Sprint reportedly looking to buy T-Mobile next year


According to a new report out of The Wall Street Journal, Sprint could be preparing to make a bid for T-Mobile, already doing the leg work on regulatory concerns that might stand in their way. If reactions are favorable, the bid  is said to take place during the first half of next year and could hit upwards of $20 billion.

If green-lighted by anti-trust authorities, this would leave only 3 major wireless carriers battling it out for dominance in the US. With Sprint and T-Mobile’s powers combined, they’d have around 53 million customers at their disposal, a still modest number when compared against Verizon’s 95 million subscribers, or AT&T’s 72 million.

Really, it’s still up in the air at this point on whether Sprint will move ahead with the bid, but word is Sprint is definitely jonesing for some Carly in her black leather. And really, who could blame them?

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  • xanok


    • nofearofimaginarymen

      Exactly what I said as I read the title. Then I started thinking about it and maybe it would be better. Phones like the N5 can utilize both the CDMA bands as well as the GSM ones. Not sure if you could utilize both at the same time. This would be the only benefit that I can see from this buyout. Then again, i really dislike Sprint and love what Tmobile has been doing. What I think I am trying to say is my body is really confused right now.

      • mcl630

        If they T-Mo’s “Uncarrier” plans intact, and don’t try to move T-Mo’s customers to Sprint’s crappy CDMA network, then I’m okay with it.

        I know… wishful thinking.

        • Jerel Butler

          Got some wishful thinking for you.. The partner up keeping their names but same company. The release phones that have both CDMA and gsm so they can roam on each other. Sprint picks up WiFi calling under its own name. Their mvno can use the native towers of their host network . but not the other. Sprint can go over worldwide T-Mobile gets the sub 1ghz band for penetration and coverage. They work together to pile on LTE and h+ sharing all profits and try to keep things agro data and price wise and giving more choices to consumers

        • mhmmd123

          Sprint phones works overseas better than the GSM you’re talking about. I travel a lot and I take my phone with me. Even back in the days, the poor Palm Pre worked perfect . Sprint phones they’re can work just fine anywhere. I f you need to know the right answer, ask people who is traveling not just reading the net. Net just information but not completely correct.

          • Jerel Butler

            So you popped in a sim in a sprint phone and itv worked?

      • xanok

        Less competition is ALWAYS a bad thing.

        • nofearofimaginarymen

          You convinced me. Down with this merger I say!!!

      • spicymeatball

        Sprint does not have the cash to do anything but rest on T-Mobiles great momentum they have built in the last couple of years. Would be the end of T-Mobiles great direction and expansion.

        • earth

          Sprint is now owned by Softbank and Softbank is a money making machine.

  • http://melivingmylife.com/ Colin M Lewis

    why does sprint like buying imcompatible networks?

    • Jerel Butler

      For spectrum

      • Tojen1981

        Sprint has more spectrum than anybody. And T-Mobile spectrum isn’t that great anyway.

        • earth

          Tmobile badly needs a lower band to help with coverage and penetration. They are only carrier left with no band below 1Ghz.

          • Tojen1981

            T-Mobile has 800mhz spectrum. 2g, but could be refarmed.

  • Jerel Butler

    First and foremost as a metro subscriber we just moved to gsm now if something like this happens we will move to CDMA again? Then become part of sprints bogged down 3g network. In gain of what third place?

    • spicymeatball

      If T-Mobile’s business model goes away and their GSM/LTE network then Verizon and ATT will win big time. The mobile industry without T-Mobile might as well be a monopoly.

  • ffolkes

    What!? Omg, how can Sprint still exist, much less be able to buy other
    major carriers!? I seriously don’t get it – HORRID data network, NO
    4G/LTE, BAD reception most places. I just don’t understand…how do they
    stay in business?

    Reminds me of that scene in Family Guy…

    Chris: I haven’t been this confused since the ending of “No Way Out”.
    [Flashback to Chris & Brian coming out of a theater that’s showing “No Way Out”]
    Chris: How does Kevin Costner keep getting work!?

    • No_Nickname90

      I work at DeVry and they have a contract with Sprint. Employees are given a Sprint wireless modem with their laptops. I’m like WTF!? That’s like only THE worst decision.

      I don’t know how they’re in business, either. I keep seeing people move to Sprint and I’m like “you goin’ see”.

      A friend of mines moved to Sprint from Tmo out of spite, and now she suffering for the next 2 years. Mmmhmmm!!

