Samsung’s bike protoype can dock and charge your Galaxy device [VIDEO]

Samsung Trek Bike Domane 6 Series Note 3 Gear

It’s the first day of CES and Samsung’s booth was packed from the windows to the wall with looky-loos trying to get their mits all over Samsung’s upcoming wares. We just gave you guys a hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Pro tablets, but for the more active types, we were able to get a short glimpse at Korean manufacturer’s upcoming bicycles. Yes, folks — bikes… sorta.

Samsung Trek Bike CES 2014

In a partnership with Trek Bikes, Samsung looks to make bicycling just a little more smartphone friendly utilizing built-in handlebar docks for their popular line of Galaxy devices. Shown off in 2 prototype bicycles, Trek was able to design one bike with, not only a dock for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but even pairs up with the wearable to track the rider’s vitals, speed, and various other biking data.

Samsung Trek Bike DSC05175

The other bicycle on display featured a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 dock and a special charger in the front wheel to keep your device juice up while you ride. Pretty genius when you think about it, especially for those going on long bike rides while streaming music, using GPS, Maps, etc..


Still in the concept stages, Samsung mentioned these weren’t even the final design, let alone commit to any kind of release date. This was merely a sneak peek at the future of biking, brought to you by none other than Samsung. Stay tuned for more CES 2014 coverage as it unfolds!

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  • Roy Aguilera

    Look at those legs on that girl. She must have been a chicken in her past life. O_o

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      Seriously, they should have picked someone that has actually worked out or ridden a bike before.

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        Id still ride her though….errr I mean the bike lol

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    does she come with the bike?…

  • Daniel

    That’s cool… especially if it adds sensors to the bike to make it somewhat of a “smart bike” that work with an app (or directly) for the phone. Wish they’d do it for cars too… at least in the cheaper models without the built in display.

  • whatsa2

    Oh God…
    now even the sidewalks wont be safe…
    Nice but they need a brighter screen if they think it will work in full sunlight.

  • DYNK

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    • Mohd Danial

      Yes.. and it will have a high pitched tone and vibrate at will

  • MG83

    Right click, save as…

  • steveb944

    It’s amazing that there isn’t something already to charge devices while we ride bikes. I’ve never looked into it as I’m too lazy for that sort of stuff, give me a car featu… oh wait that is coming.

  • steveb944

    Oh and I’m glad you guys got full body shots of the… bike.

  • Marianne

    Dear Samsung,

    Stop making peripherals that only work with your devices. You are not Apple and if we wanted that BS….we’d get Iphones and Ipads to have every IDevice under the sun. Also, I love watches and yours is not the best. Oh, and I chose an HTC One over your S4, because it felt flimsy. That is all.

    Android Community

    Oh, and as a straight female, I’ll admit it, the girl is “hot” and I laughed at all the comments. I’m not offended. In fact, I couldn’t wait to scroll down to see what everyone would say in response to the pics. You boys didn’t let me down. Well played guys..well played.

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      i have my eyes. do those count?
      Also you should go check out that lg article with the korean girls… those comments made my day…

      • Marianne

        Haha, I hadn’t, but thanks for the heads up…just took a look and searched lg….needless to say based on the thumbnail, I knew exactly which one to click on and you’re right…hilarious! :)

  • wumps13

    it’s a nice idea but this dock is stupid not protection for the mobile because you know you can fall down…. it will be better to use a bike with a smaller screen like a galaxy s4 mini not a uge 5.7″ screen !! and this girl she look nice but never do bike in her life !

    • nope

      who falls off of their bike? :o

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