Google sending out second wave of Glass Explorer invites

glass explorer invites

Ready for another chance to spend a crap ton of money on experimental products? Google is opening up their Glass Explorer program to a new wave of users, with the company sending email invites for those who signed up on their website to buy their way into the Glass Explorer program. Having the invite alone isn’t enough, though — you’ll also need $1,500 of disposable money for the privilege to own one of the most primitive pieces of tech out there.

Emails are being sent out with one-time-only invite codes, and the codes will only last for 7 days (meaning you’ll need to act fast, or miss out on this second chance at getting into the Explorer program). We’re not sure if another opportunity will come along before Google brings this thing to retail early next year, so jump on it if you just have to have your Glass unit as soon as possible. Check your email for the code if you previously signed up to be notified.

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  • Splaktar

    “One of the most primitive pieces of tech out there? ”

    Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and forget the meaning of English words?! I don’t think any sane person would call Google Glass primitive tech. Yes, it is still a piece of preview hardware, but it’s far from primitive.

    • Splaktar

      FYI they’ve shown off the “primitive” versions already. They aren’t what is being shipped to Glass Explorers.

    • jimmyselix

      me w/the latest version i just got today.. not too primitive in this early adopters book.. def could see revisions and some quick slimfast for the prism but still.. for what it does and how well it looks.. me likey.

  • JustPostThisWouldYa

    I received an invitation last night. One thing that I’m curious about is whether people who have already got Glass are using it regularly, and what are they using it for? In short, what benefit makes wearing the device worthwhile? I’m a software developer, and will likely create something to run on Glass, but at the end of the day would I want to use the device personally? Have the people at Phandroid that have Glass stopped using it? Was it a new toy that you lost interest in? There haven’t been any articles about using it since the initial impression.

    • akitofan

      I know someone who has had one for at least a week, and they’ve been using it consistently for personal use, although they are also a developer and looking to eventually create apps for it. But…that’s only been for the 1st week, so I’m not sure about the long term use of it.

      That being said, if you don’t use your invite, I’d love to have it. :)

  • hemipw54

    Tis the season for the greedy, feed the rich and not the needy!

  • Marianne

    I got my invite last week only a few days after applying. I didn’t have $1500 ready for it, because I honestly didn’t think I’d see an invite that fast, so I’m going to have to wait for public release I guess unless they do some magic price drop and 2nd chance but I don’t expect it. I got an xbox one to get over the loss since I had enough money for that.

    • Jordan Grubbs

      Could You Email Me Your Code? I Would Love To Try A Pair! You Can Find Me On Facebook.

      • Marianne

        Ack, sorry I actually turned it down because they had a survey to ask why you wouldn’t use it and I figured it would free one up. I literally got it in < 1 week though so if you fill out the app on the explorer page, you'll probably get one pretty quickly.

        • jimmyselix

          Same here.. i got my invite a week after reapplying for the beta.. and btw it ships OVERNIGHT.. :) got mine today at 10am.. ahh.. time to get my AR on..

  • Alu Zeros

    I just got an invite and bought one. I’m considering creating some apps for it and seebhoe it goes

  • jimmyselix

    got mine today and so far am def impressed.. also.. all of the peeps i work with and see got a chance today to finally hold this tech unicorn ;)

  • mohammed

    I have an invite code from google to get the glass early. Got it today: 11/29/13 Expires in 7 days so if you wanna make an offer for it. MSG ME FAST!

  • Julio

    also got an invite but don’t have the money for it, if interested email me at