      • Mark2468

        Dude were you not with sprint not to long ago, I remember you complaining about that Samsung S2 with the keyboard that Sprint had, so you’re with T-Mobile now?

        • No_Nickname90

          Was on Tmo family plan, my mom moved us to Sprint for 2 years. We both moved back to Tmo March 2013. LoL!!

          So its been about 9 months.

  • ChristianMcC

    This would be worse than if At&t had bought Tmo. Please, no…

  • pdditty


  • http://www.imnuts.org/ Mark

    Sprint should take that $20 billion and spend it on something more useful, like making their data network faster than 28.8k dialup. They could at least upgrade users to 56k…

    • No_Nickname90

      LoL!! Outta line.

    • earth

      Softbank already investing another $16B into Sprint network. I’m getting up to 30Mbps and use over 10GB/month. That would be too expensive on ATT/VZW.

      Sprint recently passed ATT/VZW in avg performance in NYC…

      • nofearofimaginarymen

        This is from the other day in Southern California, not exactly rural America. Consider yourself lucky to get those numbers because you are certainly the minority.

    • JWolf_PDX

      You get 28.8k dialup speeds? lucky you. They are rolling out LTE in my area and their handoff between LTE/3G and/or towers is so poor that I often just lose data altogether, when I get 3g, it’s 7kbps on average. In some areas where LTE is rolling out, I’ll have a 4G connection but it has no connectivity as if someone forgot to plug in the master network cable. #goodjob.

      I am with Sprint only due to a 22% corporate discount which is going away soon. They are struggling to keep their LTE rollout on track. I can’t imagine the nightmare that would ensue trying to integrate an entire carrier into their system. 2 cans and a string is starting to sound good.

      To their credit, when I get 4G and it actually has a data connection that will *gasp* transfer data, it’s quite fast.

      Time to start shopping for a new carrier.

  • No_Nickname90

    HAIL NO!! I didn’t even take the time to read the article before I posted this. That CANNOT happen!! I refuse.

    Ooo!! And their overall coverage is just horrendous. I don’t want Sprint to touch Tmo. I’m sorry for coming off so fanboyish, but this CANNOT happen.

    *goes read the article*

  • Fodografes

    Sounds good to this Sprint client. Let’s get some uncarrier action goin on.

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

      I see Sprint undoing the uncarrier…. And it being the main reason they’re doing it. The spectrum is an added bonus and a fog screen.

  • TayshaunBoba

    This is an absolute JOKE. There’s no way in hell this deal would ever go down, and there’s an entire laundry list of reasons why. If anything, this probably a sad attempt by Sprint to draw some buzz and attempt to devalue T-Mobile so that fewer customers will want to jump ship to T-Mobile. Not to mention, AT&T was willing to pay almost 40 BILLION for T-Mobile when they were a struggling carrier. They are on top now, and Sprint thinks its worth half that? This is laughable..

    • Tojen1981

      Who is t-mo on top of exactly, besides tier 2 and regional carriers?

      They were a struggling carrier? Unless its Verizon or at&t, they still are struggling.

      • Chad Vincent

        They’re showing subscriber gains instead of losses. As long as they are showing subscriber gains and positive cash flow (not sure where this is?), they’re not struggling.

        • No_Nickname90

          Their coverage. They may be gaining subscribers, but they may still not be getting enough money to expand their coverage.

      • TayshaunBoba

        For the last two straight quarters, Tmo has shown more cellular phone subscriber gains than all the other three carriers COMBINED. Numbers speak for themselves.

      • http://www.imnuts.org/ Mark

        The only thing T-Mo is lacking is coverage. Where you have service, it’s great, and at least on par with all other carriers. The problem is, the coverage drops off hard and fast when you get away from a (sub)urban area and you’re stuck on 2G and likely roaming.

        • Tojen1981

          Lol. That’s like saying the only thing that prevents me from driving too far from home is I’m too broke to buy gas.

