AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets Android 4.3 I317UCUBMK6 update


Samsung is continuing their round of Android 4.3 upgrades for folks on various phones across various carriers. This time, Note 2 owners under AT&T’s label join the ranks, with that particular group now enjoying the big Android 4.3 upgrade that brings a lot of big changes.

The most notable change will no doubt be the added Galaxy Gear support, as well as new camera features and Samsung’s Knox security features. Samsung is also touting an updated Easy Mode, the Note 3 version of multi-window, improved Group Messaging support, a newly-preloaded Samsung Link app and more.

This update — version I317UCUBMK6  — is going out over the air right now. All you’ll have to do to check for it is head to Settings > About device > Software update > Check for updates. You should be good to go from there as long as you have a solid WiFi connection and a nice charge in your battery. Have at it!


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  • noiwillnotfixurpc

    Still waiting on Verizon’s update!

    • Mojorizen

      As I am as well. Not expecting it anytime soon though as they seem to only care about the Motorola’s right now.

  • burgs04

    Same here pc. Verizon seems to be a little behind on phone updates but the great service where I live makes up for it.

  • chuckles87

    Samsung we are waiting on kit kat don’t feel like rooting my s4 but I want Google wallet just look at this bs from isis that started this morning

  • Christopher Robert

    Does anyone have the download for the kies push. I’d rather not wait for the over the air.

  • Ckburks

    Verizon friendly 4.3 update is available on xda. I’ve been running it for two days with zero problems.

  • juan

    Just got the 4.3 update on my note 2 over the air with at&t It’s awesome.

  • Delmar

    But does anyone care?

    • Jo Reven

      Yes! We Note 2 users require this update! With TRIM support, our devices can now actually work like they’re supposed to.

  • famished

    Just got my update for T-mo!

  • Y-Sady Nie

    Whats BS is i updated yesterday and it failed some how especially when there was like a 700mb thing downloading…so now i have to try it again in a couple of hours.I’m on At&t.

    • note2texas

      I updated yesterday, but you may want to hold off. My Wifi will NEVER connect now.

  • Luis Nieves

    Do you have to be on at and t to receive the 4. 3 jelly bean update.

    • Bijutoha

      Could you tell me please How do I update my 4.1.2 to 4.3 . ? You know ! I am trying to check my update by your instruction unfortunately, I am seeing this is now 4.1.2 . Please give me a solution ..

  • Bijutoha

    Thanks for the information . It is so much helpful post ever .

  • Vivek Chavhan

    Hello All,

    My AT&T android still doesnt show up the Android 4.3 Update….

    Current Android Version : 4.1.2
    Baseband Number : I317UCAMC3

    When ever I check for Software update, it says “Your software up-to date” and When I connect through Samsung Kies and check for Update, Samsung Kies says “Your Firmware is not Supported”…

    Please suggest. Thank in advance.+

    • Y-Sady Nie

      Same here im so mad about it x.x……

      • Money Loo

        Same! Been waiting for so long now; I’m patient but it always seems to be coming out but it never does :-(

        • Y-Sady Nie

          K i found another way,Flash the cell back to stock rom att for note 2 then update over wifi. i did it and now i have 4.3. wifi is working nothing wrong yet so far.

          • Vivek Chavhan

            Hey NIE thanks for the feedback …. How did you do that ???

            Anyone other facing the same prob like me ??? Please update !!!

      • Vivek Chavhan

        Did you find any solution ???

  • Derp

    I just checked my Note 2 via the about device settings as mentioned above and now it is downloading the (big) 695.85mb upgrade file for 4.3

  • Ken Shipley

    mine says update….downloads 731.85MB then restarts to update and fails every time at 32%