LG G2 receiving Android 4.4 KitKat later this month in Korea, other markets TBA

LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat update

Don’t think that just because LG making the latest Nexus device means they’d be the first to update their devices to Android 4.4. KitKat. In a strange twist, we’ve all watched as Motorola and even HTC beat them to the punch. If you were wondering exactly what were LG’s plans when it came to KitKat (we know we were), the manufacturer gave us a quick update via their company newsroom.

According to LG, they are well aware KitKat has been released and are targeting a December update for the LG G2 in its homeland of Korea. Outside of Korea, well that’s still up in the air at this point, but they did promise to provide further details at a later date. As far as the new software goodies LG plans to release along with Android 4.4 KitKat — again, no word.

Just know that something is coming and — carriers willing — should be coming soon

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    Phone is fine as-is,I’d rather they take their time & get it right,than deal w/a rush job.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    This is what the NEXUS 5 should have been ..well, you know, without the back buttons

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      The back buttons are great.

  • BigCiX

    Just beat Samsung to the punch LG

  • UncleBob

    Back buttons are the future treat them well and let them lead the way. I actually love them now.

    • Droid_Junky

      Agreed. I honestly use them maybe once or twice a week. They are in the perfect place.

  • SuckaFree123456

    I love this phone.

  • Sean

    My god this is what we have to deal with for using android. Updates are a clusterfuck and every time they come around you never know who’s gonna get what first. I think it’s safe to say Motorola users won the update lotto this time. But the again, being a google company, was it really a surprise? I never believed google for a minute when the swore Motorola wouldn’t get preferential treatment and early access to code. They just want me to believe Motorola got their update ready in a matter of days. Sorry google,not buying it.

    • Chippah


    • Ugslick

      It’s not exactly like Motorola has many meaningful modifications and features to add. LG does. It’s good on them to do it right, and deliver a well functioning update rather than an update just for the sake of being an update.

  • Chippah

    We can get KK now if we want,. but I would rather WAIT becuase the Stock LG optimus UI is the shizzz after running “boring” AOSP for 4 years..

    the TXT popups and incoming call popups are the beez kneez fawkaz!

  • Juan De La Rosa

    show us that we made the right choice, LG.