    • Dvrcowboy

      Ok, in what universe is T mo on top. I’m not defending sprint but come on, there is such a thing as over exaggeration. Call it the way it is. Tmo has crap coverage were I live (middle east coast) Verizon rules almost every where else and sprint has unlimited. I go with what works for me. I need that unlimited data. If Tmo works for you, kudos to you. I realize most comments made here are based on opinion made to look like fact but wow Tmo is on top. I’ll drink to that (grabs antifreeze and chugs)

      • shonangreg

        Over exaggeration? Is that like “mis-underestimate” or “irregardless” ;-)

        • Dvrcowboy

          No its like exaggeration on steroids as in excessive, or too much

      • TayshaunBoba

        Dvrcowboy, when you look at things in terms of momentum, T-Mobile is clearly on top. Size of a network and subscriber counts are an ineffective and shortsighted metric in terms of how well a carrier is doing. The last two quarters have shown unprecedented net additions compared to losses just a few quarters ago. Tmo added more phone subscribers in the last two quarters than all the other 3 combined. I’m sorry their network does not work well in your area, but you know where it does work really well? A whole lot of other places. And “Verizon rules almost everywhere else”? Painting with a broad brush, my friend. And just a reminder, T-Mobile has unlimited data as well and nationwide LTE that they rolled out in under a year. Don’t think Sprint has that..

        A word of caution, while I understand the urge of Sprint customers to drink antifreeze, I highly recommend against it. It can have some serious side effects :)

  • Devon Warren

    But I just switched to Tmobile :( Can they just turn their towers into GSMs and keep the same plans as Tmobile? Pleeease

    • No_Nickname90

      Can’t Tmo just buy Sprint?

  • blest

    I’d almost be happy about it.

  • spicymeatball

    Horrible for t-mobile customers and the whole industry. Worse than the ATT/Tmo merger.

    • Eric Butler

      I just bailed from Sprint to T Mobile. I don’t want anything to do with them any more

      • Chimphappyhour

        Yup, I left Sprint over 10 years ago and I will never, ever go back.

      • SUMmaro400ex

        I recently did the same. I had zero sprint coverage where I worked even though their maps claimed I was covered. I left for TMobile and couldn’t be happier.

    • Forget_you

      exactly..sprint needs to stay the f*** away from tmobile with their bs

  • ac

    I actually wouldn’t mind it, if it allows for wider coverage (especially in big cities like LA), as well as increased 3G and LTE speeds. Thing is, maybe somebody else with more “technical” knowledge will know, but is it possible for phones to move seamlessly between a CDMA and GSM Network? In other words, if this ended up happening and future Sprint phones were built with the Sprint and T-Mobile radios, would that phone technically be able to jump from the CDMA and GSM bands seamlessly, without the user even realizing?

    • Chad Vincent

      There are few phones that can even connect to both CDMA and GSM. No T-Mobile phone has CDMA that I’m aware of, and many Sprint phones don’t have GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ radios. (Their iPhone 5s/5c and Nexus 5 being the major exceptions.)

      Plus their LTE networks are on different bands. T-Mobile is on Band 4 and is supposedly trying to pick up some Band 12. Sprint is all on Band 25, 41, and eventually 26.

      It would likely be another Nextel-level conglomeration of blargh, unless Sprint has something up their sleeve.

      • ac

        Thanks, Chad. I know the Note 3 does have a SIM, but I believe the built in radios are exclusive to International bands, so I’m figuring that wouldn’t translate to the T-mobile bands. I was more thinking, on a going forward basis, if the future phones were built with the radios for T-mobile and Sprint, would it actually work seamlessly switching between the strongest signals? Not sure what the advantage would be, if they turned T-mobile into what Nextel used to be.

        • Chad Vincent

          Given that T-Mobile’s coverage is ranked better, and GSM gets them international coverage “for free”, I’d think that Sprint’s CDMA network would be the one that gets “Nextel”‘d.

          Also, if Sprint is operating like Verizon, the SIM is only for LTE, and doesn’t guarantee GSM radios at all, on any band.

          • ac

            Okay, but is that necessarily true Nationwide? Only reason I’ve stayed with Sprint is that it gets service at my house and none of the other providers do. I just assumed T-mobile would be Nextel’d, since it was a GSM network originally (prior to Sprint).

          • Chad Vincent

            Sprint has better coverage in some areas, but T-Mobile’s network performs better where it has coverage, and they now have a sweetheart sharing deal with AT&T.

            Between the two networks, Sprint’s is the one that is technologically older. If it’s cheaper for them to roam on AT&T than on Verizon, the choice to go GSM is a no-brainer.

          • ac

            That’s what I was trying to see, if they’d actually have to switch the entire network to GSM, if they’d be able to build phones that could hop from CDMA to GSM and back, without issues. Thanks for the input though. I think it’d be an interesting marriage, but even if the potential for this to happen is there, I’d imagine no changes will be noticeable until a couple years after it’s finalized.

