going through.

  4. Of all the final fantasy games to make for Android, 7 eoild have been the best choice. Most ff fans like 7 more from what i hear, and being an ff fan i too like 7 the most.

    1. 7 is more popular in the mainstream. It was my first FF and consequently favourite.

      Among the diehard fans FF6 is deemed the best FF game.

      1. Well, 6 was my first and I have to say I absolutely LOVE it. Definitely my favourite from the series.

        1. It’s the one of the few games I go back and play over and over. The original FF is also on that list.

      2. The first ff i played was ff2…and having spoken to a few other die hards all said 7 was their fave because of the story line and battle system/materia system. The later ff games started becoming too linear with not as much free game play and side quests. Not saying 7 is the best but it seems to have more fans than others from what i see and hear, and on my experience i can understand why. Not saying you are wrong, your opinion just differs from mine and i respect that.

        1. The Materia system allowed you to make everyone identical. Everyone gets some time with Knights of the Round once you start duping Materia and at that point it gets kind of dull.
          FF6 is kind of guilty of that with Espers, but at least it has personalized attacks and special abilities outside of magic for all the main characters. Edgar has his Tools, Sabin’s Blitzes, and so on. So you don’t have to make everyone a cray-cray magic fiend.

        2. I did a quick google for ‘best final fantasy’ and of the 1st 6 sites I clicked 5 ranked the games in some order and all had FF VI as the best. The other site didn’t rank them in any order that I can tell although they did number their list and had FF X as no. 1.

          The point is none of them picked FF VII as the best.

          Top 100 games list will regularly have FF VII near the top and ahead of FF VI (from my memory, not going to bother googling this too) hence my statement about it being more popular in the mainstream. When you just rank FF games, i.e. FF enthusiasts opinion, FF VI rises to the top.

          The webistes I used were Kotaku, Games Radar, Arcade Sushi, IGN, Game Guru and RPG fan. All the articles were written in the last five years. From memory older lists, which were available when I was last passionate about the series overwhelming had the same conclusion, FF VI!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. FF 6 was my first Final Fantasy so it’s possible I’m just biased, but I do agree that it’s the best. The original is also totally splendid.

  5. 6 is hands down best game, storyline, and music score period.

    1. And kefka, no description needed for kefka :-D

  6. I really hope it works with xposed installed…

    For those who don’t know, FFIV and FFV currently do not launch if xposed is installed. Root is fine. You have to disable xposed if you want to play 4 and 5… The dev of xposed said hes looked into it and can’t offer a solution other than disabling xposed

    1. You’re my best friend right now. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why they weren’t working. I didn’t even think of that. Thanks for the info, brotha!

    2. Just tried FFVI with xposed enabled. Doesn’t work :-(

  7. I have never gotten into turned based games

    1. try Xcom

  8. Haha Kevin got pwned.

  9. I want Tactics!

  10. OMG! This is awesome news. I may just pick this one up! Love this game!

  11. disapointed they didn’t do the 3D treatment like FF 3 and FF IV, lazy Square Enix

    1. Nah the 3D treatment lacks all the artistic character of the hand drawn look from the original. This was the right way to go.

      1. Well I never played the original so I have no attachment to the original art tbh

    2. Both of those got the 3D treatment on Android because they got the same treatment on the DS at a higher price ($40 when they were released). FF VI has been neglected in the US since the GBA re-release with the same SNES graphics and terrible, out-of-tune music.

  12. This happy go lucky bright coating they put on it now kinda takes away the feel of the game. And they smoothed all the details out. Imma have to pass on this.

    1. Graphics aren’t everything. The gameplay, story and music are classic too. I’d say it’s faithful enough visually to make it worth it, at least they didn’t go for the primitive 3D look of their other remakes.

      1. I remember being REALLY disappointed (sad) when she woke up on the beach…

      2. Graphics aren’t everything but I’m skipping it because it looks bad to me. I can’t rock with that price coupled with the eyesore

  13. One of the best RPGs ever made.

    1. Absolutely. Final Fantasy VI should not be missed. I was playing on an emulator on my phone but I’ll gladly start over for this.

      1. Definitely, and a turn based game like this is the only way I’d play a game on a phone. Action games that require quick and precise response are terrible on a touchscreen. Turn based is perfect, I’d recommend this for anyone, it’s a masterpiece.

  14. I REALLY hope it’s got MOGA compatibility. This will look awesome on a 1080p phone and I’d hate to have to use on-screen controls.

  15. How in the #3!! can they re release 4-6 over and over again, and continue to fail at not re releasing vii , which is arguably the best game square ever released?!

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