CyanogenMod working on CM11, begins initial code push

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With the release of Android 4.4 and new a Nexus phone comes the inevitable announcement from CyanogenMod for those of us that are looking to do a little more with our Android devices. The CM Team has announced that development for CM11 is underway and work has begun porting CM features over to the new Android 4.4 KitKat code base.

A number of CM features have easily survived the code jump from Android 4.3 to Android 4.4. However a few items are going to require a little bit of work such as the lockscreen, Phone app, and of course the CM Launcher, Trebuchet, as those portions of Android have have received extensive enhancements from Google with KitKat.

The initial push of CM11 to GitHub has begun and the CM Team looks for the fun to continue in the very near future. We’ll let you know as soon as the first round of nightlies are available for your flashing needs.

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  • Nathan Bryant

    Does CM effect the camera quality of an already good camera on like the S4 or Note 3? I ask this because I installed the 4.4 camera along side my Note 3 camera, and it wasn’t all that good in picture quality. Disregarding the features, just the picture taking period it wasn’t the same at all.

    • Pal

      It definitely affected the camera quality of my HTC One, as it had post-processing as a part of the camera app in Sense. The camera app is pretty bare in stock, and Focal wasn’t a great replacement over the Sense camera either.

      If HDR+ is included in CM11 perhaps Nexus 5 will be untouched, but your miles may vary depending on device.

      • Nathan Bryant

        Same. I like stock but it’s something about the software I think that kills the quality. HDR+ is cool, but I don’t wanna rely on that.

    • משפחה משפחה

      Get the Nexus 5 and don’t root it. I rooted every phone I had and it never worked like the Stock Rom. Stock has the best of everything. Camera, GPS, signal….etc.

      • pookietookie

        Forget that. First thing I did with my N5 was unlock and root. Now I can block ads via AdAway, restore apps and settings (and freeze uninstallable apps) via Titanium Backup — and SO MUCH more.

      • Crimsonshadow774

        I completely disagree. Depends on the phone/software. I’ve rooted every phone I’ve had since 09′ and that’s more than I probably should’ve owned.

      • Joseph Evans

        I think you are implying rom’ing the phone not rooting. Rooting is fantastic and very necessary for some. I do think that putting roms on these new phones coming out as of late like the Moto X and N5 has become less important.

        • משפחה משפחה

          Stop sending me emails!! I never created an account with you.nor have I heard of disquis!!!!!

          • dstruct2k

            Try scrolling to the end of this comment section. The one you created or authorized an account to use. The one that you gave permission to email you about replies.

    • CerealFTW

      the stock aosp camera was working better than the new 4.4 camera for me

      • Nathan Bryant

        Exactly. I think something is terribly wrong with AOSP software when it comes to taking pictures. Google has mentioned their picture quality issues are software related and not hardware related. Yet, they haven’t fixed it or taken it seriously. Nexus 5 is much better then previous Nexus devices , but not in the same ballpark of other high end phones.

  • supremekizzle

    I loved CM when I first got my Droid and then my Galaxy S because that’s what was available back then, but I have come to question why people would wait for CM? I mean, they’re barely getting stable Jelly Bean after all this time now they have to work on KK… Wouldn’t it be better to just use a ported version of stock over CM? Someone enlighten me.

    • lynyrd65

      Stable then are nightlies today. Current RC builds are OEM stock quality. Because nightlies are so stable most people don’t bother with “stable” builds.

      • squiddy20

        I can attest to this. I’m currently running a CM 10.1 nightly that was put out just a day before 10.1.3 (toroplus), and it’s rock solid. I’m lucky enough to have some occasional bits of 4G in my area, and as of right now, CM 10.2 doesn’t have 4G integrated (for toroplus at least- there were a few different maintainers who came and went in the past few weeks/months from what I understand), so that’s pretty much the only reason why I’m still on 10.1.

      • Crimsonshadow774

        I agree. I started flashing CM 10.2 nightlies on my Verizon HTC one as soon as it was unlocked and the biggest issue I’ve had is the call lost dialogue would pop up when you end a call. Other than that everything worked fine. Honestly I’m only on a Sense Rom now because I wanted to check out the Sense 4.3 stuff.

    • Pal

      While not on the bleeding edge, CM (along with AOKP, Carbon, etc.) is great for its depth of customization options that stock Android just doesn’t offer.

      For instance, I love being able to customize my Quick Settings panel. Even being able to dismiss all recent apps with one tap is an improvement that’s missing from stock. Is it really worth the trade-off? Maybe not, but old habits die hard :)

      • squiddy20

        “Even being able to dismiss all recent apps with one tap is an improvement that’s missing from stock.” Wait… Seriously? How is that not in stock Android?
        And while not everyone would be inclined to customize Quick Settings, it’s a godsend for me.

