Tegra K1 revolutionizing the car industry


NVIDIA really went all out with Tegra K1. The processor pretty much turns any smartphone or tablet into a super computer with insane gaming and processing power. Aside from awesome games and powerful devices, what can Tegra K1 achieve?

NVIDIA is very well invested in the car industry. Tegra K1 will allow cars to become smarter in every way. Protecting you in blind spots, camera driving aide and road assistance are the most obvious solutions, but there is more than that. You will be able to customize your car!

One example NVIDIA provides is of a Tegra K1-supported car, which can be customized to look different. You can customize your gauges and certain other parts of your car. The car is also able to be supported by Android, along with other operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

In short, it can run all the futuristic features your car can have. The demo is awesome and we can’t wait to see more of it. We will see more about the power of Tegra K1 in automotive solutions, so stay tuned!

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  • Leo95

    But does it blend?

  • http://financesforfuture.com/ idtechnoblog

    amazing advancement in technology. its just a matter of time before you can manage your car from your phone or from internet. imagine you can check your oil, brake, tire pressure.

    • Deads

      Not sure but i think that there might already be cars where that is possible.
      I know of electric cars that have apps where you can check the current charge of your car. Those apps also give further info.
      And seeing that a lot of info is already monitored by the onboard computer (there are cars that monitor tire pressure) this should already be possible.

      • Chad Vincent

        OnStar vehicles have that, if it’s one of the newer model years. (I believe ’09 luxury cars, and most ’10 and newer?) Oil life, tire pressure, etc.

    • Leo95

      My 2008 tl type s shows oil life and tire pressure old technology bro

  • Elt31987

    But can it play Crysis?

  • MineIsBetterThanYours

    Once it’s ROCK SOLID, can’t wait! Just got a 2014 Impala and while it’s great I really wish I could load “responsible” apps on it and use that nice big touchscreen for more!

    • Wifulated42

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      • MineIsBetterThanYours

        You’re a tool.