Dear Verizon: why does your Galaxy S4 Mini have a logo on the home button?

galaxy s4 mini verizon

Much was made about Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when it was first unveiled. The device horded a ridiculous amount of logos, including one smack dab on the middle of the home button. Many people nearly upchucked at the sight of it, though most owners quickly forgot about the blemish — who really looks at the home button, anyway?

That said, it doesn’t stop us from making that same reaction upon seeing the same silliness on what will eventually be Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S4 Mini. We figured it made sense on the Note 2, it being a big 5.5-inch beast and all, but the S4 Mini? Really?

Regardless, it’s there, and it’s headed straight for Big Red’s store shelves. Their version also joins versions leaked for both Sprint and AT&T, with the latter coming in a pink color option (which is somewhat fitting considering it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, though we’d hope there are other options to choose from). Check out the photos of the device above and below, and be on the lookout for an official announcement sometime soon.

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galaxy s4 mini att


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  • Corey0928

    Did anyone actually notice it on their note 2?

    • Tony Lai

      Of course, I notice that hideous and nasty logo right away when someone is holding one lol

  • Tony Lai

    Because Verizon is logo-hore!

  • brandon ballenger

    that’s another reason I left Verizon

  • bawboh

    It’s for Verizon to remind you who *really* owns that device.

  • Stephen McGann

    I really don’t like Verizon, but that really doesn’t bother me very much, how they logo a device really doesn’t affect it’s use. Ineed that’s one of the commonly obscured places on the front of a phone

  • Abstract

    I am happy my Note 3 didn’t come with that ugly logo on the button.

    • veccster

      Yup…glad is squeaked by without their engineers muffing up that beautiful design. Note3 is an awesome device!

  • jak_341

    The button logo works well as you look at vague coverage maps saying “I got Verrrizon” while doing a little dance.

  • Trent

    Verizon is just mad that this phone is going to sell more than the Droid Mini… even though the Droid Mini is better.

  • pr0xidian

    My amount of distaste for Verizon grows every day. I know they have the biggest coverage map, but it’s no excuse for the stupid crap they pull. I’m still a bit of a gsm fanboy anyways. I like owning unlocked phones.

    • Fel Pe

      Let’s mention that they charge double of what the others do (besides the, just as greedy company, called ATT).

    • Itchy_Robot

      I hear ya. I love their coverage, but their obsessive control over their devices has me about to kick them to the curb.

      • bob

        Do it…

        • meltedmoops999

          You won’t…

    • Vanakatherock

      Verizon’s logo plastering boot loader locking ways persuaded me to keep my Sprint phone service instead of converting my Verizon LTE modem service into a phone plan with them.

  • Fel Pe

    That’s disgusting.

  • John Andrew Stuart

    No words.

  • Trent

    I just think its Verizon’s way of saying “physical home buttons suck”. At least thats what I’m hoping.

    • faceless128

      you say that now, but wait untit they make an OEM theme the software home button to the VZW checkmark logo…

    • mcl630

      You give Verizon way too much credit. The only thing they are saying is “we found another place to stick our logo.”

  • TechSwagg

    I always take the dealership decals off of my vehicles. You don’t see department stores branding the clothes that you buy. I don’t need for carriers to put logos on my phone. They aren’t paying me for the advertising. This may be anal but that’s how I feel. I’m glad Sprint doesn’t go this route. Although Verizon has better service.

  • ari_free

    Another reason why Sony won’t bother with Verizon.

  • tom-e

    Thank you for bringing awareness to Verizon’s excessive branding habits. My contract is up soon.. No Nexus 5 and a bunch of over-branded phones, you can have my grandfathered-unlimited plan back on December 15th Verizon! Moving on to something a bit more subtle..

    • Josh Nickerson

      Nexus 5 and T-Mobile 4G LTE. Here in Denver, T-Mobile HSPA+ is about as fast (give or take 500kbps) as Verizon 4G LTE.

  • Spoken Word™

    Dear Phandroid: Why does your reporting always beat the same dead horse? Does a logo on the home button cause the phone to somehow function differently than if it weren’t there? I happily carried a Verizon branded Galaxy Note II and never truly took note of the logo and the phone functioned exactly as the international version that my brother has. I understand that its the new In thing to pick on Samsung and Verizon right now but posting this stupidity is just sad. I you don’t like the way Verizon chooses to brand the devices it sells, don’t buy a Verizon branded device. But please, for the sake of your credibility, GTFOH with posting this kind of drivel.

    A Fan Who’ll Probably Get Banned

    • blest

      You trying too hard.

    • shooter50

      I agree totally, but they do it because the zealots seem to really care about this stuff. I think a better question would have been “dear ATT, wtf are you selling this in pink”.

    • addicuss

      I’m especially upset because, like you, i suffer from the same disease that forces me to finish reading everything I see on the internet. I saw this headline and immediately thought ” Damnit now I have to suffer for 5 minutes through this one paragraph story about something I don’t care about because I am physically unable to stop reading at a time of my choosing.” I am glad that you took 10 minutes to complain about the five minutes you lost forcibly having to ready this article. I thank you sir.

  • Marco Simone

    Do you know how many sales Samsung lost due to the Verizon logo being on the home button? A lot! I wouldn’t touch it no matter how hot the phone is!

  • Kurt

    How much does Sprint pay its users to advertise for them?

  • johnny989

    I find myself asking “why?” to Verizon multiple times a week

  • addicuss

    I really wonder if the people who run verizon purposely do things to irritate their customers. Some of the things are so damned nonsensical. like the branded home button. theres no customer in the history of ever that has ever liked the verizon sign on their homebutton. at best people are whatevs about it. but at worst people are enraged by it. Why even do it? it nets them nothing.

  • Fel Pe

    If they think the logo is so darn important, at least they should come up with a better looking one before cramming it to everywhere they can. That stupid V is hideous.

  • RussiansRfunny

    Who really cares at this point? I think we know by now this is the norm so why keep whining about it. We all know most people here hate VZW so why keep perpetuating that hate.

  • Jeff Saul

    Am I the only one who really doesn’t care about the logo? I mean yes it looks kind of dumb on the home button. Would the logo deter me from an otherwise good phone with the specs I need/want? Of course not. Verizon probably just puts it there because they know tech sites like this one will sensationalize it and to tick off users.