See the HTC One Max in all its gigantic glory


htc one max

The number of times we’ve seen the HTC One Max leak, you’d almost be forgiven to assume that the manufacturer’s CEO, Peter Chou, is the one putting them out. In the latest round of images (and by far the most detailed) we get to see virtually every nook and cranny of the 5.9″ phablet.

The fingerprint sensor at the back understandably garners most of the attention, with the rest of the device nearly identical to the normal-sized sibling (barring the power button, which is on the right with the volume buttons). The Beats logo is gone too, after the two companies ended their partnership with HTC selling back their stake. Since the screen isn’t turned on, the device could very well be a dummy unit. However, the announcement shouldn’t be too far off, and we should know all the details sometime this week.

htc one max backHTC One Max side

For all the images, head to this Chinese website.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. meh.

  2. I don’t see this doing good at all. I really want HTC to do good honestly. I feel it’ll just be another gigantic device to say we have one. I guess we’ll see.

    1. I hate to say it but I think you’re right. HTC has been amazing for a long time. I really hope they are able to turn things around and market these devices better. The HTC One is truly the best phone ever released.

  3. They should up the size to 8.5″ and make it a tablet running game blinkfeed sense 5.5 the only way to sell it as a phone is to majorly cut down that bezel

    1. They need the bezel for the speakers, which are actually pretty darn good.

      1. Not around the screen though and the speakers are doesn’t need to be that big the could shave it down somewhat.

        1. Shaving it down is exactly what most manufacturers do, and HTC differentiated in a pretty good way. If we’re looking for reasons not to buy HTC at the moment, the bezel size isn’t top of the list (personally I’d go with the two button layout)

          1. The two button layout is the reason I stay away from HTC.

      2. I was looking at getting this phone but they are taking forever to release it. Now I would just use if as a mini tablet at this point. HTC needs to get out in front of other companies not lag behind them. The one was too small and this thing is a little too massive. They need a happy medium.

        1. I don’t understand many of you calling the one small. Just a few years ago the HTC hd2 was considered to be far too big, even comically so. Now we have a 4.7 inch device that is far too big for my hands and it is now considered small. Really? Did the average hand size grow since 2009? When the device goes over even 4.5 inches, especially when the device has a rugged case such as an otterbox case, many users have to perform hand gymnastics to maneuver the phone. A few very short years ago, a device with a 4-5 inch screen was considered to be a tablet. I think the one is gigantic enough.

  4. No microsd.
    No removable battery.

    only 4mp camera
    no s800 processor.
    costlier than note 3 .

    Why would anyone buy this phone?

    1. only two reasons, premium feel, finger print scanner. Note 3 is better in specs.

      1. I do love aluminum. I came from HTC One to Galaxy Note 3. I enjoy Note 3 a lot more. And it actually feels really nice in hand. I would probably not like it as much if it had Note 2 plastic like back. Love this phone.

        1. I use aluminum to wrap up a piece of chicken before throwing it in the oven. It’s not exactly what I call a precious metal.

          1. It makes a difference. But again, I really like how the note 3 feels.

          2. LOL true.

          3. With that logic… Plastic is sure a lot worse.

      2. The overall size and weight of this phone is MUCH bigger than the Note 3. I want a big screen phone that has minimum bezels.

    2. Because it’s premium. You pay plenty of money and you get a phone that feels like it’s premium.
      Besides, it has HTC Sense, so less lag throughout the usage.
      Pogo pins.
      Besides, a MicroSD slot was rumored. There was a leaked photo showing the specs and it showed 16/32/64 GB versions and SD Card expansion.
      It has a fingerprint scanner, which does more than actually scanning fingerprints(rumored gestures, that will open apps by just swiping on the scanner).

      1. the only difference between aluminum and plastic in cost is about 50 cents to a dollar, the difference in hardware price from S-pen down to the S800 and atmel motion chip is about 60-70 dollars, so you would rather have a quality build on the outside and ok hardware on the inside? you do realize this phone is not a fashion accessory but a smartphone you are going to be using on a daily basis, the note 3 might not sport a aluminum body but it has great performance, battery life and overall great experience which is weird since its running all that bloat on touchwiz. Sorry but if aluminum is your thing you can just order a third party back cover on Amazon or ebay for the note 3 in aluminum, carbon fiber, leather, alligator skin, or whatever material fancy’s your interest. Hardware specs are something you cant change though, and the hardware for this device is already dated from the get go. Lets not forget the software as well, Samsung has made a bunch of improvements to give you full use of that 5.7 inch display with features like split screen, floating apps and dragable text etc… what features is HTC putting in this device to make use of that 6 inch display ? cause from what i have seen from leaks this is just a bigger HTC One

        1. Great performance?! why is it then that the GS4 with the supposedly “better” chip sputters and lags next to an HTC One?

          1. Lol better chip? What are you talking about they have the same exact chip the only difference is that the gs4 is clocked slightly higher which doesn’t mean anything unless we’re talking about app launch speed. Transition elects, image rendering and video rely more heavily on GPU which in this case is exactly the same on both. We aren’t even talking about the gs4 but the Note 3 which has a s800, in terms of gpu the 800 is nearly 40% more powerful than the s600. Than throw in the higher clocked cpu into the mix.

          2. ooh, did i hit a nerve? so what are you? a samsung marketer, paid student or shill?

          3. I am a student, and I wish I was paid to do this. its funny how when HTC fans or any other(iPhans) have no comeback they just resort to name calling and try to degrade your credibility/character. Dude you know nothing about processing you keep mentioning the CPU like its the most important aspect in a mobile device and completely leave out the GPU which is equally important. Im talking about the Note 3, than you reply by comparing the Galaxy S4 which i did not mention once to the HTC One which isn’t even mentioned in this article and is completely irrelevant since your talking about 2 completely different devices running the same chip vs 2 devices running chips a whole generation apart. You also wont be able to counter any of my arguments because anyone that knows how to use a search engine can find facts on both chip sets and how they stack up against one another. And the whole argument of software implementation in regards to the bigger display still stands.

