CyanogenMod Inc secures another $22 million in funding

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The folks at CyanogenMod Inc have announced another major milestone in the company’s short history. They have secured $22 million in Series B funding from investors excited about the future of the company.

Some might wonder how so much buzz could surround a small company that got its roots in making custom ROMs, but recent murmurings reveal that it’s much bigger than flashable goods.

For starters, ex-vice president of Oppo Pete Lau’s new company OnePlus is rumored to be the driving force behind the official CyanogenMod phone (which is unofficially official, in a way, because they’ve yet to actually announce anything). And, in case you haven’t heard, they seem to have gotten into the business of selling accessories recently.

A round of funding as successful as this one is nothing to sneeze at, so it’ll be interesting to see what the team looks to achieve in the months to come.

They already let us in on the fact that they’ll be looking to expand theirĀ engineer, design and product teams, as well as participating in community events as an official sponsor and committing to the “open” cause. Let’s hope they’ll have more exciting moves to announce once the calendar hits 2014 in just a couple of weeks.

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  • WhoaManWtF

    How and Why? The “Stable” release of CM 10.2 on LG G2 has major bugs, the touch input stops working on various apps and games, same with the CM 11 nightlies..

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Your idea of this is extremely short-sighted. There’s a much bigger picture that you’re not seeing.

    • Anthony dipietro

      I don’t know man. Maybe it’s the LG 2 lol. But not a single issue here.

  • Os_T_U_L

    Holy Sh*t!!!! Good for them!

  • J Cav the Great

    read this earlier…very proud of CM…they have the exposure to go ahead of Windows Phone and Firefox OS…If they need a lobbyist for device OS freedom..I’m the guy!!!!! I’ll do it free!!!!!

  • LeeArtis

    I agree with Quentyn. The possibilities are endless when you consider how CyanogenMod started. This will inspire others to do the same, which will further enhance Android

    • nsciuccio

      Hopefully they will take some of that $$$ and start building for the NOTE 3. Yikes come on- They have built alreAdy for inferior devices that have been released months after the NOTE 3- #what gives?

      • AdrianP513

        That’s the one thing that keeps me from the Note 3. There’s basically no development. No CM love..

        • Jay

          To be perfectly honest, ever since owning the Note 3 I’ve had no desire to root/mod anything. The device works perfect as is.

  • Derek Ross

    This is absolutely amazing. I’m very happy for them and for the future of mobile. itshappening.gif

    • AndroidUser00110001

      After some time it is going to be all downhill from there. Let’s see how open it stays now that there are more investors on board.

      • whirly89

        Get back to developing some more G2 roms :P

        • AndroidUser00110001

          The G Pad is taking too much time and slowly burning me out :)

    • stlyin4786

      The Government has so much money

  • Fodografes

    That’s awesome. Cant wait to see what kind of hardware they debut with.

  • Daniel

    Can I buy shares in CM?

  • mike vruvas

    I have stopped using Cyan..I have a LG G2, and I’ve tried a few custom ROM’s, and honestly the stock performs better. Its smoother, more responsive, and benchmark’s are certainly better with stock. Basically I Root, disable what I don’t use, download Trixter to reel back the CPU a bit and battery life is 17+ hour’s a day of heavy use. 2 hour’s of talk, 200 text’s, 3 hours display time, syn exchange, syn gmail, 50 email’s…

  • mike vruvas

    After reading a few post’s.. The need to Mod the newer high end Android really is coming to a end. Remember the Galaxy S, the HTC EVO…they were the high end devices. But the lag, the performance was bad…
    The gap has closed between OEM and aftermarket ROM’s…..

    • Anthony dipietro

      I just don’t agree with that statement. I’m running cm11 on my note 2 with a custom kernel overclocked to 2ghz and using ART runtime in developer options. Yeah the note 2 is an older device but it will NEVER run as good as it’s running right now imo.

  • stlyin4786