ISIS payments go live nationwide for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

Verizon Wireless has announced that their mobile payments provider ISIS is now available for all of their customers on a nationwide basis. With ISIS, you’ll be able to use your smartphone as a wireless payment option at over 200,000 retail locations using a simple tap of any of Verizon’s 15 supported smartphones.

Those retail locations include Jamba Juice, Toys R Us, and even some tap-to-pay Coca Cola vending machines. You probably already have a good idea of which phones are supported (those with NFC inside), but here’s a quick list in case you need one:

That’s 13 by our count, but we’ve already dropped a line to Verizon to see if we can figure out what the other two are. To entice you to use ISIS, Verizon is offering folks a $10 credit to American Express Serve customers by simply downloading the ISIS app to their compatible device from the Google Play Store. Another $10 credit can be earned after your first transaction at a Verizon Wireless location with the service.

ISIS is pin-protected, and should you happen to lose your smartphone Verizon will help you disable your ISIS account in a jiffy to save you the trouble and headache of dealing with unauthorized purchases. Alongside “participating” credit cards from America Express and Chase, ISIS will work with loyalty cards from several retailers, which should help folks cut back on all the plastic sitting in their back pockets.


Verizon says folks will need an “enhanced SIM” to use ISIS. We’re trying to figure out what, exactly, this SIM is, and if there’s a chance users might already have it in some of Verizon’s latest smartphones. Otherwise, you can order one from the Verizon Wireless website or get setup with one at a Verizon retail location.

Some might be hesitant to give ISIS a chance with Google Wallet being an attractive option, but Verizon’s hoping you won’t find much to dislike in the service they prefer to support. Be sure to download it from the Google Play Store (it’s not off to a good start with one and a half stars) and give it a shot at your earliest convenience, and watch the video above to see if Big Red can convince you that this is the new (and only) great way to pay with your smartphone.

[Update]: ISIS is also available starting today for AT&T and T-Mobile customers. Click the respective links to find them in the Google Play Store.

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  • Defenestratus


    Three stores? Yeah no.

    • guitarist5122

      You mean over 200,000?

  • Terry

    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has NFC. I don’t see it on the list.

    • mattpyles

      It’s a Google Phone, so it will never get ISIS support. You are truly SOL on that one. (And don’t pull the whole “everyone Android phone is a Google phone” you know what I mean. :) )

      • Terry

        I already bought the Nexus 5. I am using Google Wallet now.

  • Drooblz

    It fails to open saying that my phone is rooted, but since I upgraded to 4.3 on my S4, it hasn’t been. Must have some weird check it’s doing.

    • Terry

      And the fun begins.

  • Nick Hebert

    What about the note 3?

    • Ben Lutgens

      no workie.

    • mattpyles

      Get a NEW SIM card from them. It will work just fine. I wish we could all use Google Wallet, but that’s the world we live in. But your phone will work with the new SIM card.

  • Erstam

    I’m very happy for this. I’ll never use Verizon, but it only means more places to use my Google wallet. Yay!

  • Brandon

    Just going to wait for a KitKat rom, and use google wallet. :P

  • EdLessard

    Showing as not compatible with the VZW Moto X. Nice job, Verizon.

    • mattpyles

      Go get a NEW sim card.

      • Nick

        I think EdLessard is right. I got the new SIM installed and still couldnt download the Isis App. Verizon is batting a thousand by limiting the app download

        • mattpyles

          Oh Verizon, I stand corrected. My apologies.

          • alamoe

            I found the apk on xda and it installed and went thru the setup fine on my VZW Note 3. I haven’t went out to test it yet though.

        • alamoe

          I called VZW last nite and the guy said he didn’t understand why it wasn’t compatible with the Note 3 when it works for the Note 2, LG G2, etc. But I found the apk on xda and it installed and went thru the setup fine on my VZW Note 3. I haven’t went out to test it yet though.

          • OssianGrr

            Interesting. I might have to try the xda apk, since the Play Store is definitely blocking me from installing it on my Note 3.

      • EdLessard

        According to the info on the Google Play store, if your sim is incompatible, it would throw an error during installation. Whether an app shows up in the play store, is a dependent on your device ID (model and carrier).

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    Have the new Droid Maxx and says my phone is incompatible. Wonderful

  • Crimsonshadow774

    If one of those two missing phones isn’t the One, I give up on VZW.

    • Crimsonshadow774

      Aaaaaand I give up.

  • lumpysherman

    Looks like VZW doesn’t like rooted phones, won’t work on my G2. Bastards!

    • keithsmith22

      Download hide my root and temporarily hide that you are rooted.

      • guitarist5122

        Too much of a hassle to do for every transaction

  • blest

    Hell no

  • Ben Lutgens

    Fail, I have a VZW Note 3 which I’ve had for a month or so and it’s “Unsupported”. It’s completely stock.

    • mattpyles

      Need a new SIM card, my wife has the Note 3 and it works like a charm.

  • justafew

    I bet one of the other devices is the HTC One as I’m using that on AT&T ISIS right now. For those who say their phone is Unsupported, be sure to go get a new secure SIM for your phone, which is a requirement for ISIS to work on your device. Once you have that, your phone will be supported if listed above.

  • Alexander H

    You need to order a nfc sim card from my Verizon or get one in store. Isis doesn’t use the phones ssecure element so they can continue to dodge Google wallet.

    • David Narada Brown

      I think the 4.4 kit kat update changes the way wallet works. I think this bypasses the secure element and i believe this is what verizon is waiting on to activate 2013 nexus 7 tablets on their network. not positive but i think this is true.