            I personally think that fans of any device that they own will claim its the best no matter all the evidence saying otherwise, you still have galaxy S4 owners claiming the galaxy S4 is better than the Note 3 on forums which is absurd.

          4. so now we know you are not a paid student, yet you didnt deny being a samsung marketer or shill.

            LOL, you were the one that got all defensive which could mean only one thing; that you are a samsung marketer, paid student or shill.

            I see no point in wasting my time countering someone whom I perceive to be a samsung marketer, paid student or shill. Need I elaborate further.

            When did I ever mention that CPU is the most important aspect in a mobile device and leave out the GPU? Did you even read or more importantly, read with comprehension what I said?

            I mentioned the GS4 only because it is the equivalent (though not equal) of the HTC One. I did this because it would be unfair to compare the latter to a Note 3 which is NOT its equivalent. Furthermore, to include the HTC One Max in this comparison would be meaningless because it isnt even out yet much less officially introduced so any comparisons between IT and existing devices such as the Note 3 would be inappropriate and any conclusions drawn would be pure speculation.

            I understand they don’t have the same chip but I made a reasonable assessment based upon past performance between the equivalents of earlier models as they are usually indicative of the performance between equivalents of later models.

            Cant counter any of your arguments? Ha, if you end up resorting to fallacious arguments or reasoning I won’t blame you one bit.

            As to your last paragraph, it’s called denial when the facts don’t support the belief.

          5. First off i dint get defensive, i simply stated your lack of an argument by trying to hurt my credibility, saying im payed by Samsung which everyone does these days when they have no counter points, i see it as a “you won” scenario were your fresh out of ideas and have to resort to name calling. Im sure their are a lot of companies out their that pay the media to make their products seem better just take a look at Huffington post, their entire tech section is filled with Apple news and they downplay every other device. Also i have read at least 4 of your comments including the one i replied to where all you mention is the cpu. The Galaxy S4 is equivalent to the HTC one but has nothing to do with the Note 3 vs HTC MAX debate simply because they are running the S600 and the Note 3 is running the S800, so your argument that because the S4 is laggier than the HTC one than the note 3 is supposed to be laggier than the HTC One Max doesn’t stand true because the Note 3 is using a newer generation chip not to mention its a completely different device, if you cant see the fault in your logic than theirs no easier way i can explain it. Fallacious arguments? theirs not a single thing i have said about the two chips that you cant find on hundreds of tech blogs and even on Qualcomms own website, where do you think i got the information? a little research can go a long way. Better yet go on Youtube and check out the HTC one vs Note 3 comparisons shouldn’t be much of a difference since the HTC One max is expected to have same SoC. Your logic and info is all over the place man and not very accurate, if you can disprove something than it isn’t true, i have disproved 90% of everything you have said and you have disproved none all you keep doing is taking jabs at my credibility by assuming im a payed Samsung leech and that my arguments are fallacious when in reality its the other way around.

            as a recap this is what you said in your past 2 arguments agaisnt me:

            1.ooh, did i hit a nerve? so what are you? a samsung marketer, paid student or shill?

            2.so now we know you are not a paid student, yet you didnt deny being a samsung marketer or shill. Name calling? Last I checked there was nothing wrong with being a student, samsung marketer or shill. Perhaps in the context of this thread though you got all bent out of shape.

            LOL, you were the one that got all defensive which could mean only one thing; that you are a Samsung marketer, paid student or shill. The only other explanation is that you are a loyal Samsung customer who loves and is so overprotective of his device that he will go to great lengths to denigrate newer and better competing products that would diminish his products standing. I can certainly understand why you got so mad and defensive, lol!

            I see no point in wasting my time countering someone whom I perceive to be a Samsung marketer, paid student or shill. Need I elaborate further.

            Oh and just to point out, you have been wasting your time and you haven’t countered anything.

          6. Dude, I’m not convinced that you are not a Samsung marketer or shill. After all, you havent said what you are. I can make a reasonable presumption of what you are based on your words and conduct though.

            Honestly, I’ve already written way too much more than I should have to someone whom I believe to be one of the above. However, I can’t help myself.

            If I can convince others to make their own informed decisions on purchasing smartphones instead of putting credence to Samsung advertising or most of the Samsung fanboys who are trying to denigrate the One Max and hype their own Samsungs in these threads, I’ll be satisfied.

          7. I did, a bunch of times, im a student. I go to USF and am majoring in Electrical engineering and computer science as well as Art. the only other Samsung device i have ever owned was the Galaxy Nexus which i still own and the only reason i got that was because it was a Nexus device.

            If you go up a bit you’ll see i mentioned that im a student and if you go to my other post where i stated the reasons why a stylus is important to me and why its becoming more widely used as a counter to you’re “ancient tech” you’ll see i mentioned my majors lol.

        2. It will lag less with that “dated” hardware then Galaxy Note III. Why would I want to have an S800 which lags more than S600?
          And, I want to feel that I’ve paid a premium price for the phone. I don’t want my phone to have a fake leather casing. And nope, I won’t be buying any additional cases for my phone. I have never had a case on non of my phones and I will never have, because my phone’s should always be naked so I can feel them.
          Besides, I know so many people with a Note II, no one uses any single S-Pen feature. And it’s the Galaxy and iPhone brands that are fashion accessories rather than HTC’s aluminium casing.

          1. Find one review or person who says the note 3 laggs lol

          2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeJZJoVaSHI
            Watch the whole video. It’s not that long. You’ll see how HTC One Max performs better than the Note III.

          3. I watched the entire video and not once did they show a performance comparison lol, not sure if you’re trolling or dint watch video yourself lol you like HTC one max I like the note 3, let’s just agree to disagree

          4. The end part, where the blinkfeed like thingy on Note 3 is opened much slower, than blinkfeed on HTC One Max. And the reviewer even said that in terms of UX fluidity, the One Max wins.

