Tesla 17-inch dashboard to get Chrome browser and Android emulator


If you are looking for a luxury electric car, there is no better than Tesla Motors vehicles. These are the epitome of elegance and high-tech – what could make them better? How about a dashboard with a device that runs Google Chrome and Android.

tesla-dashboard-thumbTesla CEO Elon Musk is promising they are working on these features. When asked about building application for that beautiful 17-inch dashboard screen to take advantage of, Elon mentions the company will offer an Android emulator at some point. Developers will then be able to build apps especially designed for a better driving experience.

The emulator will only come after they have worked out other upgrades, though. More specifically, Musk wants to take care of localization and to add the Chrome browser. After that, an Android emulator should be the next step, which makes us pretty excited.

We hope none of you will be playing Angry Birds while driving, but imagine being able to get Waze in that huge display. This definitely makes the Tesla Model S one of my favorite cars, it’s just sad I can’t quite afford it. This bad boy starts at over $60,000 – that’s more than a Corvette! For now, I can just get a tablet and stick it in my dashboard.

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  • PhineasJW

    The Model S already has Google Maps + turn-by-turn on it’s screen — just not the Android version.

  • hemipw54

    Yeah, and the Frunk can be ignited by a “BBQ” icon on the dash, no more striking a piece metal to ignite Frunk.
    Is Elon trying find that Frunk prankster?

  • Chimphappyhour

    Wait! Android on an Elon Musk device?!? Is this April 1st?

    Of course, I suppose he very well couldn’t put Windows on it:


  • reznorfan0

    Has it been rooted?

  • 818nate

    Makes mobile portal hacking even better for Ingress

    • Matthew Merrick

      Thanks for pointing that out. Now I HAVE to go buy a Tesla…

      BRB lemme sell a kidney. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/madmikeX3 Michael Parks

    These are the best looking electric vehicles out.

    • Chris

      Best car out, period. In my opinion at least.

  • No_Nickname90

    What version of Android will the emulator run? JB? Bluestacks is still running GB. =.[

    Or is it? Let me go check.

    • WeaponZero

      Considering that they run Linux as the OS and Linux is being merged with Android. They can run the latest version native.

  • ac

    I already was looking at getting a Tesla at some point, but now I really, really am hoping I can swoop one up, by the time the emulator is ready to go to production!

  • steveb944

    It’s only 60k? I thought it was a lot more. I’m sure once they add these features it’ll creep up a bit more.

    • Wes Loveday

      He’s right. The “Normal” Tesla that MOST people get is around $90k.

  • endinyal

    That alone would make me walk out the showroom.

  • scoter man1

    Great, that’s just what we need. Another distraction for drivers who can’t pull their hands off of their phones.

    • WeaponZero

      If a driver is being distracted by that, then they are most likely being distracted by their phone or other things. It being there or not is not going to have an impact on a person’s self control.

      On the other hand it will create an opportunity to create unique apps that help users. It also will allow people to use other radio services other than the default.

  • Daniel

    I’ll stick with a tablet and some chewed gum.

  • Cenarl

    can’t wait till tesla can mass produce and get these cars more affordable, they have the big car companies running scared already banning their sales in states via corrupt politicians protecting their own interests (hint: making lobbyist money from protecting these big Corps)

  • chuckles87

    All I can think of is how nice it would look with a curved display. Better use of the curved tech than a phone

  • kc

    Yeah…now install facebook on that thing and see the car’s 60-kWh battery drain out before you can even make it your neighborhood Walmart! :P

  • kc

    Yeah…now install facebook on that thing and see the car’s 60-kWh battery drain out before you can even make it to your neighborhood Walmart! :P