Reicast is a Dreamcast emulator for Android, now available for free on Google Play


The Sega Dreamcast will forever hold a special place in our heart. With the many various Android emulators available on Google Play, we suppose it was only a matter of time before Sega’s greatest — and last — home console was finally emulated for Android devices. With the help of the new Reicast Dreamcast emulator, you can now play all the hottest games from 1999, straight on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Reicast Dreamcast emulator for Android

The developer recommends having a device with at least a 1GHz+ dual-core Cortex A9 chipset for optimal play, and even provides some quick instructions on how to get the BIOS up and running on your Android in the Play Store listing. Just keep in mind Reicast is still in its alpha stages but for the adventurous, you can download it via the Play Store link below.

Download on Google Play: Reicast

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  • Jmaxku

    I think Nintendo’s hand will be forced to release official NES/SNES/N64/Game Cube etc. emulators and gaming titles before it’s all said and done. I would have no problem paying for them, but I’ll continue to use ROMs guilt free for the time being.

    • AmericanPatriot4

      They are missing out on SOOO much money. There is a huge market for this.

    • J Cav the Great

      I have 4 emulators on my GS3 for different systems…now let’s make it 5…I am also guilt free..I honestly wouldn’t pay more than 2.50 per game if they did release official emulators.

    • chris_johns

      a real n64 emulator for the win…the one out is not so good…and it absolutly needs controller support you cant play with on screen buttons

      • Jmaxku

        I use Mupen64 Plus AE with my Bluetooth controller from GameStop.

  • Joshua Hill

    Now all I have to do is find a copy of the Utena game and learn how to read Japanese :)

  • cabbiebot

    thats reicast, man.


  • Modman

    How come it took phandroid so long to report this? I’m planning on sideloading this to my Ouya and trying it later. Already report to run marvel vs Capcom one in Ouya forums

  • blest

    Oh snap!

  • Jeff Moreira

    MVC2 works very well.
    Can’t wait for the final version!
    Thank God we have these emulators, otherwise would be impossible to play Capcom games on Android as their support to the platform is near to nothing.

    • Chris Chavez

      I would honestly use this emulator for all the great 2D fighting games that were on the Dreamcast. Don’t have time to test now, but I’m guessing OUYA support also means support for bluetooth controllers?

      • Jeff Moreira

        Didn’t tried on Ouya but as far as I’ve on other comments it does support.
        Must say that for an alpha emulator the dev has done a great job so far.
        BTW I agree, all fighting games were great on DC, Capcom v SNK 2 was awesome as well.

  • J Cav the Great

    And I was just playing Crazy Taxi on my Mint condition Dreamcast..( I also have CT for Android too)

  • ThaSik1

    AHHHHHHHH!!! Powerstone!! We finally meet again!!! :D :D

    • NYCHitman1

      One of the best fighting games of all-time, imo.

      • ThaSik1

        Tell me about it!! lol ha I never owned the full version so I always ran it from the demo disc that came with the console. So don’t mind me if I get over excited! lol

  • jesse

    Been playing DC games full speed and sound on my nexus 5. Also if you have a newer moga you can play games with it. Been playing Grandia 2 on my phone with my Moga Hero. Love it. Next is Skies of Arcadia.

  • Modman

    Anyone have a mod to get this thing into two plater mode for mvsc and mvsc2?

  • dhinged

    Get it before it’s banned!

  • simpleasker

    speaking of games, Real Racing 3 just gave me a nice new orange M3 GTS for free. I think it’s a christmas thing, grab it while it lasts. edit: i just grabbed, Hyundai WRC 120 as well, 3.5seconds 0-60 rofl. What the heck firemint. They are really generous this Christmas. I think they’re feeling guilty from all that nickle and diming.

  • NinoBr0wn

    If only I could stream this on my TV screen.

    • JRomeo

      plug your phone to an mhl cable or slimport cable, and you’ll see this on your big screen tv.

  • idongacha

    note 3, mhl cable, and a moga. merry Christmas to me.

  • Brother Love

    how to load a game i just get insert disc on every game?

    • duckman209

      My guess is that when you load the emulator you select “BOOT BIOS” and it takes you to the menu. That’s not how you load the games. What you do is when you load the emulator, go to the folder that you placed your games in. Make sure the games are unzipped or it will not find it. Select the game and it should run.

      • Brother Love

        I just needed to uncompress my GDI games
        I thought GDI’s worked even when left zipped, but was wrong or its just not the case with this emulator

        • duckman209

          Yeah systems like PS1 and Dreamcast roms need to be unzipped to be read. It’s unfortunate since they have the biggest sized roms of all the emulators.

  • Dan

    Awesome, I’ll have to try this out.

    Btw, the new adds are very intrusive, You scroll down and see this. Anyway to put them somewhere else?

    • Albert Orange

      I never noticed them…. oh ya… Adblock Plus FTW!

      • Dan

        yeah I got it too, but for some reason it’s showing as of today >.<

        • dgarra

          That isn’t the website, that’s a toolbar/extension that you probably didn’t mean to install. In Chrome it showed up as Speed Analyzer 2 or something like that. Remove the extension, ad strip goes away.

          • Dan

            Thanks I figured it out a bit afterward. Really annoying!

  • NYCHitman1

    I can’t wait to try out some Shenmue.

  • chris_johns

    funny i been all emulatored out these past week or 2…im obsessed with my boy! game boy advanced emulotor and i almost done with pokemon red after this week from being on vacation on the flights n cabs n such…dont judge me…lol my fav game as a kid n this is easily the best emulator ive ever used worth the 4 bucks…i miss my dreamcast it had such potential when it came out with that controller with that lil screen thing

  • Jason

    No need I still have my dreamcast and my jaguar. :)

  • Dat Nigga Ms. Frizzle

    where do i download the games? can anybody help me out im useing a galaxy s4 and it tells me the bios are missing!

    • duckman209

      Google “Dreamcast bios”.There are quite a few sites to choose from. Download the bios. There should be two files. “dc_boot.bin” and “dc_flash.bin”. Go to the “sdcard” on your phone and create a folder and name it “dc”, then inside the “dc” folder create another folder and name it “data”. That’s where you will put the “dc_boot.bin” and “dc_flash.bin” files. You need to do this first, or else the emulator will not work. You can find dreamcast roms on the internet. Coolroms has many roms for many emulators. Just google “dreamcast roms” and you’ll find sites that have them. The dreamcast roms are pretty big in size (anywhere from 200-700 mb each). So I suggest having an external memory card to be able to save them there.

  • Guest

    anyone ever play night trap?