      • ThreeFourSeven

        Google wallet plus kit kat are carriers worst enemy.

  • taylor banasiak

    I have had Isis since last summer and the galaxy note 2 from Verizon is one of the supported phones. Anyone could have used the service ad long as you asked for the nfc sim like someone else pointed out

  • Fernando Madrigal

    “your phone has been rooted. Isis is not supported” lame.

    • chuckles87

      If you have root you can use the real mobile wallet you know the one at will accept any debit card. Not this I only accept two specific credit cards crap

      • Fernando Madrigal

        What’s real mobile wallet?

        • chuckles87

          Google wallet

  • oh4real

    except moto x Dev edition. no Google wallet and now no Isis ‘not compatible with your device’ on play store with T-Mobile SIM

  • David Narada Brown

    who wants ISIS? Google Wallet works just fine. lol!

    • andrés

      Some vending machines are starting to be ISIS only – Also AT&T and Verizon block NFC payments with Google Wallet on their network

      • David Narada Brown

        vending machines with NFC are pretty cool. Im with Verizon and ive been using Wallet for a while using the “work around”. With Kit Kat Wallet wont b using the secure element so At&t and Verizon will be screwed on that. But i do see ur point just not enough to make me interested.

  • NealJ777

    It won’t allow me to install on a Moto X. It says that it’s not compatible.

    • mattpyles

      Get a new SIM card at one of the stores today. They put the secure element in the SIM card. Way lame, but that is what they do. Unless you were in Salt Lake or Austin no one got the new SIM card until today.

      • NealJ777

        The Moto X isn’t even listed as an eligible phone on the ISIS website. It does say that you can download the app and then during the setup process, it will tell you if you have the secure SIM.

        The closest **** REAL **** non-reseller VZW store to me is 20 minutes away. I’ll just wait until I get KitKat. :)

        • NealJ777

          Even better… I just looked at the locations accepting ISIS payment in my area. There are only 2 locations near me and I’m in Alexandria, VA!

          • mattpyles

            Yeah I just found that out, really weird, but that’s what happen when Google and Verizon fight.

  • Jon James

    eff you competing and incompatible phone wallet apps

    • Canon User

      More specifically, eff you carriers who blocked the other in order to finally get around to releasing their incompatible competition

  • Sung

    ISIS is total garbage! I want Google wallet to work… stupid U.S.carriers, always trying to control our ends!

    • Dean Politis

      You can probably use Google Wallet on AT&T and definitely on T-Mobile if you have a Nexus phone.

  • DiscipleTube1

    Why no sprint? Smh

    • Stephen McGann

      Sprint already supports Google Wallet

  • Stephen McGann

    It’s so wierd that weeks before an Android Update (Kit Kat) is going to support a Wallet payment with out using the secure element of the NFC chip thereby allowing every single person with the new OS to use NFC payments on their phone the ISIS group released their version nationally. and by weird I mean a coincidence, and by I a coincidence I mean BULLSHIT!!!!

  • mattpyles

    Your phones are supported. You need to get a NEW SIM card from Verizion, AT&T, or T-Mobile. Go to a real store, not the fake authorized dealer stores, and they will give it to you for free.

  • Ben Baranovsky


    Google Wallet FTW!

  • Texas Black

    so i finally i get use it …..NO SIR LONG LIVE GOOGLE WALLET

  • chuckles87

    Now its time for google to file an anti competive lawsuit

  • OssianGrr

    Why is the Note 2 supported but not the Note 3?

  • Nick P

    Good thing Verizon stopped the Galaxy Nexus from having Google Wallet to wait for their version to be put out 3 years later.

  • potpie

    Google Wallet was blocked from being installed on my VZW Galaxy Nexus because the intented to use ISIS at some point in the future. Now that we’ve actually gotten to that point in the future, it’s 2 years later, and I’ve upgraded from the GNex to the Nexus 5, and moved to a different carrier. So, basically VZW was limiting the usefulness of my phone for no reason. Anyone remember back when Verizon and Google were yapping about “any lawful device” and everyone got excited. We were sure stupid then.

  • Marcus Martin

    I bet the new SIM card will probably try to disrupt your ability to use Google Wallet. I’m waiting for Kit Kat… .. Long live Google Wallet….

  • Liquidretro

    So can you use it with any credit card?

  • TalkingMoose

    Droid RAZR HD (MAXX)

    • TalkingMoose

      Confirmed working.

  • Delmar

    I rather have google wallet ….you know why? Seem less integration

  • BaldyPal

    It does NOT work on Verizon moto x

  • hasan
  • Alu Zeros

    Still sucks, Google wallet is better especially with tap and pay. I would like to see them come up with a clever way to work with the iphone with any credit card. Google wallet has a small niche just like PayPal, and square with ios related transactions. Send money via email linked to account. However not practical because most physical retail store setups are not setup like that

  • RoniJohni

    havent seen one debit card available yet

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Just horrible news about bise that in lahore just watch good result

  • Mark Larma

    ISIS sucks hard. Can’t use a debit card with it like you can Google Wallet. You have to put money in this Amex Share account and then you can pay for things with that. Completely inconvenient and not accepted as much as the Google Wallet implementation. Why? ISIS is partnered with Amex and Google was smart and partnered with MasterCard. ’nuff said. That may be why CapitalOne pulled out a few days ago.

  • TalkingMoose

    If you go to VZW for a secure SIM, ask for an “NFC SIM” or they’ll look at you like you’re you’ve just escaped a butterfly net and there’s a guy in a white coat chasing you. They don’t train the associates very well.