Waze now has celebrities guiding you through the streets

waze kevin hart

Waze, the popular maps and navigation app that Google acquired earlier this year, has signed a deal with Universal Studios that would see actors promote their upcoming movies via the app by providing the voice behind the turn-by-turn navigation.

First up, we have comedian Kevin Hart who can be seen on screen when Ride Along releases in 2014. Here’s a video of his recording session. Personally, I wish Waze had tried to strike a deal with Last Vegas instead. It would have been so much cooler to have the option to listen to Robert De Niro or Morgan Freeman.

Also, there are a ton of roundabouts here in India. Good to know Waze has us covered too.

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    You know what Waze really needs..neighborhood alerts along with Kat Williams notifications.

  • guitarist5122

    Love it! Guess Raveesh isn’t a Kevin Hart fan? “you gonna learn today!”

    • Raveesh Bhalla

      He’s okay, haven’t seen much of his work. Can’t judge him on his Scary Movie performances, though he was funny on Conan. Honestly, though, I’d love to have Robert De Niro drop some F-bombs on me, particularly when I get all cocky and ignore the directions only to make a mess of stuff.

      • JointhePredacons

        His movie appearances are the only funny things about him. His standup is so bad, its sad.

    • kyds3k

      i just wanna type “night night” in as my destination :-)

  • scoter man1

    Morgan Freeman? I’d download it and have it navigate me to the places I already know just to have him navigate. I’d require it to say “hello, this is god, your navigator.”

  • JointhePredacons

    Guess Waze cant afford anyone actually talented. Hart is not funny, not in the least, and his voice is grating. I hope Waze gets talented people for this. I want to like listening to Waze, not wanting to throw it out my car window whenever this fool starts talking.

    • http://plus.ly/carlos Carlos Limardo

      I’m pretty sure its the other way around. Universal is paying Waze to promote its new movie, starring Kevin Hart. I actually think its a brilliant and unique new way of Waze generating advertising revenue.

      Also, Kevin Hart is hilarious.

      • JointhePredacons

        Kevin Hart is hilarious in movies, his standup is atrocious.

        • http://plus.ly/carlos Carlos Limardo

          Don’t know about atrocious, but I do have to agree. He’s good in movies but I wouldn’t go see him do standup – not really that kind of comedian.

  • VersedNJ

    Don’t know if he’s from New Jersey or not, like India we have “roundabouts” or circles as well call them in the Soprano state.

  • phoenix_fire

    Still waiting on a glados navigation voice

  • tharealoc

    There are also a few generic voices added in as well, the only one i remember seeing is Elvis (voice actor of course)