Here’s what it’s like to have a Moto X and use Windy Day


Windy Day 3Today, Motorola unveiled the first of many stories coming into the Motorola Spotlight Player app.  If you aren’t aware, the Motorola Spotlight Player is a new storytelling canvas for the Moto X, that plans on bringing content to your device and displaying it in new, innovative ways. Meet Windy Day, the first story designed for smartphones and only available on the Moto X.

Thanks to the highly tuned hardware and software of the Moto X, the first story, Windy Day, highlights the power behind the Moto X’s Adreno 320 GPU. Windy Day is able to push out real-time 3D graphics, use rendering technology from Pixar, and take advantage of all of the sensors inside Motorola’s new flagship Android phone.

Windy Day 1

To get started, Moto X owners will first need to update to the latest version of the Motorola Spotlight Player. Then, once the stars align and the content arrives on your device, just tap the red hat bouncing around your screen to begin. It will appear randomly, out of no where.  To play along, hold your phone up in the air and try to keep the red hat visible while immersing yourself into your new world.

Since Windy Day is an augmented reality game (if we can even call it a game?), simply recording the screen under conventional methods just wouldn’t cut it. The best way to show you exactly how it feels to use Windy Day, would be for you to experience it in the first person. Thankfully, Google has tool for that. Here’s Windy Day through Google Glass.

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  1. Played it last night at 2 am, pretty fun and great looking.

  2. Some top notch commentary there

    1. Geez. Tough crowd. I thought this was an awesome idea. I shall go hang my head in shame while we wait for KitKat.

      1. I, for one, enjoyed that very much. :-) Thank you for recording it with your Google Glass, and for posting it, Derek. :-) I am still sporting a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, and won’t be able to see this live.

  3. What happens if you don’t follow the hat? Like if you keep watching those chipmunks when the mouse leaves the tree?

    1. I’m guessing nothing. It’s more about the ability to explore and view the surroundings away from the scene that is taking place. Again, just a guess on my part.

  4. Shitty camera bruh.

  5. Very much enjoyed that! This would not be easy to do without a go pro or Glass, the latter being the best as you did.

  6. I have a vzw dev edition moto x. Its unlocked and rooted. I got the spotlight player update but have not been able to play this game yet. I know I’m not the only one. Is it a staged roll out of this game?

    1. You have to be on WiFi for the content to download. Besides that, you just have to wait your turn. Good luck!

      1. I was on Wi-Fi. I was using nova launcher though so I changed to the stock launcher and within 30 minutes the hat showed up. Maybe just coincidence but I think maybe it needs the stock launcher because I had the widget up for three days with nova launcher and nothing happened

  7. I also have an unlocked GSM version and didn’t get it! Someone have advice?

    1. Make sure you’re on WiFi for the content to download to your Moto X, then just play the waiting game. Everyone will get it eventually.

  8. LOL.. They just don’t want to let the MoTo X rest in peace. They keep making articles that has “Moto X” in it.

    Gotta love the influence of blogs.

  9. Shouldn’t it be possible to run this app on the Droid Mini / Maxx / Ultra ? Same internals as the Moto X. Would like to sideload the apk and test it out on my Mini.

  10. Super cute, but boy did it scare the crap out of me when I saw that hat floating around on my desktop…I had an apocalyptic vision of hackers rummaging through my file system installing keystroke loggers while I watched the little mouse for a few seconds.

  11. I switched to the stock launcher as default, added the widget, and then the hat showed up in 30 minutes. I think it needs stock launcher as default

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