Blackberry Messenger for Android coming in “days,’ says executive


Blackberry Messenger for Android was supposed to launch near the end of September, but an unfortunate series of events caused that launch to be halted. If you don’t remember, a version of the app leaked with a big that put a ridiculous amount of strain on Blackberry’s servers.

That particular build of the app was never meant to be made publicly available, but Blackberry hadn’t implemented any integrity checks to make sure anyone connecting to the service was on the latest version. Thus, they needed to take a few extra weeks to implement said checks and to make sure they get it right.

It sounds like they could be close, though, as Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben has mentioned a launch was “days away.” This makes it sound like we won’t have to wait much longer than a week, but — technically speaking — “days away” could still be “weeks away.” We won’t get our hopes up just yet, but that’s where we are at this present time.

Boulben also reassured Blackberry fans  that they can count on Blackberry, and that the company is there to stay. That’s a bit odd, really, considering they’ve had to lay off tons of employees and are toying with the idea of selling their business off to the highest bidder. As much wool as they want to keep over people’s eyes, we can see right through it.

Still, they prefer to live in the here and now, so we’ll have to wait to see how all of this pans out in the weeks and months to come. As for BBM for Android, has your excitement (if there was any excitement in the first place) already subsided?

[via Reuters]

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  • Malik


  • atan420

    Who the hell cares?

  • gtbarry

    “Blackberry Messenger for Android coming in “days,’ says executive”…..and years too late.

    • rahrahrah

      you realize Jim Basille was looking to make BBM a cross platform app years ago when he was still at the helm… even had the client base lined up like ORANGE in UK and AT&T in the USA… and after Heins took over the helm, he scrapped the idea so he could focus the company on the Z10? yes Jim might have been screwing up with things slightly like buying an NHL team, but he still had his head in the game… and the board of directors didnt like the fact he was multitasking LOL

  • domatau


  • blest

    Usually I’m all like *cough* “all 12 people just got excited”, but this time I feel differently. They said millions of people downloaded that other copy.

    I still think they lost a huge chunk by waiting this long but they still have a sizeable install base waiting on this.

    Imo though? Not an eff given lol.

  • JustinBookhammer

    Actually in Latin America many many many people use blackberries. This would give people the opportunity to use bbm with friends that have iphones or androids and don’t want to pay for whatsapp

    • steveb944

      I think whatsapp is free…

      • Lou_Sasshole

        For a year, then you have to pay.

        • Nikheel Rajman

          Only if you have a blackberry

          • Lou_Sasshole

            What do you mean?

          • Nikheel Rajman

            I have what’s app on my Blackberry,iPhone and HTC One. And so far I was asked to pay for only the BB version

          • Lou_Sasshole

            Oh thats odd, I was asked to pay when I still had my LG Optimus L7.

  • Shawn_Locke

    And not a single F was given.

    • ari_free

      You may not care about “The Sims” either but millions of people play that game.

      • Shawn_Locke

        True statement. Still doesn’t change my level of F’s given.

        • ari_free

          Perhaps. But I hear BBM is very popular with the ladies.

          • scoter man1

            Are sure that’s BB”M”? I think you may be taking about something else.

          • puppeteer23

            British broadcasting company?

          • scoter man1


        • Sean-Paul

          yes. 1 was not given. thats you.

          dont speak for everyone else

      • Robb Nunya

        I’ll play the SIMS, but BBM? Pass.

  • FreakFly

    Good stuff!!!! BlackBerry CEO says Tablet’s aren’t going to be relevant in today’s technology landscape, but BBM is a game changer!!!!

    This is to a point where i used to feel sorry for them because they were clueless. But now, their ignorance has reached such outstanding levels, I can’t help but laugh and assume they deserve the bad fortune that is coming to them.

  • Wilferino

    Who cares bout bbm. Besides, I hate them so much. Aren’t they going to be sold?

    • ari_free

      Lots of girls like Blackberry because they are constantly sending IM’s to each other. Lots of girls like android because they can stick that super monster phablet in a purse and not even notice. Now they have everything AND games like “Save the puppies.”