          • Chad Vincent

            “I’d imagine no changes will be noticeable until a couple years after it’s finalized.”

            I’d put money that at least the LTE network would be merged as soon as they can get phones with all the appropriate bands.

          • ac

            How many bands does T-Mobile run on: 1 or 2? So, if they were to merge all of them, we’d be talking 5-band LTE? If a merged T-Mobile and Sprint couldn’t find success from all the spectrum that they’d have, that’d be really sad.

          • Chad Vincent

            1, AWS (Band 4). They’re trying to buy some low-frequency spectrum to match it up with. (700MHz from Verizon or 600MHz from a gov’t auction.)

  • Dean Politis

    Say it ain’t so!

  • spicymeatball

    Maybe TMobile is just looking to get a billion or so dollars from Sprint like they did from ATT. When was the last time Sprint did anything like T-Mobile to change the industry.

    • nofearofimaginarymen

      Wimax? Look how well that turned out.

      • Philly Jim

        That’s why I left after 18 yrs……………………Lovin T-MO

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    yeah no.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    This doesn’t make any sense. As an earlier post mentionedmentioned, why would Tmobile go for half of what it was going for before of they’re doing better? And sprint needs to upgrade their own network. It’s much slower and less reliable than T-Mobile ‘s, they should use that money to help themselves

  • leocal79

    Sprint Mobile well if they ever get their towers up and running this could get interesting but I say they should adopt the T-Mobile model if they do this. Otherwise get lost sprint

  • Jerel Butler

    I know terrible it treats the guys not called sprint.. Boost virgin get treated like crap T-Mobile would be treated the same way

  • CGS

    I joined T-Mobile last year after leaving Sprint. Not sure how I feel about this. I’d rather T-Mobile absorb Sprint, and not the other way around.

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      Except Sprint’s the one with deep Japanese pockets, and T-Mobile’s has to sell more stock to pay for spectrum expansion… so it has to be this way afaik.

  • Geek Man

    Why are all bullying to buy T-mobile?

  • pr0xidian

    I hate sprint but I love tmobile. This can’t be right, sprint went nearly bankrupt and was purchased by Softbank.

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

      Maybe it’s actually Softbank that wants to acquire T-Mobile

  • Dan Fryling

    Hell no I don’t want anything to do with Sprint

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

      Maybe it’s actually softbank that wants to acquire T-Mo

      • mhmmd123

        Yes, that’s exactly what is going on. People don’t understand , Sprint it self can’t buy T-Mobile.

        • Scotsman of Loch Ness

          Do you think the FCC would let Softbank own both carriers

          • mhmmd123

            That’s a different story, if the FCC prove it or not!

  • Delmar

    Oh god why

  • Dan Fryling

    This is bullshit T-Mobile better end this right now.

  • UMA_Fan

    Now that tmobile is booming it would have to be an offer better than the att one for them to even consider it. My guess is if this ever happens at all it would be a joint venture between Softbank and DT.

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell


  • mgamerz

    How about you keep your shitty network away from my cheap, decent network.

  • aranea100

    If it stays gsm but also uses sprint’s bandwidth for data why not. CDMA is not compatible with rest of the world.

  • Jason Crumbley

    No. Screw Sprint.

  • chicagoGuy33

    T-Mobile is the best carrier for me so I would be VERY disappointed if this happen. Which I strongly doubt.

  • john velasquez

    Sprint is already having their new phones using a sim card so it would be an easy merger

    • TDN

      Just like Verizon, that is only for LTE services, it is not compatible with GSM radios. Most CDMA phones lack the hardware to connect to US GSM radios and visa versa.

  • TDN

    I got to agree with the 99% here, this would be a horrible thing. I just left CDMA (Verizon) and I really don’t want to go back

    • Scotsman of Loch Ness

      I wonder is Softbank is doing this because of how many people are jumping ship to T-Mobile and Sprint isn’t doing as well as they expected.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    If they decided to stay with GSM and since they now have similar price points, I would go for that if they can show some spark love.

  • Gerardo Gonzalez

    I paid the EDF on Sprint to run away from them, to get this? I think i am going to get a restraining order against Sprint for harrasement, to stop this non sense

  • Jay

    2 crappy networks joining forces, whowouldathunkit.

