AT&T’s new contract-free Mobile Share Value plans start December 8th; saves you as much as $15


AT&T has announced some new contract-free options in their Mobile Share Value plans. Launching December 8th, those who get AT&T service by getting AT&T Next, bringing their own devices, buying their device off-contract, or those whose contracts expire and opt to jump to the new Mobile Share Value plans will be able to get service for $15 cheaper than those who decide to stay the contract route.

This plan will afford you shared data (in whichever allotment you’re comfortable with) and unlimited text and data. For instance, the 300MB plan with unlimited talk and text was $60, but can be had for $45 under these new plans. While it’s not the same level of savings T-Mobile introduced with UnCarrier, it’s a lot better than most other carriers are willing to do at this point.

AT&T is also adding a new Next upgrade option for those who don’t need to be on a yearly upgrade schedule. You can now opt for an 18-month plan that will drive the cost of your monthly payments down (you’ll be on a 26-month time table with $0 down and no financing fees), but allow you to upgrade sooner than the standard 24-month window that contract customers currently have to deal with.

New options are always welcome, so be sure to stop by an AT&T store in a few days and inquire about these plans to see if they’re right for you.

[AT&T via iSource]

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  • thebeeobee

    My head is spinning and I minored in statistics.

  • frhow

    Hmmm, so the Tmobile Plan offered by Walmart for 39.99 or this ATT plan for 200mb less but is 45.00. With the way ATT is lighting up 4g LTE everywhere I guess this would be better than Tmobile where the data is only 3g.

    • spicymeatball

      This depends on where you live. T-Mobile where I live is all LTE/HSPA+/HSPA. Sometimes you get 3G but not very often.

      • Brian

        Frhow is referring to the plan from Walmart has no LTE. The plan is 3g only (HSPA+). T-Mobile pre-paid is still LTE/HSPA+ but at a higher cost. AT&T GoPhone is LTE but limited to 2GB with 1GB add-on for $10.

  • Foo

    I have an HTC one X, and I am grandfathered into an unlimited data plan from AT&T from when I had an iPhone3GS – I will NEVER accept a capped plan or one that charges “per KB”.

  • redrooster13

    Unlimited text and talk. Not data

  • TheRealBBOX

    Dunno if it’s acceptable to bring here but BGR has a graph that breaks down the prices for the old plan, new plan with subsidy and new plan without subsidy right here:

    I was interested in these plans until I saw the breakdown, the benefit for people in the tiers that are going to be most used are sort of minimal, certainly better than nothing, but when you can get a GoPhone plan with unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of data for $60 a month out the door, paying $80 plux taxes and fees just seems kinda silly.