      • ingrouille

        I’ve been running CM for 2 days and didn’t know it could do that. Thanks for letting me know!! I’m loving CyanogenMod

  • CerealFTW

    I wish they would change up the boot animation.

    • Derek Ross

      Personally, I miss the CM9 boot animation. My son used to tell me that was Cid was bad every time he saw that ‘mean’ face.

      • CerealFTW

        haha I loved that one

      • Simon Belmont

        I liked that one, too. Something about that blue haze flying at me that just looked cool.

        CM10.x’s, by contrast, was cool but very reserved looking. I hope CM11’s is more “in your face” to be honest.

    • squiddy20

      You can do that yourself. There’s oodles and oodles of boot animation threads on XDA, Rootzwiki, etc.

      • CerealFTW

        I know but I wanted to see a new one from CM now that they are a company. I thought they would go with a more professional looking animation

  • phinn

    To think CM 10.2 was never finished… I’m actually looking forward to seeing how this runs on the old 512mb ram phones from the Galaxy S line, including Captivate. Since Google isn’t bothering to update the Nexus S it’ll be a nice proof of concept.

  • Jason Farrell


    Can’t wait to ditch TouchWhiz on my Note3 the second CM11 with a working camera is released.

    I’ve had to install so many 3rd party apps and Xposed module hacks just to get my phone half-way as useful as CM is ootb. Stuff like adb over wireless, circle battery with %, removing AM/PM from time, hiding annoying persistent notifications, free tethering, quicksettings for led flashlight and rotation lock, reboot to recovery, and so much other stuff I’m forgetting atm.

    • Derek Ross

      You think the Note 3 is fast now… image how fast it will be without TouchWiz to bog it down!

      • Jason Farrell

        How fast on a scale from 1 to 10? 11. CM11. (see what I did dere)

        • Derek Ross

          Crank it up to 11!

          • CaliLove310

            I want Paranoid Android on my Note 3

    • Steven Skwarkowski

      Ive been checking XDA weekly for a hopeful CM rom.Touchwiz is horrible but I do appreciate a fair amont of what Samsung did with apps and certain features. Such as sending a written note (s pen) via sms while on a phone call

      • Jason Farrell

        Yeah, that’s dependent on using the Samsung keyboard, though, which isn’t bad at all, but I don’t really use the handwriting recognition much, so I’ve switched to the lighter Google Keyboard (kitkat apk).

        Can’t say I’ll really miss anything from TW, as the pen still works, for the limited subset of what I use it for (notes and drawing). The WatchON app is pretty cool too as a infrared remote control; next best one is $6 iirc.

    • Jesus

      I gotta say that you’re losing a lot of features by losing TouchWiz…
      E.g. My biggest loses would be S note, and Multi window features.
      I just installed a custom launcher when I got bored with the UI (as you do with all Android phones).

      • Jason Farrell

        But I’ll be “losing” features I don’t use, and gaining features I do use. And the pen still works. Also, FWIW, it’s been hinted that CyanogenMod is implementing it’s own MultiWindow feature (even though I don’t much like it either).

    • Geek633

      try using OmegaRom, they make good Samsung base roms that you can tweak to your liking, removing the bloatware but keeping the actual useful Touchwiz-ness

  • averymlewis

    My Note 3 has so many great features; its going to be a TOUGH decision choosing between my stock software and switching to 4.4

    • Sean Royce

      Stick with stock, you’ll regret using a buggy rom later on. It’s such a hassle.

  • Unorthodox

    This is cool. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new repository and try to build for my cheapo Chinese tablets. Because JB was a fail on 512Mb of RAM.

  • ανώνυμος

    I hope they’re able to release it for the GNex. If anyone can get drivers working for the unsupported chipset, it’s CyanogenMod!

    • Crimsonshadow774

      I don’t see why they wouldn’t. The VZW Gnex already has a Kit Kat Rom as I’m sure the original GNex does as well. Cyanogenmod loves getting Android on devices that aren’t supposed to run it/updating them further than OEM’s planned.

      • ανώνυμος

        Hadn’t checked XDA in a while, thanks!

  • TheDome

    really interested to see how kit Kat performs on devices from 2010

  • ninjustin

    I think CM are going to nee to make an option to select Trebuchet or the Google Experiance Launcher. If you want to be Google Free the new launcher isn’t going to work for you but it you install gapps maybe you want the Google launcher. Just some random thoughts.

  • Jeff72

    There IS hope for my old Galaxy Nexus GSM then, ;-)