HTC wants to replace your bad gifts with a shiny new HTC One


It’s happens every year. No matter how good your friend’s or family’s intentions are during the holidays, you always seem to end up with that single “off” gift. Whether it’s a dancing snowman, or reindeer boxer briefs, HTC’s got your back.

The smartphone manufacturer is currently throwing a contest where willing participants have the opportunity of swapping their “bad” gifts for something… better. How does a shiny new HTC One sound? That’s what we thought.

To enter, all HTC wants you to do is snap a picture of your bad gift Instagram with the hashtag #replacemygift. Don’t forget to follow and tag @HTC in the photo’s description, along with the a description of what makes the gift so terrible. Where this seems like an easy opportunity to bash another manufacturer’s products, HTC makes it clear they don’t want pictures of brands or rival manufactures pictured. Good fun, and all that.

Those with the most creative or fun pics will find themselves with a brand new HTC One, as announced on the official HTC blog. For the complete set of rules, you’re going to want to head on over to their official rules and regulations list. Don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward. Good luck!

[HTC Blog]

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    Wish I woulda took a pic of the ONE I had that HTC refused to honor the warranty on/replace due to faulty BLUETOOTH performance….

    • MG

      ouch – that had to hurt

      • KOLIO

        Yeah, it sucked, otherwise I’d probably still have it, a lot of good in that phone (Browser/BLINKFEED/Battery life).

        Perhaps I’ll re-visit HTC sometime in the coming year, but, I’ll test the BLUETOOTH before I leave the store.

    • No_Nickname90

      Faulty Bluetooth… performance? As in the performance was faulty and not the bluetooth?

      Am I understanding that correctly?

      • KOLIO

        Phone calls sounded like hammered s*** on both ends of the conversation when using B/T.
        Tried several headsets that performed well on other phones, HTC said they couldn’t find anything wrong, even though they couldn’t hold a phone conversation w/me while I was using B/T.
        I basically caught them in a lie, yet, they still refused to do anything, even after I spent my own money to send it to them for service, while still under warranty.

        I finally found one headset that was marginally better than the others (MOTOROLA SLIVER II), but, it was still far from what most would consider acceptable.

  • feztheforeigner

    What if my bad gift is an HTC One? O_o

    • Ben Baranovsky

      I hate to break it to you, but you might not win this one. :p

  • MITM

    my first thought was to post a pic of a GS4… damnit

  • a)

    You want to replace my bad gift with a worse gift? I’ll stick to my bad gift