      • ari_free

        “YOU play the brave wiener dog on a mission to free all your little friends from captivity!”

        wait that sounds really perv

      • Burgavo1

        You are right, lots of girls love blackberry because they’re sending IM’s to their girlfriends, but not only friends. It is well known, specially in latin america that bbm is used by prepaid girls AKA prostitutes to get in touch with their clientele. And that’s why is so popular. I hate it so much and wouldnt buy a bb or install a bbm ok my android device

  • Dougau


  • Robb Nunya


  • Delmar

    Its coming in days but will anyone use it ?

  • puppeteer23


  • KiwiBri

    Whoopeedo… Lol BB

  • Vince

    Again… WHY does this matter? I still have never heard where BBM has ANY advantage over any other messaging app.

    • ziggy

      With the extra layer of security, your messages are private and secure with BBM.

    • Sean-Paul

      it matters for those who are in the know.

      i’ve never heard of you…so why does your opinion matter????

  • Travis Antonio

    Are you really all that childish that only care about your own opinion and don’t care about the other users who really uses the service? Most of you only care about blaming when a product is going out but if a product doesn’t goes out then you blame again. Sheesh…

  • Paolo Giovanni Velotti Bonadie

    Blackberry released this fake version .. Why? –> time to develop, improve and release a better one.. since they said “before the end of the summer = September” they knew that they won’t be able to finish it on time..

    Results: still waiting and nothing happens..

  • Mitsuru Kirijou

    I’m an Android user, and I am looking forward to this. Stop hating.

  • ziggy

    I used to be a huge fan of blackberries but one day decided to drop it because of its policies. For example, if you own a blackberry you cant use the whatsapp or facebook apps unless you have a blackberry plan. If i have a sim only plan with an unlimited data plan, why should i get a bb plan if i dont want it. When i discovered that i needed a bb plan to be able to use other apps i decided to ditch and went for Android and never looked back.

    I never really liked whatsapp but it kind of grew on me. I still have friends using bb and if they do port BB on android i will use as it is the only thing i missed after ditching my BB.

  • max

    The only thing thats days away is the downfall of

    • Sean-Paul

      only thing thats days away is your brain.

      so much hatred for no reason.

      • Nikheel Rajman

        Honestly blackberry makes the worst phones ever. I own A blackberry 9810 torch, HTC One, IPhone 3GS, 4 and 5. I have had the iPhone GS for well over 4 years and not a problem with it. The blackberry….well let’s say it broke 5 times (each time I was given a new phone so you cannot say I have had a faulty phone) I mentioned all my phones so you cannot say I am a fanboy of any phone. But what I do like are good quality phones :)

  • Muhammed Burhan al-Din

    I’m an Android user, but I’ll admit that I am a bit curious to see how this will work on the iPhone and Android platforms.

  • Manie Visagie

    When a stone was cast in their way. BlackBerry turned around instead of just go around the stone.

  • Cks Stv

    Dear Mr CMO why don’t you just shut up and release the damn app ASAP…

  • max

    Blackberry your phones has always sucked I hope Samsung runs you down and burn all the blackberry handsets

  • Mak

    Dear Mr Boulben stop running around the bush…… The question is “WHEN”?????

  • Mak

    I never really was. Blackberry just isn’t a player anymore and while BBM is probably pretty good. Like you said there are several other viable options that do just as great of a job. I honestly do not miss BBM at all. And at one point in time I did have a Blackberry. When I moved on from that platform I didnt and havent looked back. So, its kind of not something I would lose any sleep over if they didnt come out with their app. To me its just another app. I really dont care if comes out for Android or not to be honest. They’re messaging app is just one more in a sea of them. They’re not special.

  • Lisa Wiker

    Originally, I was really excited to download it to my S3 and get back in contact with my old BBM friends. After having to wait the entire summer, it was more of a bit of irritation. When BB seemed to drop the ball, excitement was gone altogether. Honestly, there’s a good chance I may not even download it now.