    Now you’ll have one uber crappy network.

  • shooter50

    of all carriers I f-ing hate Sprint. Uber crappy service. even crappier customer service. Sprint is the dregs of cell service and I cannot figure out why anyone would sign with them. T-mo is coming on big time and in South Florida their service is awesome, but I would leave in a heartbeat if Sprint took over. Sprint has absolutely NOTHING to offer. Nothing.
    Even Straight talk has better customer service than Sprint. Heck, even the Dept of Motor vehicles has better customer service than Sprint.. The first month of Healthcare.com was more reliable than Sprint. I suffered for 7 years with a Sprint company cell phone and not once did I encounter a helpful Sprint employee. They have a culture of ignorance and treat customers as an inconvenience. If Sprint folded today they would not be missed.

    • shooter50

      and if you’re a Sprint employee reading this I’m probably talking about YOU!!! If there were a way to outsource in-store employees, I would recommend you all be replaced. The poorest trained, least understandable person in an overseas call center is still more helpful than a US Sprint employee. Most are so lazy and unhelpful they shouldn’t even qualify for unemployment because they never really do a thing to help their customers.

      • anehlo

        I have to agree with shooter50 – In my experience, Sprint has horrible customer service (second only to Comcast, but just barely) and network coverage/speed. But everyone’s experience is different, I guess.

    • techlte

      If your post is any indication I’d bet you’re incapable of accepting customer support. I personally was a customer (Now with T-Mobile $30Unl) and still have lines that remain on Sprint for over 12 years now. Also being lucky enough to live in South Florida I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the Sprint network first hand. Simply put, you’re wrong.

      I’ll give you some homework though as you claim “Sprint has absolutely NOTHING to offer”. Research the spectrum holding for the state and you’ll see who has what to offer. Hint* It sure isn’t good ‘ol T-Mob.

      • Mirad77

        Are you implying that by just have specrtum you will have good cell carrier?

        • mhmmd123

          Here is what I get in my area from Sprint crappy network, I in Livonia, MI area.

        • techlte

          Absolutely, especially in the context of what the user I was replying to said. The spectrum breakdown in our state is laughable, in short anti-competitive.. Even the Metro acquisition didn’t help TMob in the state of Florida.

    • mhmmd123

      My understanding from your comments, no customers service would be nice to you, you sure has no talent or respect words… I don’t care how any carriers service is, show respect you’ll gain respect.

      • shooter50

        I don’t believe I ever mentioned respect. I was talking about lazy, poorly trained workers with no interest whatsoever in helping customers. I encountered it myself. I witnessed it while in the stores watching the interaction with other customers and I’ve yet to meet a current or former sprint customer who thought they offered good customer service .

        • Kevin Vance

          I called them no less than 8 times in 4 years about signal issues, both voice and data at my house, they always said the same thing “We’ll send a crew out to check the signal” Meanwhile everyone who had sprint in my neighborhood had barley 1 bar. In a big city no less.

  • supremekizzle

    Fu¢k no. I love T-Mobile. John has really been doing good things and I’d hate to see that end. Sprint can suck our collective, well, you know…

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    What they fired Dan Hesse and John Legere became CEO of the new company?

    • techlte

      *Fingers crossed if it must happen. John’s good people.

  • techlte

    Oh for fuck’s sake!! I just started moving lines away from Sprint to T-Mobile and they try to pull me back in! D:

    If it must happen then I beg you Masayoshi Son, replase Dan Hesse with John Legere.

    • Kevin Vance

      Yeah, I’d go without a phone before I go to Sprint again. 1 mile from an International Airport here at home, and I couldn’t get a decent signal.

  • PedroAVazquez

    y’all are making it such a big deal let’s be honest here the reason why att was not able to buy t mobile was because it would of been to much power for their own good but now if Sprint owns t mobile it could be so beneficial to both carriers and plus they could actually compete with Verizon and att.

    • ben7337

      However if they could compete with Verizon and AT&T, they would jack up prices, Sprint already has. It would ruin competition in the USA, while giving us 3 comparable, overpriced carriers.

  • WadeDogg

    I’ll take “not gonna happen” for $500 Alex…

  • Hvacmanjc

    LOL…Sprint was the main company/competitor crying when AT&T tried to buy them. You better believe, AT&T will have a lot to say about this! IMHO, it will never happen.

    • Tojen1981

      Yep. Funny how mergers are great for the consumer when it benefits your company.

