MOGA Ace Power with 1800mAh battery leaked


Looks like MOGA is gearing up to unleash yet another Android gaming controller. The latest, which we are getting a first peek at courtesy of @evleaks, is slightly different than previous models. Instead of taking the form of a more standard gaming controller that attaches below a smartphone display (as was the case with the original MOGA and MOGA Pro), the MOGA Ace Power envelops the device, flanking it with gaming controls on each side.

The Ace Power, as its name implies, also appears set to come with an 1800mAh battery, and all of that juice isn’t being used to power the peripheral. As with previous MOGA controllers under the Power brand, the accessory will simultaneously charge your device while you play your favorite games. Pretty sweet deal.

The leak itself showcases the MOGA Ace Power being used with an iPhone, but we’re hopeful the controller will be available to fit our favorite Android smartphones, as well. This becomes slightly more difficult given the various shapes, sizes, and microUSB arrangements. If we don’t get an all-in-one attachment, here’s hoping we at least see versions for top Android phones like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

[via @evleaks]

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  • Phawx

    It should be noted that the layout is specifically what Apple requires to get mFi certification.

    i.e. Button colors/layout I think this this is actually layout #3

    • Big_EZ

      I thought they were just using the Xbox control scheme. I hate how the analog sticks are offset from each other. I just can’t get use to it, it drives me crazy.

  • Steven Cannan

    Oh that’s cool!

  • Steven Cannan

    Also is the game on the controller a real game?

  • reddragon72

    These guys are doing well but all of them are missing one BIG feature!!! MOGA you have got to put some speakers on these things!! Either a 3.5mm plug or BT. 95% of all smartphones have the speakers in the back. My next phone the LG G2 will have them on the bottom and that means the speakers will be covered up even more!

    I have yet to buy a controller because of this. Come one MOGA throw some frign speakers in there!!!

  • hellhoundwp

    There was a Kickstarter that looked just like this(but white), that failed to achieve funding about a half a year ago. I wonder if MOGA is ripping them off, or they got them to join their team?

    • ljhughes8

      they got funding but it taking forever.

      • hellhoundwp

        They did? That’s great! Don’t you know what it was called?

      • NikAmi

        Which is why I have never given to a Kickstarter project. It all seems good, and I’d love to get in on so many of the awesome projects they have there, but I just can’t fork over money for something without having a definitive idea of when I’d be getting it or a clear recourse to get my money back in the event of delays or inability to produce.

        • ljhughes8

          don’t knock till you try it. there been some good kickstarter idea. two one I just got shutter and meenova micro sd card reader.

          • artiplier

            I really like the idea of Kickstarter, but the first project I backed has not gone well. Check out the icontrolpad 2 for an example of what not to back on Kickstarter. I wish I had gone with the Phonejoy instead. At least you get regular updates lol. I’m thinking of picking up the Note 3, so I may try a Moga controller while I wait.

          • ljhughes8

            they not guaranteed but with that some get to complicated. like phonejoy there delay has been apple certification if they would have by pass apple it could have been out.don’t let the first one mess you up there are some good ideas. like shutter great simple idea. out of the 12 I backed only 2 are late. So 10 out of 12 is not to bad.

    • ljhughes8

      Phone joy play

      • hellhoundwp

        That’s right. Thanks, I want to follow up with it once it goes live.

    • Chris

      Just a heads up, the PhoneJoy got all it’s funding. I backed it. it’s just taking a long ass time. But that’s expected for Kickstarter. As long as I get it by December I’m okay.

  • Dave Bush

    Am I alone in looking at that and thinking it looks like an updated first gen Atari Lynx?

  • leo98918

    This MOGA Controller looks great! Sure its showing the iPhone, but from the looks of it, the controller slides open and closed like the clamps on previous MOGAs. Also, it looks like it will fit wider devices as well. Seems like a 1 size fits all contraption.
    The only thing that I see that could be a problem is the charging port mentioned in the article. Is it iPhone/Android specific? Or is there an attachment for iPhone 5-5S/C, iPhone 4S and lower, and Androids.
    Also, they might be trying to make a controller that will fit in pants pockets and try to give that console controller feel. Need a picture of the back of it.

  • Javier Delgado

    what game is that??

  • wat

    Looks great hope it can take 6 inchers

    • nwd1911


      • leo98918


  • youareme7

    I want this for the new nexus 7!