    3. For one the One Max was confirmed to have expandable memory and a removable battery. All of the One Max units, not some exclusive Chinese version like with the One. It is supposedly going to be cheaper than the Note 3 and that’s exactly how they do it with the S600. Now I can agree the One Max should have gone with a better S800 but I guess when a regular consumer looks at the note 3 and One Max they might take the One max just because it’s cheaper. (If it is). Also some people like me just hate touchwiz and can’t own a Samsung Device because of that reason only.

      1. Some very good points. I agree touch wiz is horrid. I would like to see blink feed on a tablet

        1. Yes I agree unlike many other people say I really do enjoy using Blinkfeed.
          And for everyone that doesn’t like it apparently the Sense 5.5 that comes with the One Max has the ability to turn it off.

      2. Actually the One Max DOESN’T have a removable battery.

    4. I guarantee you it will be half the price within a few months while the Note 3 stays overpriced until the Note 4 is released. I don’t want removable storage or a removable battery. Cloud storage works just fine for me. My s400 processor is flawless.

    5. I do have the HTC One and the GS4, I personally prefer the HTC One over the GS4.
      But it`s personal preference that`s all to it.

    6. >No micro SD

      It’s rumored to have it.

      >No removable battery
      It’s rumored to have a 3300 mAh battery. Ain’t big enough for ya?

      > only 4mp camera
      It’s a hella-good 4 “ultrapixel” camera, however I wouldn’t complain in having an 8 “ultrapixel” camera.

      >no s800 processor
      Isn’t it weird how the S4 has a higher clocked S600 processor than the HTC One, yet the S4 lags simply by moving around the home screen? The S600 processor is welcomed for the HTC One Max imo, since HTC’s Sense UI is optimized for “lower-end” CPU’s, and a lower-clocked CPU can save battery.

      >costlier than the note 3
      I can bet ya it’ll be the same price on contract as the Note 3 is now. Being made out of higher quality materials, you can expect the price to be more expensive.

      >Why would anyone buy this phone?
      People who want a more premium phone that’s comparable to the Note devices. A direct competitor to the Note 3 is welcome, and it’ll make Samsung re-think some aspects of the Note lie of devices since HTC is now in the pool with them.

      Now-a-days with new devices, you gotta look outside the spec-wars, and look what each OEM has done with the specs given on the phone.

    7. Note 3:

      1. Plastic
      2. removable back (which means flimsy, less rigid construction)
      3. High megapixel camera that takes crappy night pics
      4. s800 processor that is clocked faster but will make no difference to the user in real world use
      5. small, crappy sounding mono external speakers
      6. bluish display with less PPI than its smartphone counterpart
      7. Aesthetically unappealling
      8. Can’t stand on its own merits but rather relies on heavy marketing, advertising and hype.

      I can certainly understand why anyone would buy just about ANY OTHER phone.

      1. Crappy pics? Look at the camera comparison that gsmarena has just done with all major current smartphones.


        1. daytime pics are fine. i’m referring to nighttime pics. my one takes such amazing nightime pics its almost surreal

      2. HTC One Max:

        1.None removable Battery

        2.No expandable storage

        3.4mp camera with larger pixels that takes crappy pictures no matter the situation, day or night(too much grain and too little detail)

        4. S600 processor, good but not as good as the S800, cpu not as important as the 40% boost of graphical processing found in the S800 over its predecessor the s600.

        5. dat bezel

        6. DAT BEZEL!

        7. knowing HTC i wouldn’t be surprised if it had a small battery.

        8. LCD back lighting sucks at anytime past 7 PM, its like pointing a flashlight at you’re face and has a yellowish tint, blue>yellow. (Galaxy Note 3 colors can be calibrated in settings to match real world colors even mimick LCD panels)

        9. HTC One Max: 6 inch display, 1920×1080 resolution, Note 3 5.7 inch display 1920×1080 resolution, ill let you do the math lol.

        10. No S-pen
        11. No multitasking features other than the built in Android ones
        12. higher Price
        13. barely any accessories if any
        14. I cant get over dat bezel sorry

        1. And I want to add something: THE ENORMOUS BEZEL. LOL (The day Samsung make a phone that big it will have 8″ screen, not 5.9″.

          1. meanwhile at verizon:
            Verizon: we could replace the HTC logo with the Verizon log on the navigation bezel. So ever time you go home you are reminded who owns you.

          2. LMAO!

          3. Guess what…

        2. 1. non-issue as MOST users wont care

          2. are you kidding me? this is ancient technology relegated to the scrap bin along with disc drives and stylus. with the high storage capacities in flagship smartphones today, MOST users could care less.

          3.i’ll agree with you on the daytime pics but unless your phone has larger pixels, it will never match the htc one nightime pics. apple seems to be the only one privy to this fact which is why they now have larger pixels in their camera.

          4. Most users are not power users and will use this phone mainly for watching videos and surfing the web. Thus, most wont care.

          5. The bezel is fine and most users will not care. if you consider the speakers to be part of the bezel then you have issues and I cannot help you there

          6. ditto 5

          7. no one cares about speculation, just facts

          8. I won’t argue with you on this. It is bright, sharp and clear which makes it a joy to use in the daytime when it counts the most.

          9. meaningless. it will not make any difference to the user’s eyes. in the end its amoled v. lcd3, and if htc one v. gs4 is any indication, we all know who will come out on top in that regard.

          10. see #2 above. most won’t give a hoot about a stylus. if you had a choice between using your finger or a dildo….(sorry its the only analogy I could drum up on the fly)

          11. A gimmick is a gimmick is a gimmick. I wouldnt like multitasking on tablets much less a phone and I’m sure most people wont either.

