Verizon’s LG G2 pictured in white

lg g2 white

While the Verizon LG G2 has been available for quite some time, we haven’t quite seen the device like this. It’s clad in white armor this time, and it’s headed for Verizon at some point soon. The news was leaked by @evleaks, though they didn’t have an exact launch window to share with us. We’d expect the device to launch before Santa comes for milk and cookies on Christmas.

Things look almost identical to the black G2, though you’ll notice a silver camera ring that stands out like a bit of a sore thumb. In fact, all of the rear-facing components don’t seem to mesh well with the overall color of the device. This is only a render, though, and things could look different once we see it in person.

The LG G2 is the company’s best yet, with Edgar Cervantes awarding it high marks for a striking balance of power, features, and stability. You can read our full LG G2 review here if you haven’t already seen what this thing is all about.

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  • Micha Ols

    really grinds my gears: Why is Verizon always messing up the aesthetics
    of a sleek design with their hideous logos plastered all over their

    This is so ridiculous! I am happy to live in a region,
    where I can use off contract phones with all carriers available. I feel
    sorry for people who have to deal with this mess.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    Ooooo perdy, except those logos.

  • KiwiBri

    I think most carriers in Canada have stopped with logos on handsets…

    • dreadnatty08

      Everything’s better in Canada. Am I right?

  • adam

    I hate when carriers do this stuff. I love write phones. But could only get the black when the G2 relesed on VFW. Now I want this. I’ve been having screen issues with my G2 & VZW can’t replace it cuz they’re out of stock. Hopefully they when the white 1 releases they could replace it with that.

  • mlss

    It looks great in white.
    My humble opinion is that if you don’t like the carrier logo then don’t buy it!!!!
    EVERYONE has to find something to complain about. smh

  • MrJoshuaPack

    I have the white on Sprint, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no logo on it either

    • HotInEER

      I agree, the Sprint version is awesome, would be better if it came with wireless charging like the Verizon version. However, who would buy a Verizon phone with all of those horrible logos everywhere, not me.

  • Sean

    I just hate how LGs white devices have a black frame around the screen. You got your picture, a white bezel, and then a thin black line cutting through between them. It’s quite disconcerting.