100 live TV channels now available for the streaming via AT&T U-verse app for Android

ATT U-verse android app

This is a followup post to one from a few weeks ago where we told you that AT&T would soon be bringing over 100 live television channels to U-verse customers via their Android app. Today, those streaming TV channels have finally gone live (full list can be found below).

ATT U-verse 100 live streaming tv channels mobile

As we mentioned before, this latest feature does come with a few caveats. First off, you’ll need to be enrolled in the U-verse family or higher packages, and when streaming away from your home WiFi, only 20 channels will be accessible. AT&T is promising to add more channels in the future, so keep a look out. You can download the AT&T U-verse app for Android devices via the Google Play link below.

[AT&T U-verse on Google Play | AT&T]

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  • guitarist5122

    Now Verizon needs to stop being stingy and allow streaming of more than the 30 channels they currently allow.

    • sdrawkcab25

      i get about 95 channels on verizon’s fios mobile app…

  • JustinBookhammer

    When will Directv do this?

    • Nicholas Moline

      Dish has had it for years; but it includes every single channel you subscribe to. Dishanywhere.com and the Dish Anywhere App. If you’re not in contract with DirecTV you may want to look at Dish and their Hopper. Let me know because I have a referral code to give you that’d save you $50 if you do switch.

  • Erik Farrell

    My Galaxy Nexus works fine. My wife’s ONE gets only a black screen on any video. My Nexus 7 first gen doesn’t even have the option for live tv.

    So my oldest device works, go figure.

  • Max

    the channels available seem to change depending on time of day or something…out of home network on a u-200 package i get 1 channel ive never heard of, but most of the full list is available on my home network(although at home Ill just turn on a tv. They should at least get it together to let me access things like cnn/hln/fox which uverse already allows streaming access to with cnn app.

    • sdrawkcab25

      the channels available when at home (connected to wifi) will be different than when not connected to your home wifi…

      • Max

        That’s not what I am talking about. The channels seem to change availability slightly based on the programming, my guess is this is used for licensing reasons, like maybe for sports or something.

  • JaniceK

    Updated app this morning & it works on Samsung Note 2 on home Uverse WiFi network. Will have to try when away from home.

    • makayli verran

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    • Max

      You can also just flip off wifi and switch to 3/4g to test it