          12. Has nothing to do with contract price. In any case, premium build garners premium price.

          13. That will come with time. Even the last big thing started off with barely any accessories, if any

          14. I’d feel threatened by the dual amplified front facing external speakers too if I were a Samsung fanboy. If you want to consider it a part of the bezel, hope it makes you better

          1. 1. Key word “most”

            2. ancient technology? yea i guess nobody got the memo because sd/micro sd cards are used in pretty much all camera’s, camcorders, desktops, and laptops, their are even printers, home theater systems (dvd/blueray players), external hard drives, media set top boxes and T.V’s with a included micro sd slot, if they were ancient technology then why is there such a big market for them and dongles for mobile devices that utilize them. same thing with styluses, a lot more companies are using them, i have seen plenty of people with iPads using those crappy capacitive pens to take notes in my classes.

            3. No in all pics its crappy, just because the night shots look a lot brighter and show a bit more detail doesn’t change the fact its a 4mp camera , they come out all smudged and grainy, don’t look at them on your phone, the phone display is too small, check them out on your computer. if they had gone with a 8mp camera with larger pixels then it would probably be one of the best, with that said the LG G2 has a 13 mp camera similar to the Note 3’s yet out classes all android phones and even the iPhone 5S when it comes to night shots and day shots.

            here are links to comparisons:



            software plays a big part.

            4. Again “most” but let me ask you this what sets this apart from the note 3? cause the note 3 can do all those things you mentioned as well lol

            5. the speakers are apart of the bezel. well just call looks a tie since its personal preference.

            6.same as 5

            7. you’re right we don’t know battery size yet, that’s why i mentioned its based of their track record.

            8. its a bright display? and the Galaxy Note 3 isnt? you do realize the Galaxy Note 3 Amoled display can reach up to 660 nitz (Auto) which is in the same range as the HTC One.

            9. I only pointed it out cause you mentioned it and then concluded the note 3 has a lower PPI, and as for the Galaxy S4/HTC one comparison, its a little different since the Note 3 has 260 nitz of brightness over the Galaxy S4 and more fine tuned colors/options.

            10. I give a shiz about the stylus, im an engineering and art major , i do a lot of sketches and this is awesome( theirs entire websites and YouTube channels dedicated to this).

            11. multitasking is a gimmick feature ?lol the whole reason i chose Android over iOS is beacause of the multitasking features.

            12. Again not true, the build quality price between using Aluminum and plastic is about 50 cents to a dollar, Amoled displays alone cost almost twice as much as LCD’s, then you have the newer processor in the note 3, the active digitizer pen, atmel chip, pedometer, barometer, micro sd etc.., in terms of hardware the Note 3 costs more than the HTC one to actually manufacturing cost, just take a look at the iPhone 5/5S which has the same build quality but only costs 205 dollars to manufacture compared to the Note 3’s 243$ price tag.

            13. HTC sales are going down with every quarter, they aren’t as big of a priority as Samsung because more people own Samsung devices, 3rd party company’s provide for more popular brands first thats why the iPhone is flooded with accessories. The only way HTC will gain momentum is if they put out a product that is mind blowing and take the market share away from Samsung which i would like to see since im a fan of competition and i don’t like seeing any Android OEM failing.

            14. The speaker are great that i will admit but they dint need that big of a grill for a speaker about half the size in width. and whats up with that black bezel inside the white aluminum bezel on the screen.

          2. 1. most is what matters. would you follow most of the money or the least of the money?

            2. SD cards may be appropriate on much of the equipment you mentioned but NOT on smartphones and if you are unable to understand why then I cannot help you there.

            3. I and I’m sure most people use smartphone pics mostly for social media. I cannot remember the last time anyone printed out a pic from their smartphone.

            4. Again, follow MOST of the money.

            5. Ok. I don’t need to defend that aspect really as it’s a non-issue for me and i’m sure most others

            6. x

            7. x

            8. I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt on that until I see the note 3 side by side with my one no less. However, in past amoled v. lcd3 there has been NO comparison.

            9. Frankly, I think my one is too bright (at 5 a.m. when reading the news in bed)

            10. I have a stylus which I bought on Amazon for $2.00 a 5-pack. The only time I use it is when I’m processing customer credit cards on my smartphone, nothing else. I understand it is crucial for what you use it for but NOT for most.

            11. I thought you referring to having multiple windows open on the smartphone screen. sort of like picture in picture on a television.

            12. Build is a non-issue and I see no need to vigorously defend it. Most people will choose beauty over brains. Sad but true.

            13. Sales have nothing to do with the quality of the phone. the htc one is critically acclaimed worldwide yet htc is not where it should be. Call it a testament to Samsung’s marketing hype, advertising budget and low-manufacturing costs that they are able to sell the number of phones they do. Advertising and marketing being equal, HTC would trump Samsung in smartphone sales.

            14. The speakers give the phone character and I think you are being a bit nit picky about the rest. The “issues” you mentioned never even occurred to me.

          3. This is my last comment i must head to bed soon, so to finish up, Most can mean 40/60 percent or even 51 compared to 49% os yea it can mean a huge number of people.

            As for the stylus, youre comparing a 2 dollar capactive stylus to a active digitizer stylus, im not going to get into the specifics and differences because theirs too much to cover so you can jsut Google it.

            Just because people use smartphone pics for social media doesn’t change the fact the 4mp camera on the HTC one takes worse photos with less detail and more grain.

            11. No i was referring to overall multitasking, but even then split screening between a SMS app and any other app and being able to drag text or pictures from one to another is an amazing feature and not at all a gimmick, if anything it was one of the most talked about features of the S-pen dual window.

            its pretty much all about marketing when it comes to the sales game, that’s not Samsung’s fault they are trying harder in that regard, the HTC one is a better phone than the S4 but not the Note 3 in my opinion.

