Mobile Roar Podcast 27: SnapChat leak, Nokia Normandy, and CES 2014

We’re back from a short holiday break to talk about the big stories in mobile from the last two weeks. A ton of SnapChat user data was leaked and SnapChat doesn’t seem too sorry about it. Their apology expired after a few seconds. The Nokia Normandy was spotted once again, but this time we can see it’s running Android. We also talk about CES next week and our favorite phones from 2013. Enjoy!

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CES 2014

Best Phones of 2013

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  • pinkythefish

    god this is painful

  • whatsa2

    Guys the BT thing

    Samsung signed a non-sep with nokia so no suing there….

    HTC have 50 patents asserted by Nokia as offending
    7 patents have been won in court so this is not just BT file transfer.