Droid DNA to receive two-part update to Android 4.2.2, will gain Sense 5 features


Verizon has announced the details of an upcoming Android 4.2.2 update for the Droid DNA by HTC. The update will arrive as two parts, and, when completed, will implement HTC Sense 5 and a host of features that have so far been exclusive to the company’s One lineup.

Droid DNA owners will have new features like BlinkFeed and quick settings to toy around with in the new version of Sense. The latest version of HTC’s customized Android interface is less obtrusive  than what currently features on the Verizon handset. Users can expect this to carryover into updated Sense apps including the calendar, dialer, gallery, and contacts list. A number of bug fixes and tweaks are also packaged with the update.

Users will first be prompted to download software version 2.08.605.1 before completing a second phase to bring the DNA’s software to version 3.06.605.4. The update(s) should begin rolling out to handsets shortly.

[via Verizon]

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  • hawksfan

    1st. Lol. Getting the update now

  • Jerry

    Just did a check for new software and it was there. Downloading first one now!! First one is done and second one is down loading.

  • robnhl

    I was running 4.2 Sense 5 on my DNA for a while. I really liked it. Excited to see what 4.4 brings next Q. DNA is really an under-appreciated device. I highly recommend picking one up of Craigslist for sub $200. Put CM11 on it and have a ball.

    • Cael

      HTC’s fault its under-appreciated.

  • Gustavo Bruno

    Just got the update! I have no complaints about this device and it’s the phone I’ve kept the longest!

  • Stephen

    Got it


    Hoping Sprint and HTC keep their promise for the update to 4.3 before the end of Dec.

    25 days and counting…..Jason you out there…?


  • dee bag

    booyakah!! updatez beeatch!!

  • Jason Jones

    Got it in So Fla

  • quadtronix

    Got mine! Love it

  • Emad Zia

    nice, doing it on my wife’s dna now. She’ll be excited, as she said it was getting stale! haha

  • hobie5

    bring on the Rom from this please!!

  • Gustavo Bruno

    I’m in love with this device all over again.

  • S.Scott Turgeon

    I loved this phone, the screen the resolution and the build quality but unfortunately the radio inside sucked!
    I could never get a signal and the SIM card error b******* drove me nuts I went through three of them and that was enough!
    I’m much happier with my droid Maxx

  • bluegreen343

    Well… I have the HTC deluxe, which is the DNA except its for other carriers just no Verizon stuff on it… will I be getting this anytime soon? I have gotten all the other updates like the dna so far

    • Robert Manser

      If you gotten every update the DNA has gotten then my guess is yes.

  • Robert Manser

    Got the update and it’s nice!!!

  • gig

    I still don’t have it. I’m in Maryland, WTF!!!!

    • bluegreen343

      I still have not received the update either. if its available I don’t understand why every single device does not get it when its released

  • DNA

    Just finished with both updates @ GA

  • gig

    This is bs I’m tired of waiting for this update if it was released why have I not gotten it.

    • bluegreen343

      I called HTC and asked and they said because their server would crash if they released it to everyone at once, so they are releasing it in batches. They said I should probably get it in a day or two…

  • gig

    Where is my update!!!! :(

  • Darrell Kinnaman

    I got the first part, but i’m not seeing the big update! Indiana!!

  • Robert

    Just got the first update now downloading another one. Does anybody know if this will facilitate S-Off

  • mike

    ‘Virginia’ checking in with both parts downloaded.

    • bluegreen343

      what why not me:'(((((((

      • gig

        Did you get your update yet?

        • bluegreen343


  • lily

    I can’t stand this update, at all. I can’t type as well anymore, all these extra features are unnecessary and useless to me, and they made all the widgets terribly ugly.

    • bluegreen343

      be lucky you have an update to complain about