Google shows off newly revised Google Glass 2.0, complete with optional earbud

Google Glass version 2.0 earbud

When Google announced that they’d be soon giving Glass Explorers a free, 1-time upgrade to the Glass 2.0 hardware revision, we were ecstatic. The optional earbud attachment sounded like a godsend when using Glass in noisy environments (something that’s almost impossible now).

If you were expecting major revisions to the Glass aesthetic, sorry to disappoint. It looks like not very much is changing other than a port for the earbud making its way to the bottom of the headset. Google mentioned previously that this new version of Glass would support both shades and prescription lenses, but after examining these pictures, it’s hard to pin point those changes in hardware.

Still, the Glass team was able to confirm that yes, this version of Glass will support prescription frames and sunglasses, forwarding Google+ users to their early prototype shown here. It’s possible you’ll be able to detach the main head unit, but we’re having trouble wrapping our heads around exactly how that will work.

If Glass wasn’t already “nerdy” enough, what do you guys make of the new earbud attachment?

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  • ineptone

    I’m sure there was a more elegant way than this of implementing the earbud.

    • scoter man1

      I’m not sure what else you could do really.

      • DavidVarghese

        Perhaps coming in from behind the ear? It would be similar in design as over-the-ear headphones

  • han

    no upgrades to battery, internals or camera?

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m crossing my fingers for 1080p video recording, but then there’s that tiny battery to consider :(

      • han

        yeah, when thinking of internals i was more thinking about more power efficient processors for more processing power, longer battery life or even both

  • TakerWillReturn

    Wow, already? I wonder what all the people who bought the first-gen model think now?

    • Chris Chavez

      Given that they’ve all been offered a free upgrade to this new model, I’d say they’re pretty happy about it :)

  • Derek Ross

    I don’t like the earbud. I guess I’ll put it on case by case. i.e. I want to listen to music or I want to talk on the phone while driving in my car.

    • Chris Chavez

      It’s only mono, so I don’t think it will be well suited for music :/

      • Napster87

        aww :( could have replaced those equally ridiculous looking lg bluetooth headset that everyones been wearing lately.

  • Covert Hops Society

    Who needs to get laid anyway?

    • gregorypierce

      People who are already getting some probably aren’t that concerned ;)

    • ari_free

      You don’t understand what people will be able to record while wearing these things!

  • AndroidProfit

    Keep telling yourself you look cool in these!! HAHAHA!

    • Napster87


  • AndroidProfit

    Could you imagine if Google designed, “Google Pillow”? You could literally be connected EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY from when you wake up to when you go to bed.

    • Napster87


  • Hrethgir

    Earbud? Nice to have the option, I guess, whatever. Prescription lenses? That’s what I care about!

  • filaos

    Will next additional “feature” be… a 5″ screen ?


  • steveb944

    Design went from okay to terrible. I’ll never be attaching the earbud as it looks way too clunky. It’s not even the same color!


    Looks bulky. Wonder how heavy the feel specially in nose bridge.

    Ian B

    • Chris Chavez

      They used to give me pretty bad headaches, and I assumed it was the weight on my nose bridge. Could also be that my head is extremely wide, and it frames were pinching my temples.

  • ari_free
  • NOTE 3

    Google Glass won’t go anywhere until Google Glass is the exact shape as normal glasses. Or clip on to normal glasses without looking Star Trekish.

  • hemipw54


    Bluetooth monstrosity.

  • Steve

    looks like those things kids with braces wore in the 80s

  • MG83

    Amateur sex videos will finally have some decent POV recording.

  • Caloy

    I’ll probably pick this over Samsung’s smart watch, but that’s if it’s priced competitively.