Google Play Music officially comes to Google Glass

Google Play Music Google Glass

Savvy Google Glass Explorers have been using Google Play Music on their Glass for about a month thanks to manually installing the Google Music APK via ADB. Shortly after this method became public, Google announced that in the coming weeks an official method for using Google Play Music on Glass would be made available. That day is today.

To get the official Google Play Music Glassware, head on over to your MyGlass app and activate it there. If you jumped the gun and sideloaded the Google Play Music APK, you’ll need to uninstall it before activating the official app. To uninstall the old app, hook your Glass up to a computer with working ADB, and simply run the command: adb uninstall That’s it.

Get your jam on!

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  • collin ferreira

    I wonder how well this works when the bone conducting hardware they use now isn’t that great.

    • Derek Ross

      Bone conduction isn’t insanely loud, but it serves it’s purpose, and I’m okay with it. Sitting at my desk right now, I can hear this song just fine and if my wife came down to talk to me, I could hear her and the music perfectly. That said, if you need to have the music so loud it hurts your ears, Glass v2.0 now has earbuds.

      • No_Nickname90

        If I’m not deaf by time I’m 30, I’ve been buying cheap ear/head-phones

    • Stephen Lau

      It’s meh… it plays just fine, but the BCT wasn’t engineered for high audio fidelity like you’d want with music. Also keep in mind that the BCT draws considerably more power than earbuds do.

      • Derek Ross

        I really wasn’t considering battery drain. That makes sense. Thanks!

  • CGS

    Sweet. I love GPM, I use it more and more each week it seems.

    • Derek Ross

      All Access FTW!

      • No_Nickname90

        Oh my gosh!! You have no idea. If I lose my All Access, I’ll lose SO much music. LoL!!

  • toomuchgame441

    wonder how battery would be with this streaming for an hour or 2

  • Chris Chavez

    Now I just gotta order those stereo earbuds and I’ll be all set :)

    • Derek Ross

      @cd0bc3fbc5f874d9bc6eb0c9b57f42e5:disqus If you have $85 you can order them now

    • Fodografes

      If you have any of the Samsung ear buds that have the micro USB on the end instead of a normal headphone jack those should work.

  • Alu Zeros

    nice, looking forward to check it out

  • Mike H.

    I got about 4 hours listening through the BCS last night, on a freshly charged pair of Glass. So not bad really. Also was nice to be able to listen to music quietly and also go about interacting with the family.