T-Mobile users can now send MMS messages to Google Voice numbers

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For the longest time, MMS messages between Google Voice and T-Mobile numbers has been a very miserable experience. And by miserable, I really mean nonexistent. Things are getting just a bit better today, though, as Googler Alex Wiesen has announced that Google Voice phone numbers can now receive MMS messages from T-Mobile numbers.

The experience isn’t totally seamless, of course. For starters, any images sent via MMS will be sent to that Google Voice account’s associated Gmail inbox. Users have the option of being notified via SMS when a new message is received, though, so you shouldn’t miss a single message.

Unfortunately, this still isn’t a two-way street — Google Voice members can’t send outgoing MMS messages. Google says they are working to bring this at some point next year, but truth be told we’re starting to believe that’s little more than an urban myth. In other words, we’ll believe it when we see it.

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    Google should just buy T-Mobile.

    • UMA_Fan

      Why at this point? What could they do better than tmo is doing now? I don’t even think Google would launch what T-Mobile has in the past year.

      • TONY ALDO

        Easy, asset acquisition everything is in place for them already.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Yeah, this has been a PITA since I’ve adopted GV as my main goto number.

  • Tomato88

    I just wish some day, a warm-hearted CEO takes over any of the major cell carriers, and orders as following: “Give them minutes, texts, and data for money, and just let them have fun.”

    • Aaron Sua

      Isn’t that Sprint’s philosophy? Tmobile too for that matter

  • spicymeatball

    I hope Hangouts will absorb Google Voice at some point.

  • steveb944

    Can all the other carriers already send MMS to Google Voice within it?

  • Unbreakable360

    Weird article since I’ve been able to receive mms from T-Mobile and any carrier for that matter on my Google voice. It appears in my Gmail. Now sending pix from gv to any number isn’t an option unless using a 3rd party app

    • Ben

      Me too. Honestly. My mom is on TMo and I use GV. All her MMS’s have been going to my gmail for a year or two…