Google now allows you to download Gmail and Calendar data

google backup

Looking to switch email and calendar providers or just need a backup for safe keeping? Thankfully, Google is now allowing folks to download their Gmail and Google Calendar data. Google will deliver your data in standard file formats, and you can even choose to download data from specific labels. This data can also be downloaded as part of a bigger archive containing all of your data from all of Google’s services.

You won’t be able to download your Gmail data right away as Google will roll it out over the course of this next month, but you can log into your account and get your Calendar right now if you need it. You can find the option under your account settings.

[via Google]

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  • tdub

    Settings in Google Now, settings under calendar mobile app, calendar desktop?? I can’t find it… And it would be nice to have.

  • tdub

    Never mind, I read Google now as Google Now.