Verizon HTC One Android 4.3 upgrade due soon; full changelog inside

If you’re still waiting patiently for that Android 4.3 upgrade for the Verizon HTC One, recent movements suggest you won’t have to wait much longer. The support document for the phone has been updated on Verizon’s site, with the PDF noting that an upgrade — 2.10.605.1 — will soon be bringing the goods you’ve all been waiting for.


Here’s a full list of fixes and enhancements that will come along with all the other stuff Android 4.3 brings us:

  • Increased charging speed when using Mophie Juicepack power station
  • Corrected faint ringing noise from earpiece
  • Play purchased ringtones
  • Connection error fixed in the HTC Watch application
  • View the correct date using the all day calendar reminder
  • Conjunction words are better recognized on device keyboard
  • Backup Assistant performance
  • VZ Cloud app is now preloaded
  • Add your own music tracks to Video Highlights

It’s not KitKat, but any improvements are good improvements, and it’ll be a nice consolation prize as we await the juicy Android 4.4 upgrade (which HTC anticipates will come at some point within the next couple of months). Be sure to start checking for the upgrade by heading to Settings > About Phone.

[via Verizon]

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  • parth

    Sadly the galaxy S3 on vzw still has no update…let alone even an estimated time

    • Cubanito1967

      I feel your pain. Note 2 here.

      • Boris Breynin

        @Cubanito1967 you arent the only one lol. verizon are like freaking snails taking their damn ass time to release the updates!. by the time we get it note 4 will be out lol

        • Cubanito1967

          I hear ya! They skipped 4.2 on the Note 2. You would have thought that we would have received the update first. I got tired of rooting etc… but at this point it might be the only option.

          • Boris Breynin

            Verizon claims to be the fastest 4g network yet they the slowest software roller lol

  • Justin

    Maybe the update will hit the S3’s soon….. wishful thinking..

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Those are last years phones. Going by Verizon’s track record, I would say be happy you even are getting it. lol

    • Chad Vincent

      It’s still 2013, right? I haven’t slept through Christmas?

    • No_Nickname90

      People who talk like this don’t have a birthday in December. LoL!!

      My birthday just passed a few days ago. I’m not going to say that was “last year’s” party. December is still part of 2013.

      Treatin us Sagittarius like we’re not even part of the current year.
      *notice how I didn’t mention Capricorns. They don’t count*

      LoL!! I’m kidding. =.3

  • JohnZabbaMcLean

    Don’t ever say juicy in an attempt to describe an os.

  • gr227

    VZ Cloud app is now preloaded

    Great I was hoping there would be more useless bloatware…. FU Verizon… I will remove that apk first!!

  • bblande


  • Mario A Melgarejo

    WOW! They delayed the update 2 months for this?! It doesn’t even include Sense 5.5!

  • Shawn Hiniker

    Just started downloading the update

  • Eduard Tieseler

    Downloading now as well! Excited… for some reason.

  • bvoak

    No more Google navigation shortcut widget? ! wth?