Happy New Year from Phandroid!


It’s 2014! We’re not sure why folks get so excited to see the calendars turn, but we’re not mad at yet another reason to party. Enjoy the day, and ┬ábe sure to spend some time thinking about how you want the next year of your life to unfold. PS: I spiked the punch. Try not to have too much. ;)

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  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • David W

    Happy New Year’s to yall too.

  • LeeArtis

    Happy New Year and May God Bless Everyone

  • J Cav the Great

    Happy New Years!!!!Hope everyone has a prosperous 2014!!!!! thanks phandroid for your work in the Android community!!!!!

  • WadeDogg

    set your calendars back..

  • Anthony McKay

    I’m never drinking again..

    • Henri Conradie

      Said millions of people on New Year’s Eve since 999. Haha.

      • Henri Conradie

        *New Year’s Day*

  • Anthony

    Happy New Year!

  • Hipking23

    Happy new year to all the commentators on Phandroid and all the writers!

  • tomn1ce

    Happy new year to the Phandroid staff and everyone who come here to stay up to date with their tech news. o/


    Happy New Year!