Here are 6 videos to help you learn to use BBM for Android (and how to skip to the front of the line)

With the long-awaited launch of Blackberry Messenger for Android, some folks who have never used the messaging service might be wondering how to get started. Thankfully, the friendly folks at Blackberry have taken to YouTube with a smorgasbord of help videos for those who might be a little lost. Instructions range from conducting multiple person chats to read receipts, and everything in between.

You can find the rest of them right here. There’s only one problem for most people — that long line of over 5 million people might be making it difficult for you to receive your PIN. If you’re tired of waiting and want to get started right away, there’s a workaround you can exploit:

  1. Open the app (download it from the Play Store and submit your email address if you haven’t already)
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Click “Next”
  4. Force-close it by going to the app’s info page
  5. Relaunch the app

After that, for some odd reason, you’ll be able to set your account up, make a Blackberry ID and get your BBM PIN, and party like it’s 1999 all over again. Now, if only someone could tell me how to convince more of my friends to use Blackberry Messenger so I actually have a reason to use it…

[via CNET]

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  • Jeremy Blackwell

    Trick doesnt work..

  • Anthony McKay

    This is my BBM trick.

    Step 1: Open Play store
    Step 2: ??????
    Step 3: Don’t install BBM

    • Cesar Ortiz

      hilarious dude.

    • Kurt

      Excellent! Going to try it right now!

  • Scott Clark

    I use a Google Voice number and VOIP, will BBM allow me to send MMS to non-BBM users? Can it replace my SMS?

  • Fernando Madrigal

    The workaround didn’t work :(

  • blest

    It worked for me at first.. And then it didn’t after reinstalling

  • shooter50

    UMMM, why do we care about BBM? This is a serious question. I never owned a Blackberry, so I don’t have a clue. What unique benefits does this offer?

    • sdrawkcab25


    • blest

      I don’t care for it. But all the ladies are there and there’s an established base there already.

  • Jordan Caviness

    if BBM works just as it did on my old 8900….then i may try it out. but the fact that it will be hard to get friends and family on it…..makes me not want to invest the time.

  • TheJunkie

    Perfect timing, I just got a Z10….though I really want a Q10:(

    • winter_hat

      Had the Z10, now the Q10. It’s just amazing. If you are texting, emailing, social networking non-stop, there is no better phone. I miss the bigger screen sometimes, but 99% of the time I use my phone for messaging. And don’t forget, the Z30 is looming large….ugh decisions decisions.

  • Herp derpasaurus

    Workaround didn’t work for me, running a stock, fully updated Verizon Galaxy Nexus

    • Herp derpasaurus

      The app also introduces a significant amount of lag to my phone (even when just running in the background). Might have some bugs to take care of

  • Nick Floria

    how long should I wait on the app to relaunch for it to start working? i downloaded bbm when the leak was out back in september and setup an account then and was hoping i could just continue from there.

  • Nick

    I know literally no one with a Blackberry any more. It’s not 2003.

    • spicymeatball

      Yeah, why does anyone care about bbm? I really want to know, but can’t figure it out.

  • Fernando Madrigal

    The workaround didn’t work for me

  • David W

    Worked just fine for me. Not sure why some are having issues.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    So once you get it installed…what do you do with it? Message the 3 RIM employees still using Blackberry devices?

  • TheHowiie

    Worked like a charm.

  • NorthVandea

    Sorry Blackberry, you’re dead. Wake up and smell the dirt. You’re buried and just haven’t noticed yet.

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Got everything set up today, have nobody to talk to. lol

  • zifnab

    Agree with that last line… signed up, opened it… “Oh ya, i don’t know anyone that uses bbm!” *uninstall*

  • HeatFan441

    I know 5-6 mill people downloading it in one day seems like a small part of the world, but some people care about BBM. Just saying. So don’t criticize others for downloading it.

  • steveb944

    I set it up using that method, thanks!

    Went ahead and deleted Whatsapp. I’m going to start suggesting BBM to everyone because it is better, and free forever.

  • BBMzSexy

    Learn to set your BBM Animated Avatar on Android

  • winter_hat

    Here’s an idea losers, don’t install it and stick with your WhatsApp, ‘Hangouts’, and the other crappiles.

  • Radical05

    to all those who say you just chat wit ppl who have BB devices den u stupid! i installed and all my friends wit androids installed and now we all chatting on BBM instead of that unsecure piece of rubbish which allows ppl to stalk you Whatsapp. so BB did a gud job

  • Shannon

    This didn’t work, how do I even get onto the info page?

    • William

      Pull down the Notifications bar and hold the BBM (Connected) thingieee and it will pop out “App Info”

  • OiVey

    …2 days later and I am STILL waiting for my BBM activation email??? WTF! I have better things to do than to sit and wait for Blackberry to “bless” me with a bbm activation email. *uninstalling* goodbye, the end!!

  • gma2566

    Work around didn’t work.

    • PSarge

      Glad it’s not just me then…

  • Neftali Rivera

    I have a Galaxy S3 , I installed it , and everything …Im not the waiting list , but when I open the BBM it stays on “Setting Up BBM” and nothings happens….can anyone help me!!!!!!

  • Mukesh

    Hi if any one wants to add me, here is my bbm pin 767c659d

  • Tester

    I literally just figured something out!.. Here’s what to do… Firstly, think of an email address that you know would be well known. Something silly and ‘taken’ like etc. In my case I used And as soon as I did that it said ‘Time to create your BBM ID’ I was in there in seconds!

    • anon ami

      good man!

    • guest

      I just did and it worked LOL! Guys, try that out and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, follow the above poster’s advice and see if you can think of a random email that someone else might have.

    • BruntLIVE

      it worked for me…..