DriveSafe for Google Glass helps you stay awake behind the wheel

“OK Glass, keep me awake” is the phrase you’d use in the app we’re about to talk about. It’s called DriveSafe, a Google Glass app that acts as a road companion while you’re driving. The app’s primary purpose is to help you keep your eyes open behind the wheel while you search for a place to stop and rest. The app uses Google Glass’s various sensors to detect when you might be falling asleep, and will buzz you using the bone conduction speaker (or mono earbud) to keep you going.


Beyond that particular alert, you’ll also get functions for finding nearby rest stops in case you can’t handle being awake and need to take a roadside nap. We would never condone getting behind the wheel without proper rest, but if you find yourself in that situation then you’ll be glad to have something like DriveSafe available to you.

DriveSafe reminds folks that your safety is your own responsibility, and that you should take proper care behind the wheel. This handy little disclaimer at their website absolves them of any future accident that might occur:

 DriveSafe is alpha software – it is not guaranteed to stop you from falling asleep while driving and should not be relied on to do so. DriveSafe is not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur while using DriveSafe. Be sure to be well rested and comfortable before driving,  and keep your eyes on the road (DriveSafe can be used simply with your voice).

They shouldn’t have to say that, but there it is anyway. I guess it’s not a terribly bad idea to have Google Glass on when you’re driving, eh highway patrolmen? Always practice safe driving folks, and try to put yourself in a position where you won’t need a handy little companion like this. We’ll be contacting the folks at DriveSafe to see how they use Google Glass’s sensors to detect whether or not you’re falling asleep. In the meantime, download it to your Google Glass unit if you’re interested.

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  • Derek Ross

    I used this app last week. It’s a great concept but while driving the sensors are way too sensitive. While looking straight ahead I’m constantly told that I’m falling asleep and that I need to pull over. After a bit of tweaking I’m sure it will be a great app.

    • Jake Steinerman

      Thanks for the feedback Derek. DriveSafe is definitely still beta, and we are working diligently to get it to be as accurate as possible. Glass has yet to release the raw sensor data coming from the wink/blink sensor – once that is made available, we’ll be able to better detect when you’re falling asleep.

      • AndroidProfit

        Thank you for creating such an app that will embolden the stupid. Stop fucking driving if you are that sleepy. Take some g*dd*mn responsibility for yourself instead of relying on a f*cking app.

  • hemipw54

    ALERT! You are wearing an illegal headset while driving you will be ticketed if you do not relent, dialing 911 now for officer, giving GPS location so intercept can be made.

    • Derek Ross

      Driving with Glass is not illegal.

      • hemipw54

        That is just your interpretation.
        Most states have laws that state you can not have a obstruction in the field of view while driving, Glass is just that.
        Unless a specific class is given with specific instruction on how to drive with such devices, you complete a course to a satisfactory achievement level, are awarded a certificate of completion and are required to carry additional insurance just in case device is the cause of accident, then maybe.
        Most motorist aren’t fighter pilots with years of training on how to operate with HUD in line of sight or field of view.

        • Chris Chavez

          Well, that’s the thing. Glass isn’t directly in your field of view, it’s off to the side more or less. When driving, the display is projected up top where the sun visors are located.

          In any case, I still don’t think this will stop them from being outlawed while driving. It’s inevitable.

          • M0nk

            Someone will use the touch interface instead of voice recognition, text while driving, read a feed or web (or book), connect the earphones to hear music because the car does not have Bluetooth…
            Glass will be banned in many placesplaces even before the first accident…

        • AndroidProfit

          These guys think that just because they say it’s ok that makes it okay to wear while driving. This despite it being illegal already in many places.

      • JRomeo

        consider writing an article about which states have laws that wearing Glass is allowed in, versus which ones do not have such laws.

      • AndroidProfit

        You sure about that?

        • Derek Ross

          Seeing as Glass is not always on and not always in your field of view, yes. Hell, Glass isn’t even in your field of view. It’s off in the upper corner. The arm that separates the windshield and the driver side door is more of a nuisance than Glass.

      • hemipw54

        This is just for stickers, but you can see the states that define such a small object being in field of view.

  • AndroidProfit

    If you SERIOUSLY need an app like this YOU SHOULDN’T BE DRIVING.

    • Chris Chavez

      As someone who suffers from mild narcolepsy, this could be a GREAT help. I’ve already been in 2 accidents from falling asleep behind the wheel :/

      • supremekizzle

        Maybe you should utilize public transportation instead of putting everybody else at risk. I’m sorry you have a condition, but that’s like me saying I have alcoholism and have been in two accidents from dinking behind the wheel. Can you imagine killing a child because you fell asleep at the wheel; a condition you were aware of?

        • No_Nickname90

          Please don’t make it seem like that NO ONE has ever been tired at the wheel. This app can help in those small cases. It’s also good when you’re driving on the road and start to get tired.

          Like it stated, it can help reassure that you make it to the next rest stop. It can also help make sure you make it home from a rough day at work.

          It’s just another method of keeping you awake. Alongside the blasting music and horrible singing skills. LoL!!

          • nonmacher

            no offense, but then i agree with the posts above -> not to enter the car and use alternative transportation options: friends, lift, bus, train…instead of putting oneself or others in danger.

            AND: glas as a mobile device on ur head, u will agree that this is an extra distraction while driving…all this extra things u could do instead of concentrating on the traffic :D

        • AndroidProfit

          I hope Chris is joking but if not he really needs to relinquish his license and stop driving.

    • chris_johns

      shhh grownups are talking

  • Talton “Phases” Pettigrew

    This is a really cool idea!

  • Phatman “Sofa King” Phat

    Then you turn it off

  • steveb944

    Time for that cross country road trip

  • chris_johns

    wow…this is prob the first smart, practical, and good use of google now that ive seen…bravo to this company for taking a seemingly useless product and giving it function

  • chris_johns

    I have trouble sleeping and it doesnt really effect me until my long drives home from work i been having a hard time staying awake…i can see use in the product…I rather not take the abien my doc gave me and no im not going to not drive home after work because some of you are idiots n would prob say something stupid like that

  • nonmacher

    maybe it should be helpful not to enter the car being tired!!! ;p

    this is also a function each car manufacturer could easily implement…but nooooo…it has to be google glas -.-