            14. im being nit picky because the appearance of the device is personal preference, the plastic on the back doesn’t bother me i can always buy a 3rd party back cover from amazon or ebay, in real leather, carbon fiber, aluminum, tampered glass, alligator skin, or even a LED one that glows when you get a notification. and they are pretty cheap in cost. I cant stand huge bezels though because it reminds me of the old Droid Phones on Verizon like the Motorola droid 1/2/3 and the Motorola droid x, in other words it makes the device look old in my eyes. so i love slim devices, that’s why i have preferred the Nexus device until now, i still think the Nexus devices are the best looking, when the screen is turned off the entire front panel just looks like one piece of black glass (very slick), the LG G2 is a close second, because it has that LG logo on the front.

  5. Just release that thing already

  6. Pogo pins!

  7. Looks good but I’ll just sell my soul to T-Mobile to get the note 3 lmao

    1. With region lock. The hottest feature that Samsung has to sell.

      1. You do realize that once the phone is activated by a carrier in that region its no longer region locked right?


        1. That is not true. If you don’t believe me then try it.

  8. Without a hella big battery, I would never consider a HTC phone again after the blunderbolt experience I had

    1. gotta stop living in the past man.

  9. Yall killing me with this premium feel mess, I’ve had an HTC aluminum phone before & it gets hot, if you ever drop it expect a big a.. dent & fading of the paint & color on the sides. …. I had my note 2 for a yr now & dropped 100’s of times & it still looks perfect, it’s durable & never missed a beat, now I have the note 3 & love the feel, don’t get me wrong I like the look of the one, it’s one of the best designs but htc gets boring after a while, so let apple stick to it’s ‘Premium’ all glass phone that cracks, breaks & chips up very easily, htc ‘Premium’ all metal aluminum or whatever that dents & fades & let sammy stick to it’s materials which so-called feels the cheapest but is the lightest & ironically the most durable in my opinion, I hope sammy never go metal, aluminum or all glass & stick to what their doing… yall claim to want innovation & differentials but want all the phones to be made the same o_O

    1. What about the Samsung gs2, gs3, gs4, the mini, the Note 1, Note 2 and Note 3… all pretty similar looking except for screen size, doesn’t that “get old” for you? Or do you just not notice that part since you like your Samsung products too much to let style matter, that’s why manufacturers make products differently, some prefer plasticy feel, some prefer aluminum/metal-like feel.

      1. The GS2 and GS3 are VERY different from each other. The same goes with the Note and Note 2 and Note 3. Your kind of comment is what is getting old.

    2. Stop dropping your phone!

    3. Agree. My metal Motorola Droid a few years ago had all the black enamel chipped off of it before 2 years were up, the corners were flattened in, and the buttons had no paint left on them. My last 2 plastic phones could have been sold as new by the time I traded them in. Much prefer plastic on my phones.

      1. I don’t want to drop my phone no matter what it’s made of.I don’t care what phone you have if you drop it on something hard it will show.

  10. Nice looking phone.

  11. ooooh, all the HTC haters (Samsung lovers mostly) are out in force now, either knocking the HTC One max or trying to sell people on the note 3. I can’t tell if these are actual Samsung customers, paid students, or shills actually.

    well, let’s get one thing straight. The HTC One max is a beautiful phone that, from a build and aesthetics standpoint, out shines the note 3 ALL respects. YOU ALL can knock the max for lack of SD card (old technology for which the majority of buyers won’t care), lack of removable battery (removable batteries mean flimsy, less rigid construction and most buyers won’t care), and lack of stylus (that went out with the palm pilot in the 90’s and most buyers won’t care). The bottom line is none of this matters as for all the things you people are bitc*ing and moaning about, the majority of buyers will NOT care.

    It would appear that the only ones who care about the the above are a small minority of bitc*ers and moaners and complainers who are probably more p*ssed off at the thought that their notes now suck rather than any shortcomings of the one max.

    why else would you people be on this thread about the HTC One Max and making excuses and all sorts of rationalizations in defense of your “beloved” notes unless you were feeling threatened or insecure?

    you people were out in force when HTC One came out trying to convince others of its inferiority next to the galaxy s4. Now we all know where that failed proposition went now don’t we?

    Now quit acting like a bunch of whining babies and just deal with it.

  12. ari free,

    I use plastic to pick up my doggies droppings after she does her business. I therfore understand why Samsung uses it in their phones…

    … your logic, not mine

    1. You’re wrong because we are not glorifying plastic as you guys are glorifying aluminum like it was a precious metal.

      1. not true, people are knocking aluminum all the time saying plastic is better

        1. I say “too each his own”.

          This “my opinion is better/more important/more intelligent than yours” thing is getting ridiculous.

          Just my opinion…..

          1. this is true, a lot of people get defensive… and sometimes people aim their defensiveness at the wrong people…. like when you get called an apple fanboy just because you say android isnt perfect.

        2. Plastic is better indeed. Less weight, less scratches, thinner. But I’m not glorifying it by saying: OMG my phone is super high end because it’s made of plastic like HTC fan boys (and apple fan boys) do when they say how premium their aluminum devices are like that was a precious metal or something expensive.

          1. and there you go with the generalizations. Just because someone prefers metal doesn’t mean they are an HTC or Apple fanboy. I currently own a Nexus 4 and plan on getting the Nexus 5 (depending on battery life reviews), and I think the metal body of the HTC one is extremely nice. I own a galaxy note 8, and while the plastic feels just fine on the body, the home button feels a little shoddy.

            I’ve seen a dropped HTC one and it doesn’t look much different from any other non glass dropped phone. Plastic/metal are nothing more than mere preferences. Just like sense vs touchhiz or amoled vs slcd3. I also not sure where all of this iphone metal talk is coming from, isnt the iphone coated in glass?

            Not everyone is a fanboy, some people can say one phone is better in these areas while another phone is better in those areas.

  13. I think this is not too big of a phone. If you put it next to a Galaxy Note 8, of course.

  14. I own a note 2 and a htc one, and the htc one max is going to be my next phone when my December upgrade comes. The note 2 hasn’t been updated while my htc one went from 4.1.2 to 4.2 to 4.3 already.