    • mhmmd123

      Softbank buying not Sprint this time. Softbank has the money. I’m just saying.

      • Mirad77

        And AT$T didn’t have the money to buy T-Mobile? Do you even hear yourself saying “Softbank is buying nt Sprint”?

        • mhmmd123

          Yes I know what I just said, but did you read the original post on AC, the Softbank CEO said he’s investing more in the US, he has the money and he’s the one who is pushing for the buy not Sprint, Sprint can’t come up with that kind of money to make this move. it might a Sprint proposal! In the end Softbank who’s paying for all that.

    • Carl Rood

      It’s not the same thing. Sprint + Tmobile brings them close in size to AT$T & Verizon, but still smaller. Had AT&T bought TMobile, Sprint would have been left in the dust and unable to compete. It would have realistically reduced the number of MAJOR carriers to 2. This would still keep 3.

  • repod

    Nope if this happens and they adopt the sprint plan and service then I’m going to have to move to … Oh god please nooooo not AT$T…

    Tmobiles plans are the best and cheapest around. I get unlimited data text and voice for 5 smart phones for 160 a month. And service is great on the east coast. I’ve traveled from Ma to sc and back with no problems.

    • Aaron Sua

      5 phones for $160? That’s some special arrangement you got there. $50 a month for a single line limited to 500MB when I try to sign up for new service.

      • MG

        Maybe a reseller? 35orless.com

      • Jerel Butler

        Do a mock up of five lines at its cheapest you will see

      • mmmmmbop

        5 lines with unlimited talk, text, and data (2.5 GB on LTE and HSPA+) for $160. Do the option with 500 MB data and it goes down to $110 per month.

  • Aaron Sua

    Don’t forget that Tmo recently acquired MetroPCS. This move makes perfect sense for SoftBank to rapidly expand tower coverage. Both Sprint and Tmo have huge spots lacking coverage. Spectrum wise they own some neighboring bands. Price wise when you compare total cost of ownership they are quite similar. For what I needed/wanted Sprint was actually less expensive than Tmo and in NC they are very comparable in coverage area.

    • ben7337

      Just curious but what do you need/want that makes them cheaper? Tmobile has their $30 a month plan with 5 GB of data and unlimited texting and 100 mins of data, many see this as one of the best deals for data out there, but Sprint has nothing close unless you pay $35 a month to virgin mobile where there is no BYOD, and you get 2.5GB of data before being throttled or kicked off. Personally I see Sprint failing and Tmobile growing, and am amazed Sprint is getting less and less competitive with pricing.

      • techlte

        That $30Unl TMobile plan isn’t a fair comparison. Most consumers aren’t willing to use 3rd party apps to make calls or have ported numbers out to Google Voice.

        Family plans to family plans they’re on par.. It all comes down to the coverage in your specific areas of use and for some where you have a corp discount.

  • ArmageddonX

    This is interesting news for Nexus 5 owners =)

  • Kevin Vance

    I joined T-Mobile to get rid of Sprint. If they buy TM, I’m out. I’ll go to Straight Talk.

    • mmmmmbop

      Same. Sprint is a crap company.

  • Alan_k

    Sprint needs to spend it’s money building out it’s network instead of trying to make acquisitions. This is a fucking idiotic move. Just stop sprint, just stop.

    • Canon User

      It is, And it is working quite well. Maybe you’re one of those Phoenix whiners. :)

    • SuckaFree123456

      I live in LA and I get constant 20 Mbps down and 8 Mbps down unlimited data on my LG G2. Very happy Sprint customer.

      • techymexican

        where? :/ I get 5Mbps in the Valley on my LG G2

        • SuckaFree123456

          I work near Centinela/Jefferson zip 90066. I have always had great speeds there even since Wimax in that area. At home it drops to half of those #’s but I use wifi so no big deal.

      • mmmmmbop

        I live in Phoenix and did live in SLC. I bought in to the whole wimax thing and got screwed over when they decided to not even attempt to extend the wimax network.
        I will never be a sprint customer again.

      • John Andrew Stuart

        You may be one of the fortunate few to be getting a taste of Sprint’s new Spark 4G LTE project.


      • Mark Wheeler

        You’re not in the majority I’m from Houston and couldn’t make phone calls in my HOUSE, I had to step outside.. I paid a hefty ETF to leave sprint and I refuse to go back!!!

