Moto G and Moto X facing delays due to weather, some orders being upgraded with free overnight shipping

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It’s colder than a polar bear’s toenails outside and that’s only here in Southern Cali. For a good portion of you, winter storm Dion (and now Electra) has been barreling through the US, canceling flights, closing schools, and being just a general pain in the ass. And while you’d think only the mid-west or east coast was affected, it looks like there was enough weather in Texas to cause shipping delays for those that recently purchased a Moto X or its lower-end cousin, the Moto G, via Motorola’s website.

Winter Storm Electra 2013

I guess these winter storm(s) have been severe enough that Motorola says it was responsible for creating “hazardous conditions” at their factory Fort Worth, Texas, leading to manufacturing and shipping delays for smartphones leaving their plant. The good news? Motorola is promising in an email to customers that they’ll be making up for lost time, upgrading many Moto G orders with free overnight delivery.

As you may have heard, large parts of the United States were hit by winter storm Dion, including our fulfillment center in Fort Worth, Texas. Our operations are still recovering from the storm’s impact while also trying to keep up with the incredible demand for Moto G.

For these reasons, your phone order wasn’t shipped when we originally estimated. We sincerely apologize for the delay and want you to know that your Moto G will ship by December 17th via a free upgrade to overnight delivery. (We’ll still send you a shipping confirmation with tracking number so you can see a more accurate delivery day/time.)

We know how excited you are to receive your phone, and we’re so grateful you chose Moto G. Thanks again for your purchase—and for your patience.

So, what about those of you with Moto X orders? Well, it looks like that’s still up in the air at this point. Let’s hope Motorola will give us further updates to their plans soon. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.


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  • lolwut

    Good guy Motorola

    • Chris Chavez

      But man…… they’ve been having it rough lately. First the Cyber Monday fiasco and now shipping delays. Ouch.

      Hopefully their customers will be understanding enough, but from what I’ve been reading on social networks/forums people are pretty steamed. :/

      • johnny989

        Minor hiccup. If they keep putting out phones like the Moto X, and continue to show that they care about their customers by providing fast updates, then I never see myself going back to HTC or Samsung

        • epyon

          A hundred times this. I hadn’t owned a Motorola phone since the Krzr (or however it was spelled), but I’m absolutely blown away by the quality of my Moto X and the strides that Motorola is taking to do right by its customers.

      • George Varghese

        I am glad that they are at least addressing the issues and communicating with the customers in a timely manner, instead of stonewalling and pretending like nothing happened.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    At least they are acknowledging it and doing something about the issue. Good deeds Moto

  • Darkbotic

    Now I want them to ship some Moto G’s to Amazon. I’ve been waiting since December 2nd and they’re still out of stock…

  • scoter man1

    Come on! What has happened to this country over the last year. I swear every time I flip the news on I hear “Zomg we’re getting so much rain! 2″ holy crap what will we do?!?” now snow? Please. It’s called weather. Deal with it. It’s regularly 0 degrees through most of January in the lower parts of Michigan. We deal just fine.

    /end rant

    • johnny989

      Yeah rest of the country! be more like Detro……oh wait…..nevermind

      • Jerel Butler

        There is no snow here In Detroit it got scared and went to Dearborn

    • KOLIO

      Not fiscally sensible to make a comparable investment in snow/sleet removal equipment in areas that seldom see this kind of weather.

      I’ve lived all over the lower 48 & do understand your disbelief in the chaos from such seemingly benign weather.

    • Jordan Settlemyre

      I’ve been in the middle of this storm. 6 inches of solid ice on the road. Trucks stopped on Thursday and didn’t really start moving until Tuesday. Chill out mofos, people died in this storm.

  • matt

    Its 85 in Florida. Everyone’s at the beach. Crazy.


    It’s not MOTO,it’s the freight carriers. I have an RMA for my SAMSUNG GEAR stuck in a UPS facility in MESQUITE,TX.It’s only got 25 miles to get to its destination of PLANO,TX,but,hasn’t moved in over 24 hrs. due to the weather.

  • C-Law

    I live in Houston and was just at my local Target and the dairy and produce sections were almost completely empty with signs saying they couldn’t get their supply trucks in from Dallas due to weather. So please don’t blame Moto for this guys. I swear you will love your moto x when it finally arrives!

  • Ken

    I ordered my Moto G on the 4th. I already knew about the shipping delays after talking to Moto’s Twitter support. Was kinda getting annoyed till I got that email today. At least Moto is trying to make good for their customers.

  • J Brown

    What do you expect… Moto just added the G to their manufacturing workload about two plus weeks ago. A workload that’s already running 24 hours a day to push out 100,000 X’s a week… So when you throw in a $150 Black Friday deal for the X and a simple storm, what do you get, a major delay. I love how FedEx is working like normal in Fort Worth now but when I call I get the excuse that my phone is stuck at the warehouse. For those of us that read all those articles about this Moto X facility and how it’s by the alliance airport with close access to FedEx and Amazon’s facilities it’s got me thinking that something else is going on. I can’t find a single article about Amazon orders in TX being delayed… I’d like a real response at this point and not the corporate spin that is being spoon fed to us.