    1. You can’t compare a phone that’s over a year old (Note 2) with a current flagship (ONE). Samsung is, obviously, not focused in selling more Note 2s for now. Be sure that the 4.3 Note 3 is getting kit kat very soon.

      1. Why can’t I say that an older phone in the entire time it was released didn’t receive an update while a newer one got 3 already? That is retarded logic

        1. You can say and it is a fact what u said, but from a business point of view it makes sense that an old phone receives less attention from its manufacturer than a brand new device, you sounded like this was something unusual and unacceptable when it is actually a very normal and understandable situation.

          1. Yet it didn’t receive any attention, even when it was new is my whole point…. It did not get any update at all lol. New or not, it got nothing. Whatever point you are trying to make makes no sense to me.

          2. That’s not true. The Note 2 originally came with 4.1.1 and afterwards was upgraded to 4.1.2. The main reason for the delay for 4.2 is this: Samsung could have held back the update so they can make sure that the apps are exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S4 for now.

            Perhaps if the Samsung Galaxy S3 got the update along with some of the apps of the Samsung Galaxy S4, people would not want to update. Samsung will avoid this for sure.

            It’s a business decision that is annoying but real. I think if you REALLY care so much about having the latest software you should probably focus in also having the latest hardware and the Note 2 is a daddy by now.

          3. I vote with my wallet… I’m not going to support a company that provides no support for their products. A daddy? It is only a year old lol

          4. In tech 1 year is a generation. Note 2 has a son: the Note 3.

          5. I get that, but I’m not going to buy another phone from a company that has already burned me.

          6. I understand your frustration as I also felt it with my Note 2 in the last couple of months. It is annoying but I think that basing your decision to buy a new phone solemnly on that is somewhat too harsh. You have the ONE as you mention, take a good look at the Note 3 because it is way superior than the 2 (I can guarantee u that) and take a good look in person at the One Max and pick the phone that you would like best for the first 10 months, not the last 2, of having it. I just think that makes more sense, at least to me. We are different people, of course, and I wish u pick the best phone for you. :)

          7. Fel Pe,

            The logic you are applying is reserved for those that can choose to update at 12 month intervals where support, durability, and longevity is not a requirement. Basically you are describing a disposable phone. I require, and I assure you most consumers do as well, my phone to work just as efficiently the last 2 months as it did the first 10. Apple couldn’t get away with a phone not being supported through the first 12 months of use, so certainly i would not think Samsung could afford that luxury. It will catch up to them sooner or later.

            This coupled with their lagging overlay, spell decline soon. Remember, it took an astronomical marketing budget (along with SD card support and removable batteries) to reverse consumer perceptions of just a few years ago, before the successes of the S2 and S3 they had the reputation of having faulty hardware, horrible UI, and lack of support. They are foolish to be repeating their mistakes of the past.

          8. Hey, even tho my Note 2 wasn’t upgraded yet it doesn’t mean that it is not working fine. Far from that, it still rocks. Now, I know, not everybody can upgrade their phone every 12 months. What I recommend tho, is that people should buy current flagships, take very good care of them and, after 10-12 months sell it and recover at least half of what they paid for it, in order to buy the new flagship coming out. With these new programs (Jump, Edge, Next) you can buy new phones with no down payment, pay around 25 dollars a month for it, and after a year sell the phone and pay its balance remaining. Then you finance the new phone with zero down again. You will always be paying around 25 dollars a month but you will also always have the most current device (and software). Now stop talking about astronomical marketing budgets, why don’t Google do that too? Or Apple? Or why don’t HTC get investors (or a buyer with money) to do that as well?? Samsung spent huge amounts in marketing because they believed they had the right products to follow up their clients expectations. It’s not a matter of just having the market budget, you also need to have powerful products to justify it.

  15. Fel Pe, the aluminum build is a distinctive feature that differentiates it from the rest of the pack. One would either have to be in denial or REALLY not care to say that build material is a non-factor. To downplay it otherwise only serves to validate suspicions that plastic-phone owners consider their phones to be inferior.

    The same reasoning holds true when it comes to internal specs. I want to address this because there will be some Samsung owners who will say that the reason we don’t talk about it is because HTC One is inferior in this area. now, it’s true that the note 3 has an upgraded chip over htc one max. However, specs don’t always translate to heightened user experience. HTC One owners need not concern themselves with such matters because their phones do exactly what they need them to do quickly and efficiently with zero lag.

    Incidentally, the Galaxy S four has a better chip than the HTC One. Yet the former stutters and lags. Now why would that be?

    Anyway, now that you know one important reason why we don’t really preoccupy ourselves with internal specs, the only thing left for us to obsess with are external build and aesthetic quality of which the HTC One family excels.

    I will tell you this. My HTC One does get very warm to touch playing games and other high demand applications. However, even plastic phones getting very warm to touch.

    Believe me however when I say that warm aluminum feels a lot better than warm plastic. I can’t explain it. Suffice it to say it just does. It can be uncomfortable, but in a natural, almost organic sort of way is the best way for me to put it.

    1. I agree that plastic and aluminum is, at the end, a matter of preference and taste. What I observe tho, is that the main argument that HTC and Apple fans use against Samsung is that the Samsung phones are poorly and cheaply built because they are made of plastic. You guys are the first ones to bring this up and making it a much bigger deal than it should be. It’s obvious that Samsung thinks weight and size and that most people use cases for their phones and Apple and HTC really invest in the premium perception of their brands (hence the aluminum). Two different strategies. Both good enough. For me the biggest problem of the one max is that it is absurdly big and heavy for just 5.9″. It seems that this is a bigger device than a galaxy mega, for example (6.3″ screen). I think this a big flaw because the focus should be making phones with smaller bezels not bigger. Other than that the one max is a great phone but I do think it should cost around 600 in a world where the Note 3 costs 750. Soon we will see how things are gonna develop.

