Samsung Galaxy S5 with metal body goes into production, Galaxy F to be new ultra premium line? [RUMORS]



Seems like with every major Galaxy iteration rumors start pouring in that the S3, S4, and now the S5 will finally be the first Samsung device to feature a premium metal construction. And here we are, barely a few months before the Galaxy S5 is made official and Korean news site ETNews is now reporting that production of the all-metal Galaxy S5 has already begun. According to them, the initial prototype designed in Europe has made its way to Samsung’s Vietnam plant for mass production.

But that’s not the only Samsung device to go all-metal in 2014. It looks like Samsung could also be prepping a new premium line dubbed the Galaxy F (SM-G900F). This even higher-end Galaxy variant could be one of the first smartphones to feature one of Samsung’s 2560×1600 resolution QHD 2K displays. No word on other specs, but again, this is pretty much speculative for now. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

[RBMen | via SamMobile]

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  1. I would love it if the GS5 had on screen nav keys like that render.

    1. But why have onscreen keys when that black bezel could be put to better use?

      1. Hush!!!

        Doesn’t matter to me anyway. If they can’t improve their radios, I’m done with Sammy.

      2. Well yeah I mean they would have to make the bezels smaller or it would just be a waste. I just really like how Android works with on screen keys and the flexibility to be able to re-map or add functionality by adding an extra nav key or two.

        Maybe it wouldn’t be that big a deal for me if all OEMS followed the same layout as Google with the functionality of their keys.

    2. I’m all for the On Screen nav keys but if you are going to do those, you have to get rid of that space that looks like no-man’s land at the bottom. That would be way too much bezel IMO

      1. Yeah no doubt they could make better use of the bezels, I just really love on screen nav keys.

    3. Where does VZW put their logo with no physical key?

      1. Status bar, wallpaper, notifications, theyll manage.

      2. It will be a backsplash watermark behind the on-screen navigation buttons

    4. No thanks. I want as much sceeen space as possible.

  2. Overkill on that screen. We wouldn’t notice a difference. Personally I think they should work on better batteries than better screens.

    1. You will notice a difference. Overkill still? Yes. But you will notice the difference.

    2. Actually, you may or may not notice a difference. It depends on:
      1) How good your eyes are, and;
      2) How close you hold your display to your eyes on average.

      MOST people won’t notice a huge difference in quality above ~400ppi, but MANY with better than 20/20 vision will, so we’ll keep going until we plateau.

      fwiw… the current max android ppi constant is XXXDPI (640dpi), but I don’t think any device supports this yet. I got into android when only MDPI was common

  3. I might jump on board with this

  4. BGR is reporting that the S5 will not be metal, nor will it have a 2k screen.

    1. But it’s BGR. o.o

    2. I think you lost most people here when you said BGR.


  6. Samsung with a metal body is like your New Year’s resolution. This is the year you will get in the best shape of your life, start saving money and the new Galaxy phone will have a metal body. Then next year you can repeat these things.

  7. Ummmmmmmm Yeah……..LOL

  8. Provided it’s gonna be bigger, with more unnecessary pixels and ship with TouchWiz I can’t get that excited.

    1. So what excites you? Lame battery, no micro sd support, low resolution screens… ?

  9. seems like samsung use premium materials they go charge a over premium price, HTC used premium materials and still managed to charge 199 on contract for a 32gig version, lets see how much samsung 32gig version with premium materials go be on contract 399 lol

    1. The S4 cost more to make than the HTC One and the iPhone 5S. Amoled displays are expensive.

      1. Well if you ask me, they need to rethink what materials they are using because the screen on the HTC ONE and the One X+ imo had a better viewing experience than iPhone and that amoled screen Samsung use

  10. Remove those huge bezels and re design those touch wiz. Very cartoony

    1. Galaxy phones don’t have huge bezels but Touchwiz does need to grow up.

      1. Agreed, but I have to say Touchwiz 5.0 is a lot better than the original Touchwiz.
        Touchwiz 1.0 = Baby
        Toucwhiz 2.0 = Toddler
        Touchwiz 3.0 = Child
        Touchwiz 4.0 = Preteen
        Touchwiz 5.0 = Teen
        Touchwiz 6.0 = Adult

    2. Unfortunately large-ish bezels and metal go hand in hand. One of the many downsides to using “premium” metal instead of plastic.

  11. After the owning the fascinate, galaxy nexus,s3, note 2 and the s4 Samsung had finally lost a loyal customer due to Knox and their instance on cooperating with Verizon with the locked boatloaders.

    1. Blame Verizon, and its not a good idea to carry sensitive personal info on a cell phone anyway.

      1. I don’t have anything personal on my phone. I do place the majority of the blame on Verizon but with the success that Samsung has had, if they refused to lock their phones down I’m sure Verizon wouldn’t have much of a leg to stand on.

      2. It has nothing to do with Verizon. Even the international version has a locked boot loader after receiving the OTA 4.3 update.