  • holdmydroidandwatchthis

    The peasants have spoken! This buyout “shall not pass!!”

  • Alu Zeros

    kind of funny, since they were the ones trying to block the at&t merger.

  • MG

    Consumer Reports- Sprint Worst Cell Service Provider. Enough said.

  • Mark Fullen

    Sprint isn’t even a MOBILE phone carrier, you have to tether to your own internet to make calls, what are they going to call it T- tether?

    • Robb Nunya

      You must live in a really crappy place if you have to tether to get Sprint. Esp. since it freaking roams on Verizon. In other words, I’m calling BS. I get better signal in my area than Verizon and AT&T, and in most places, better than T-Mobile.

      • Mark Fullen

        Robb Nunya, (not your real Sprint name) I live in a normal city with real cell phone service. Sprints efforts to lock down data and phone roaming has resulted in a non usable signal, Hence the “NON NETWORK” You obviously work in a Sprint boiler room where you post all day long non responses to peoples opinions. You guys at sprint should stick to improving the NON NETWORK instead of knocking others down. I was a customer for ten plus years and after untold amounts of promises, I quit you! Thats right I QUIT YOU! deal with it, I aint coming back. quit stalking me. By the way your phone would have to be allowed to roam in order to accomplish your BS post,

        • Robb Nunya

          Wow. You ARE dumber than a box of rocks. I don’t work for Spint, putz. Never have, never will. But I live somewhere decent. You obviously live in your mom’s basement, and all the tinfoil screws up the signal. Grow up and figure out that you need to get out of mommy’s basement and actually go out into the world. You might get past your pastiness while you’re at it.

          I get good solid signal, and while I don’t get the best data speeds, I do get solid LTE most of the time. You? You live somewhere shitty and it tells. You’re also not very smart, which means that you probably don’t know how to turn on the LTE signal on your phone, or are still butthurt over WiMax. Either way, you’re a ludicrous idiot.

          In fact, I’ll bet the only time you get out of Mommy’s basement is when you go to your super-keeno job at the AT&T store when you sweep up. That fly minivan in your picture is probably the hot rod your mom drops you off in.

          And you’re one to talk about fake accounts, Mr. “I have 2 whole comments!”

          • Mark Fullen

            Hey now Rob, Remember you introduced yourself to me! Calm down, everything is going to be ok! First I am real HAPPY for you, you got the one tower upgrade in the whole USA. and according to my Google map its right at your curb. Now lets be careful about my next comment, I really dont want to put you over the edge, Its our secret, everybody believes you when you say you dont work for Sprint the NON network. Keep in mind I can still be your therapy if you need to sound off.

            Here in my Mommys basement where I keep tabs on all Sprint services, (both of them) I can only wonder when you will get over your inadequacies by clinging to your unusabale unlimited data plan from The Non Network.
            Good news is coming your way ROBBIE, I have been told by my friends at ATT that Sprint is being purchased by The US government and you will be first in line to have your OBAMA phone direct,instead of through a middleman. Thats right Robbie now you wont even half to go to the welfare office to get your bill paid you lucky guy.
            Now that you have come clean about your secret desires,I want you to know that I am here for you, if you need to rant, cry or just spout nonsence (seems to work for you) Ill be here in MOMS basement helping another Sprint employee feel better about the tower upgrades soon to come.

  • Tomato88

    Am I the only one who checked the date posted to see if I was accidentally on a very old article?

  • JointhePredacons

    Nooooooooooooooooo !

  • Mark Wheeler


  • averymlewis

    I don’t know about most of you but I’ve been with sprint since the Samsung Moment but as of the last couple month they have improved Extremely

    • JRomeo

      in what way have they improved?

      • averymlewis

        We have 4G LTE in our town and trust me this is a small town and we’re not near any major cities. All of the towers in my area have been upgraded and I’ve never experienced a dropped call. While online I can stream videos in 1080p without buffering and it doesn’t ever decrease in speed while surfing online. ;) it’s faster than the internet in my home.

    • Robb Nunya

      I had a moment as well. Condolences!

  • Bernard Galeano

    I’ve had sprint for a couple of years now things have been iffy but they got better. I have have 4G LET and things have been fine. I’ll admit i’ve had dropped calls a handful of times but they’re good. I’ve thought of dropping their sevice but i’ve stuck it out at least for now.

  • Cliff McQuigg

    This would be horrible. Don’t let Sprint mess up another company’s LTE rollout!