      1. I have yet to hear anyone say Samsung devices are poorly built, because that’s definitely not case.
        Cheaply built? That’s only because Samsung, for some reason, has stuck with glossy plastic instead of a more higher quality feeling plastic You don’t hear much complaints about Motorola and HTC’s plastic on their phones (HTC One X for example) because although it’s plastic, it still feels good and sturdy to the touch.
        With the Note 3, I feel that Samsung is finally moving away from the glossy plastic that they are used to and venturing into higher quality plastic that feels better in the hand.

        The HTC One Max, being made of a metal, is obviously going to be big and heavy. I do agree however, that HTC should have reduced the bezels more to accommodate its enormous size. But we can’t be certain of the extent of its enormity until we can get our hands on it, or see reviews about it.

        1. Hmm, if you remember the GS2 and the Galaxy Nexus all had texturized plastic covers, not glossy ones. Since back then Samsung has been “attacked” for using plastic (it all starts with Apple fans, of course, trying to say their phones were more premium because they were aluminum, and after HTC’s just embraced the attack). Of course no other phone is gonna be more attacked than Samsung and Apple, because they are the most successful one. Nobody attacks underdogs at the same rate. Now, I don’t like the feel of the glossy plastic, I do like the plastic on the Note 3 but I HATE the stitching they put in the back of it. Its SO TACKY. But still the phone is great and to my eyes the best available and that’s why I bought it. There is no perfect phone and there will never be one. Unfortunately.

          1. I beg to differ. Unless HTC is NOT and underdog, there are a LOT of people attacking the HTC One max in this thread which is suprising to me.

        2. I don’t think any of the high end smartphones are poorly built but rather most have poor build quality. plastic and now plastic-leather in the Note 3 really will not do much to improve Samsung’s standing in this area.

          With regards to bezels I don’t see how HTC can reduce the bezel further without going to an edge to edge display. It’s not a crucial feature now so they can save it for future iterations.

          1. By bezels I meant the top and bottom parts.

          2. that’s not possible. it would mean the speakers would have to go and they are very practical and awesome sounding speakers which no other phones have but I’m sure eventually will

          3. I’m not sure about that. When the ONE came out I was very excited about the front stereo speakers. I’m an artist and do custom painting in different places all the time and I love to work listening to music. I have all kinds of Bluetooth speakers including Supertooth, Bose and Jawbone but I hate carrying them around. So the “much improved” speakers of the ONE, in my first thoughts, could solve the problem. On day one, I went to an ATT store and played music on the ONE and on my Note 2 and the ONE speakers really did not impress me at all. To be fair, I’m gonna point that the Note 3 speaker is less powerful than the Note 2s. I love the idea of the front speakers, specially stereo speakers (since iPhone ages). But in reality the power difference and sound quality really, in my eyes, do not justify the hyper about them. The difference is more a novelty than a real improvement.

          4. with previous smartphones, i used my headphones or connected to my external speaker system most of the time for obvious reasons. the speakers on the one are not the greatest by any means but they are adequate and certainly better than most if not all other smartphones speakers and even tablets out there.

        3. I don’t think that choosing the pleather for the back had anything to do with Samsung venturing into higher quality materials. If they wanted to venture to higher quality materials, they could have gone with….higher quality materials. The fuax pleather made it possible to keep using plastic and try to silence the people calling them out for their cheap build at the same time.

    2. “… now that you know one important reason why we don’t really preoccupy ourselves with internal specs the only thing left for us to obsess with are external build and aesthetic quality of which the HTC One family excels.” Speak for yourself. Removable battery, SD card, wireless charging, update lifespan, etc are important to some too. Not to mention cases cover up a lot of phones anyway.

      1. youre right I normally would have said “most us don’t really preoccupy ourselves…” as I do in all my posts. Understand however that you are in the minority on this. MOST users do not care about sd cards or removable batteries. If you want to hang on to ancient features thats your prerogative. At no point was wireless charging included in my remark so I don’t know why you bring it up. I would love to have wireless charging but it is not a dealbreaker and I can wait for it in future models

  16. Fel Pe, plastic and aluminum is not a matter of taste and preference for the majority of customers. it’s simply denial cloaked in rationale.

    aluminum will always be better than plastic and if you had a choice, and Samsung made galaxy in plastic or aluminum, you would choose the latter. weight has never been an issue because a premium build equates to a premium feel. weight “feels” just right and if it were lighter it would feel weird and maybe lose its premium feel.

    Samsung chooses to use plastic for no other reason than to cut costs. they could easily choose to make phones out of aluminum, but why do that when you can make them out of plastic and people will buy them anyway. that’s what their hype machine , marketing efforts and behemoth advertising budget are for, right?

    I am not sure what you mean by larger bezel. The bezel looks pretty standard to me just like the HTC One. perhaps you perceive a larger phone based on the extending dual speakers. Well, that is the tradeoff for having loud high quality front facing dual speakers.

    most of the people complaining about the speakers (saying they always use headphones anyway) are the ones who don’t have dual front speakers which means EVERONE else. If I had a small, tinny sounding external speaker I would use my headphones exclusively too.

    cost is not an issue. it reflects the quality of workmanship and materials. Somehow a great phone cloaked in plastic still has an aura of uh… cheapness…and in Samsung’s case, pleather no less… sorry.

    1. I really cannot agree with you Rick, I think weight and size are always going to be an issue and Samsung chose to go for plastic because they were the ones to embrace larger size screens for their flagship phones first. Weight might not be a big issue in a 4″ phone , but when you do a flagship with 5″ and 5.7″ screens weight do become a big issue. Remember, Samsung probably assumes that people will use cases for their phones so that adds even more weight and thickness to the phones. Of course, in an ideal world the phones would be made of metal, have huge screens and small overall sizes and weights and they wouldn’t need any case. But in the real world you have to balance all those things out in the best way possible and according with your strategy. For instance, if you want to say that Samsung uses plastic to cut costs, then why do you think HTC have put a S600 in the One Maxx? It’s all strategy decisions that they have to make. There will never be a perfect phone because we don’t live in a perfect world. I guess I don’t need to say which strategy has been working better right? * As for bezel I meant the overall size of the phone, the top and bottom bezels much more than the side bezels. I might be wrong but this phone is MUCH bigger and MUCH heavier than the Note 3 (which is already a big and heavy phone).

