Google opens up Glass Invites to public (wait list)

There are only about 10,000 Google Glass Explorers on the planet right now. Pretty soon that number should quadruple to 40,000 thanks to Google allowing Explorers to each invite 3 friends into the program. And from 40,000 that number may soon skyrocket. Google is now allowing the general public to sign up for a Glass Invite.

Or to clarify… sign up for the opportunity to eventually get a Glass Invite.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.03.31 AM

Signing up doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get Google Glass but it will definitely give you the best shot at buying Glass early on. The signup page explains that Google is “experimenting with different ways of bringing new Explorers into the program,” and claim they’ll let you know when a spot becomes available.

This is for US residents only who will have two options:

  • If a spot opens up, I want to purchase Glass and become an Explorer
  • Just keep me informed about the latest Glass news

But you can still show interest in buying Glass even if you choose a different country, which residents in Canada, UK, Australia, and other predominantly English speaking countries may want take advantage of.

This signup sheet mentions nothing of price although we expect any “Explorer” edition Glass to sell for the $1500 rather than a discounted consumer amount. Either way, it’s probably worth taking the chance and submitting your name for selection.

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  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Finally, I might not have to give up an arm and a leg for the opportunity to give up an arm and a leg!

    • spicymeatball

      You know it’s not about actually giving up and arm and a leg. It’s about having the choice to. You know that out of all the invites that current explorers give out, IMO,1 of the 3 invites actually buy a pair. Thus leaving a lot of expected purchases unpurchased. That is why Google is doing this.

      • robjackson81

        Agreed. I can’t imagine a lot of people know 3 people willing to spend $1500 on Glass unless they’re in a corporate or business setting.

  • markgbe


  • Derek Ross


  • Scott Stafford

    Signed up. Don’t know if I’d pay $1500 for it, but would certainly consider it if I had the option.

    • Gus70

      Same here. Battery life would have to improve a lot and be more like $399. But I signed up.

  • hemipw54

    I’ll wait for Glass to fail then pick one up in the bargain bin for a buck or two.

    • ari_free

      That’s probably how I’ll end up getting one, if I ever do. I doubt I’ll actually wear it, though.

  • 8lackie

    When they’re $20 bucks I’ll get a pair….or maybe never

  • Jay

    Might want to come down on that price tag before I take any serious interest in this. I can think of a lot better ways to blow off $1,500 …. 13″ macbook pro retina, All-splurge Vegas getaway weekend etc etc

    • ari_free

      I’d use the money for LASIK so that I wouldn’t have to deal with anything on my eyes.

  • Matthew Rhodes

    Dammit Google! For the love of everything holy! Just take my money already! I’ve done everything you’ve asked! Tired of jumping through hoops!

    • hemipw54

      Timmy! Get off the computer Mom and Dad need it for adult stuff.

      • Matthew Rhodes

        Silence! You know nothing, Jon Snow!

  • Nick Starr

    This is the exact same signup page they had before just layed out differently. This is a non-story!

    Cached version of old sign up page:

  • ari_free

    ooo invites. I remember when I got my first gmail invite. It made me feel so special and loved. :)

  • steveb944

    I signed up for updates. Needless to say I don’t want to ‘Explore’ with $1500 thrown in. Promise me all future hardware iterations of Glass for being a guinea pig, then we’re talking.

    • Phil

      Actually, that’s what you get as an “Explorer.” Someone I know has Glass.

      • steveb944

        Hmm. I’ll have to reconsider.