    • dreadnatty08

      Moto G is completely made in China, it shouldn’t affect the Moto X production.

      • J Brown

        Not entirely. Final assembly takes place in Texas, at least custom orders are. If you have seen the ifixit review the disassembly they did is just the reverse of what they do in TX. Oh and BTW, within 30 min of my post last night Moto shipped my phone… Convenient but ill take it.

        • Chad

          Does the Moto G have final assembly in Texas though?

          • J Brown

            Did you read the article? “I guess these winter storm(s) have been severe enough that Motorola says it was responsible for creating “hazardous conditions” at their factory Fort Worth, Texas, leading to manufacturing and shipping delays for smartphones leaving their plant. The good news? Motorola is promising in an email to customers that they’ll be making up for lost time, upgrading many Moto G orders with free overnight delivery.” Why would the G be leaving a manufacturing plant in Texas if it’s assembled elsewhere?

  • Corelogik

    Every winter this happens. No need to get irritated with Motorola or Google or anyone else. Even the biggest and/or best companies on the planet have to bow to the laws of physics, temperatures and human limitations.

  • NexusMan

    Funny, I never got an email, just the overnight shipping. I called yesterday to check on my order status that had not been updated since last week, and they told me it was still on the assembly line. Then this morning, I got a shipped email, saying they shipped it last night and I’d get it today.

  • No 4.4 This will go a long way

    The good news is that you guys will absolutely love your Moto X when it comes in. Had a black one with Verizon since day 1 And I love it so much that I grabbed a customized version on Monday. Delivered yesterday. Phone looks beautiful.

  • shooter50

    Motorola blows. I tried to cancel my order for a Moto G the day I placed it because I changed my mind. That was on Dec 1. Moto said that orders could not be cancelled. That I would have to receive it and then return it. Now I’m notified it wont ship until Dec 17? To make matters worse, their sale page said the CC wouldn’t be charged until the phone shipped, yet mine was charges yesterday. As a I said, Motorola blows. I dont care how good a phone they make, if their customers service blows, I don’t want anything to do with them.

  • shooter50

    Its not nice to DELETE comments just because you dont agree with them

  • Matt Virus

    my moto-x was upgraded to overnight shipping, just got notice this morning

  • George Varghese

    yeah mine too. Was supposed to receive it on Tuesday. Will receive it on Friday with overnight shipping. Not too bad. Excited about the Moto X

  • UniBroW

    I just want it in time for Christmas, overnight not necessary

  • TimTheK

    Please stop lending credence to the Weather Channel’s ridiculous idea of naming individual snow storms. It is sheer nonsense.

  • KamilG225

    I ordered mine on the 6th and got an estimated delivery for the 10th. The 10th rolled around and I didn’t receive a confirmation email for shipping. I called Moto and let them know one of my friends received there’s (who lives down the block) and the guy politely offered overnight shipping right away. I got the phone shipped and at my doorstep only 15 hours later.

    Pretty impressive I must say.

    • Lewis Pardo

      I ordered mine on the 26th and am still waiting D:

      • KamilG225

        Really hope you got yours by now! I’ve heard pretty much all of the Moto X orders have been caught up.

  • callowe326

    Been charged and told I wouldn’t be until shipped. They said I would be
    charged and receive a tracking number in the email update. Called to
    find out what tracking number is and was told it hasn’t shipped and CSR
    kept talking in circles hoping I would give up and go away. Not before
    cancelling order and asking for a refund. If the payment center (right
    hand) doesn’t know what the shipping department (left hand) is doing
    what happens is the consumer gets overcharged and beg for their money
    back. I’m sorry I ventured out on this one. I’ve never been one to wait
    in line for latest greatest technology or black friday deals. I should
    have known better, you’ve been warned

  • Stacy Scott

    Crap! my ship date was dec 3, then dec 5 ten the 9th now who knows. seems like the winter storm us an excuse as my ship date was prior to the storm. i see people talking about fast updates. I never got an e-mail about my initial delays. I got the robo e-mail on Dec 11. Also to those saying demand high yada yada you think the demand is higher than apple?

  • DtotheK

    I was in Fort Worth last weekend and I can attest the ice storm was absolutely crippling. In my 41 years I have never seen such thick sheets of ice covering roads and bridges throughout the city. It was extremely dangerous. I bought a Moto G and am in the same boat on the delay. But I know the delay was completely unavoidable. Give Moto a chance, folks.n You’ll get your phones.

  • Delmar Dale

    Here’s an odd one. I ordered on Dec 4 as part of the belated cyber monday sale. Original arrival estimate was Dec 9. Then I got the email saying it was delayed because of the weather. However on Dec 9 my phone showed up. Sweet. But today I got an email from Motorola saying they’re sorry about the delays and my phone will be shipped in a couple of days. My order status on the Motorola site still says not shipped. But I got my phone on Dec 9.

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      awesome, you should try to get an extra one.

  • tvikr

    This is, sadly, what you get when you have production in the USA as opposed to China.

  • Myphos

    So Moto X customers (such as myself) don’t get a special overnight shipping? This almost makes no sense to give Moto G customers free overnight shipping but Moto X still has the delayed date. I know this could change but is there really a logical reason behind giving Moto G customers a free overnight shipping upgrade?