  17. I have htc one and I personally prefer to stay AWAY from Samsung galaxy smartphones myself. but it’s just that… a PERSONAL preference. it’s not just the plastic, but how some people can can put up with its artificial looking, over saturated colors and bluish-tinted whites is beyond me. I can spot the amoled display of a galaxy s device from a distance just by that signature bluish hue it emanates. ewww

    1. You realize there are modes on galaxy phones right? When turned on natural mode the screen of the note 2 actually beat out lcd phones for overall accuracy and had brighter whites at 50% brightness (plus ridiculously high contrast)

      1. http://www DOT cnet DOT com/8301-17918_1-57540240-85/screens-test-part-2-galaxy-note-2-vs-apple-iphone-5/

        1. Obviously I’m not hating, I love my htc one and will be buying the max no doubt when my upgrade comes, but I love my note 2 as well.

        2. this is comparing the galaxy note 2 to the iphone 5. the lcd retina display of an iphone is hardly the equal of a note 2. but then again, neither is the note 3 equal to even an htc one (which has the highest PPI of any phone at 369) much less the new one max.

          1. Maybe read this. The new note 3 screen is arguably the best screen on the market at the moment.


          2. You’re taking about ppi.. That isn’t what the article is about at all (it is about color reproduction)

      2. i don’t know about that. Now, you may very well be right but i gotta tell you my htc one’s display is so extremely clear and sharp. The colors are natural and the whites are real bright, pristine white. real white with not a tinge of blue or anything else for that matter. i can even see the screen under direct sunlight.

    2. True, there are different modes for the screen. Now I’m gonna admit one thing to you: The Note 2 screen is AMAZINGLY bluish tinted compared to the Note 3s. Even when they are set to the same screen mode. Now, I had never realized that before, but now that I can put the Note 2 and 3 side by side the difference is HUGE. I was living in a bluish tinted world and never realized. LOL

      1. I agree. The note 3 screen is a big improvement over the note 2 . The whites are white not grey, it’s sharper, more natural, better in sunlight and bigger.

      2. A friend of mine has the note 2 and i’m always giving him a hard time about his bluish screen. His response:
        “I kinda like that screen because when I’m reading, I don’t get blinded”.

        LOL, now if that isnt a testament to the brightness and pure white color of the ONE, I don’t know what is.

        granted, the blacks are not pure black on the one which I don’t like but the GS phones’ bluish hue on the whites are the dealbreaker and I’ll take less than dark black over bluish whites any day.

        1. Well, I wouldnt go that far LOL. But Samsung really fixed that on the Note 3.

    3. The Note 3 looks much less blueish and more realistic colors than the Note 2. Not sure if you can see in the pics. I do love the real blacks than the AMOLED had tho, I would take it any day of the week. =)

      1. From the pic, the whites look normal on BOTH phones so cant really tell.

        1. I posted another pic where you can see well the blueish color on the note 2 screen.

          1. i can just barely discern the difference between the two in the latest set of pics but the note 3 screen does not appear pure white but is rather subdued.

          2. Thats what I thought when I first saw the Note 3 screen. But then I realized that that wasn’t the case. The case is that the Note 2 screen is much more saturated. My best friend has a HTC ONE and I put next to my note 3 and, then, the ONE looked subdued and somewhat washed out. My last verdict is that the Note 3 screen is the best one, fallowed by the ONE then Note 2 last place. I can’t wait to see the Maxx in person.

      2. The best screen shots to see the difference are on web pages with plenty of white. I have both at the moment (selling the N2 soon) and the N3 screen is superb. The biggest 2 differences are the whiter screens and the sunlight legibility.

        1. Yes, youre right, I posted a pic with much more whites.

    4. In relation to blue over saturated screens… You may want to check out the note 3 first… It will change your opinion.


      1. this site appears to be pushing oled displays a little bit too much for comfort. i’d prefer to take it with a grain of salt.

        only way to know for sure is to put my one alongside the note 3 when i go to AT&T store

        1. Yes, nothing beats putting phones next to each other to decide which one to buy.

        2. Most of the different aspects seem to be results of tests not just opinions. Below is the tests for the HTC one which shows some big problems with the viewing angles. Apart from that the one is pretty good.


    5. i hate amoled screen to you cant see nothing outside and the colors suck

      1. Funny how the Note 2 has tested with the second highest sunlight contrast ratio ever and one of the most accurate colours around… haters going to hate.

        Pity the One Max was announced with Snapdragon 600, Andreno 320 and 2GB of RAM hey…. HTC fans should be used to always being a distant second?

  18. Here you can see that the Note 2 is more blue for sure. In the first pics you could see the Note 2 screen is much more saturated. Samsung really did a good job here.

    1. Are you able to put the note 3 next to an htc one?

      1. Only if you donate ONE to me. :)

        1. from my cold dead hands…

  19. They should remove the HTC logo and replace it with the Apple logo. Damn the Asians copies everything!

    1. iTroll in the zone!!

    2. Why? the htc one max looks nothing like an iphone 5. In all fairness though, the design does look like it might have originated from Cupertino. Don’t know why apple didnt think of first though. After all, they resemble tiny macbooks

    3. Kill his father.

      1. Amateur jerkoff!

    4. Like the notification blind? Or everything in ios 7?

    5. idiot HTC is million times better than apple crap

      1. Too bad Apple can say the same thing about iPhone sales compared to HTC ONE. A million times better!

        1. funny guy.

        2. I feel bad for you if you have this much time on your hands to go searching for articles that have nothing to do with iPhone so you can post about iPhones. