App Review: CloudMagic, one of the best E-mail apps out there

CloudMagic InboxI’ve got a confession to make: I still have a Yahoo! Mail account. You know how it goes, you’re young and stupid, typically choose a cool (soon to be lame) username, and end up giving it to some very important contacts. Contacts you want to maintain possibly for the rest of your life.

I don’t particularly use the account, and I don’t even remember the last time I needed to sign in. But whenever I think of it, there’s a bit of me that is worried for a simple reason: I don’t keep the account connected on my phone. The reason for that is I haven’t been a fan of any of the E-mail apps out there. And, to make matters worse, Yahoo! never managed to get their mobile web app right.

To my delight, I came across CloudMagic while browsing through XDA Developers. What struck me immediately was, simply put, the complete neatness of the app. Every font size was perfect, the shades of colors used in every area very carefully chosen. My immediate reaction was that this is what OEMs should look at when they build the E-mail apps that are shipped with their phones. CloudMagic follows the Android guidelines to a tee, and the result is an app that is amazingly intuitive.

The app supports Gmail/Google apps, Office 365, Yahoo!, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange and IMAP accounts, so it’s very unlikely that you aren’t covered. You are limited to adding only three accounts, though, which the developer says is because

CloudMagic creates a high performance index of your emails on the cloud to offer blazing fast search on mobile. We incur high server costs, hence the restriction.

CloudMagic conversation viewThe conversation view is very Gmail-like and a decent search is built in. You can set a passcode to protect your mails, but the best feature of all is the ability to set reminders by long-pressing the favorite-button, so as to get back to an important mail.¬†On the whole, though, the app reminded me how good Gmail really is. I’ve grown highly accustomed to Gmail’s new inbox, which has helped cut down notifications tremendously. While the folders are available within CloudMagic, there’s no way, at least right now, to customize when notifications should be fired.

If you’re on the look for a non-Gmail E-mail app, I highly recommend giving CloudMagic a try.

[XDA-Developers Forums, Google Play]

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  • Dan Sabau

    “CloudMagic creates a high performance index of your emails on the cloud” – umm.. yeah..
    doesn’t sound very secure.

    • New_Guy777

      Like pretty much all clouds, I bet that each account is uniquely encrypted. So, it wouldn’t be very insecure at all.

    • Raveesh Bhalla

      Is anything secure these days?

      • Dan Sabau

        that’s also a good point, although it doesn’t hurt to be cautios when giving away credentials and private content, even at the expense of some functionality.

        • Raveesh Bhalla

          No doubt, just taking a lighter view to the matter. Keep in mind I’m outside the USA, so I’m amongst those being screwed over the most

          • Dan Sabau

            why would you say that?

          • TheScientists

            Not sure if you’re being serious, ’cause have you seen the news the last 2 months? He’s saying that because the of the NSA covertly tapping into private fiber links of companies like Google and Yahoo in British territory and other locations around the world, vacuuming up data in wholesale fashion, data belonging to persons mostly outside the USA.

          • Dan Sabau

            i really was being serious and did not know that.
            thanks for the heads-up.

          • TheScientists

            Yep, just flip on CNN or go to any major news outlet and you’ll find a whole section on the NSA’s activities. Surely, you’ve heard of Edward Snowden.

  • Jay Holm

    Umm…I have Gmail, don’t need anything else.

    • Manny Soares

      That’s because tea party terrorists are too stupid to use anything else.

      • New_Guy777

        Maybe you got in an argument in another article or forum, I don’t know. I certainly haven’t seen it. But the sudden and off-topic hostility shows a lack of discretion, and the name-calling shows a lack of tact. Jay’s comment was at least on topic. Yours came out of left field.

  • Dan

    It’s not bad, but I hate that you can’t change the signature (Sent from Cloud magic)

    Not willing to pay 50$ for pro account

    • Justin

      you can, you just have to change it from the mail account. Settings > Email Accounts > the account > Email Signature.
      I’m only using it for Exchange, but it’s there for it.

      • Dan

        I tried that, but the sent by Cloud Magic stayed at the bottom of my signature

        • Justin

          You sir, are right. I just happened to be in that part and hadn’t tried sending an email yet.

  • Beer Chang

    I prefer K9 Mail, no limit in accounts, best integration of APG, fast, easy to use, free. After lots of testing, K9 was the winner.

    • shonangreg

      Kaiten, K-9’s premium version, has been my standard mobile email client for a couple of years. Now, however, it is broken on KitKat. The top line or two or three are all cut off. You can read the beginning of the message under the preview, and then the whole thing if you click “Reply”, but it is really screwed up right for just reading email — and it has apparently been getting complaints for several weeks now.

  • krudl3rx

    Gmail can access any POP email and put it all in their app… what’s wrong with simply doing that?

    • shonangreg

      Did the gmail app suddenly start working with all attachments?

    • mcl630

      Not secure and what shonangreg said.

      • krudl3rx

        But the author’s use case cares about neither.

  • Rick Smith

    NSA anyone? Also wouldn’t connect to my office Exhange environment even though the native e-mail app connects fine.

  • alfonzso

    You could really have saved us from the first two paragraphs. And btw, last time I checked, the Yahoo Mail app was really sweet if you still need access to Y! Mail.

  • Nithin Akkala

    Just downloaded the app on my LG G2 and synced to my Exchange account. But now it force closes on me every time I try to open the app. Anyone else having issues?