Three more games added to Humble Bundle for Android 7

humble bundle 7

Humble Bundle for Android 7 promised to bring us a few new games after the initial bunch, and that promise has been fulfilled. Three new games are available for those who paid more than the average, which was about $6.50 at the time the sale kicked off.

Here’s the updated list of games you can look forward to for such a low, low price (new games are in bold):

  • Ticket to Ride (regularly $7) – A pass-to-play game that has you completing railroad tickets.
  • Greed Corp (regularly $1) – A turn-based strategy game with great graphics and gameplay.
  • Incredipede (regularly $4) – A quirky, physics-based puzzle game.
  • Anodyne (not available on Google Play) – Adobe AIR-based adventure game with ala Zelda

Pay more than the average to receive:

The average price of the bundle currently sits at $6.25 — for 10 games and soundtracks for most of them, you can’t ask for a much better deal than that. Get over to the Humble Bundle for Android site to take advantage of the seventh edition of what has quickly become one of the best values in mobile gaming.

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  • hellhoundwp

    You know I jumped on this day one. Too bad I already had most of the games, but is okay sense most of the money goes to charity.

  • simpleas

    Got it yesterday for 6.25 woot!

  • Nick Mantzoros

    I’m gonna jump on this – I need more ticket to ride DLC!

    • simpleas

      how to you claim the free DLC in Ticket to ride? It seems like an iap to me still.

      • Nick Mantzoros

        Not sure on that. I would assume it’s an in game purchase that’s already “paid” for.