NVIDIA announces 192-core Tegra K1 processor



192 cores? You read that right. NVIDIA could have settled for just eight, maybe even twelve, but is that really pushing the envelop? Nah. Instead we have the Tegra K1, announced tonight at a private press event in Las Vegas as part of the kickoff to this year’s CES.

It’s not Tegra 5. NVIDIA sees at as a non-linear progression from previous Tegra chips. The K1 combines the heart of GeForce with the soul of Tesla, according to bossman Jen-Hsun Huang. The chipset is based on Kepler architecture, a departure from previous Tegra chips. This is the same technology that encompasses top-of-the-line chips found in high performance gaming PCs. NVIDIA is pushing the chip as a gaming platform, believing Android can disrupt consoles in the same way it affected smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Tegra K1 is aimed at bridging the gap for game developers, making it easy to create content for both mobile and console/PC devices. NVIDIA is partnering with Epic Games to bring the Unreal Engine 4 to the new Tegra K1 platform in an effort to solve this problem. An example:


In reality, the bulk of the chip’s 192 cores belong to the GPU. Parsing the processor down to it’s true form, the K1 will come in two flavors: one based on the 32-bit four-plus-one core Cortex A15 CPU and another version based on the Denver CPU, which is a 64-bit dual-core processor based on ARMv8. The chip promises GPU performance 1.5 times more efficient than any other on the market.

[via NVIDIA]


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  1. Put it in the nexus 7 (2014) pleaseeeee

    1. don’t be surprise if this year nexus 7 will have intel chip inside

  2. this looks sick! but i more so hope its battery friendly :)

  3. I love you nvidia….

  4. bOUYA!

  5. Let’s hope this chip finds it way to a real product before the end of the year…

  6. All that and it is only 1.5X the current chips? I am betting that will be maybe on par probably slightly weaker than the Qualcomm offering at the time…

    1. i think that’s more about performance/watt thing instead of direct comparison to performance mobile gpu have right now

      1. That would be nice, if it was more energy effecient.. Honestly at this point I have a Qualcomm 800 and it is faster than I need anything to be, which is odd coming from me but I stand by that for now at least.

        1. true but even the snapdragon 805 chip already beats in graphics and in cpu performance at less power which is what we really want.

  7. I hope they do a better job this year or qualcomm will take ownership of the soc market

    1. tegra 5 still has no lte so it probably will be another year for qualcomm the snapdragon 805 is already a beast and that already had design wins end of last year.

      1. nvidia have their soft modem but it seems nvidia did not want to integrate LTE into tegra K1.

  8. A7 > K1

    1. Even as an Android guy, based on Tegras past, this is quite possibly true. I guess we’ll see when they start appearing in the wild.

      1. honestly i want to see how denver will fare against A7 as both being custom core.

  9. So no one’s gonna ask? Ok I’ll do it.

    Yeah, but can it run Crysis?

  10. perfect for mining Bitcoins.

    1. It’s 2014. No. More. Bitcoin hype crapola.


      1. Pretty sure he was joking

        1. Dear God I hope so. ASIC Miners have you owned.

  11. 192 is GPU cores. there are 197 cores in the picture.

    1. Thanks Adam, you got to this before I could. They need to research their material better before posting this mess.

    2. Its their 4+1 A15 architecture (similar to the Tegra4) with wayyyyy more cuda graphics cores. This is likely the response to the AMD Jaguar chip that is in the Xbox One and the 2x’s more powerful variant in the PS4.

      They deserve a big hand for this as the AMD chip still relies on the X86_64 Architecture (which they actually own) and is used by AMD and Intel respectively.

      Hopefully, they bumped up the level of the A15 chip to more than the standard design (thus greater than the Tegra 4 in terms of pure processing power). Given the examples that they stated, it appears as though they have.

  12. When is AMD going to join the fray and give nVidia a run for their money?

    1. honestly i don’t know about that. even nvidia have to go cheap in SoC space.

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