  12. Just provide sd card support, I could care less of what the phone is made of.

    1. Galaxy phones always have SD Card support anyway.

  13. Why does premium have to mean metal? My Pepsi can isn’t premium.

    1. Because Apple said so. Derp.

    2. LOL, I was thinking the same thing. All the Touchwiz bloat won’t matter to the fashionistas once they can get them in aluminum. Personally, I don’t really care what it’s made of, as long as it doesn’t increase the weight of the phone. If you want a heavy-ass fashion accessory piece, that’s what the HTC One line is for.

      1. I don’t understand the whole heavy argument. How is 5 ounces heavy? Thick phones I understand because they take space but heavy? The s4 4.6 ounces. That’s a a .4 ounce difference. Any one that interprets a .4 ounces difference to be the determining factor for heaviness is either delicate or a baby

        1. It’s definitely a noticeable difference if you hold the phones in each hand. It’s like the difference between a 1.2lb tablet and a 1lb iPad Air. Doesn’t sound like much on paper, but HUGE when actually using them. The worst part is that the HTC One isn’t any more durable.. it’s just heavier for the sake of being heavier.

    3. YEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!! I was trying to justify some way of saying something like this, andd you took the words right out of my brain!

    4. coz I like it

    5. Options are a great thing! Happy New Year!

    6. your pepsi can feels a lot more premium than the plastic saran wrap i cover my leftovers with.

  14. That render is beautiful, I wouldn’t mind it at all if it looked like that.

    HTC and Samsung need to hurry up and announce the next One and GS5, so I can decide who gets my money.

  15. It really needs to have those onscreen buttons, I’ll defiantly pick it up.

    1. I was wondering if anybody else noticed the on screen capacitive buttons, on this render, vs. Samsung’s standard physical home button and capacitive back/menu buttons.

  16. Hopefully they finally do retire that obnoxious giant physical home button. But it will be laggy like all samsung phones cause no processor can keep up with their bloated unnecessary software. Another generation and it wont even be android anymore.

    1. touchwiz does have some nice touches to it. Especially if you are rocking a Note series device. It also has some simple things like being able to pull down the notification bar from any full screen application. That’s something not available on stock android. The physical home button makes for a good wake button as well. I frequently use it to check the time.

      1. KitKat integrated that very feature sir. nexus 5 ftw

  17. I want it covered in whatever way is cheapest. I am going to just put a cover of my choosing on it anyway.

    1. You’re on PS4daily. So is Chavez.

  18. Notice on the screen it says February 15 2014… hint hint hint

  19. Who ever is the first to come out with a longer lasting battery would corner the market…. Hint hint!!!

    1. The Droid Maxxx wasn’t that successful…

  20. Galaxy F? = Galaxy Fold?

  21. I wonder what other specs this new F line will be toting.

  22. What a shame plastic is better. It’s lighter, is less likely to block signal, doesn’t show scratches as easy, and absorbs more shock when dropped.

    1. So that explains y the One is more durable than the S4

      1. its not lol,

        1. Uuuhhhhh you got 22 upvotes for not agreeing. Ok lets not be a fan boi lets speak from actual experience, dude my galaxy Active x suffered worst damage from a far lesser damaging fall, than my One, dude u own Sammy all u want, I never will again

          1. I dont agree because the htc one even with its awesome built has problems with its durability. Easy scratches, speakers fall of if you drop it at right angle (from 2feet) and the bulks add upp on the phone after age, where parts in side the phone stops working if you get one on the wrong place and its extremely easy to get one. The active x was not a well build phone, nor was the s3, but the s4 note 2 and 3 even with a polycarbonate built has showed great durability over time. The only thing that makes a difference is the “premium feeling” but if you compare both with a iPhone 5/5s, a xperia z1 or a oppo n5/1 they are all great examples of phones with great durability and great premium feeling.
            , but I would say the HTC one only is premium feeling not really durable

            (Sorry for bad English)

          2. Dude you sound like you watched YouTube clips to get for info , lol, I own a HTC One, blue one from bestbuy, I done dropped on the corner and flat on the screen, and it held up better than my lil bro S4, the note 3 is the only good quality phone Samsung has made

    2. not many people complain their phones are too heavy… samsung radios have been known to be worse than other handsets, despite being made out of plastic, certain “metal phones” bruise when dropped the same way a plastic phone bruises when dropped.

  23. Since when is aluminum premium? I throw it away every day

  24. The AT&T model will be the Samsung FU I’m sure…

  25. I want a Galaxy Note 4F !! Bring it on Samsung, keep making the other OEM’s sweat!

  26. So many galaxies, works for them. Very cool. It feels like they are diluting the galaxy name though

  27. People want premium. This will be a big seller.

  28. That glass glare is to perfect to be real.

  29. lol. i will eat it like a candy bar YUMMM.

    1. just can’t do touch wiz or amocrap screens. no matter the specs.

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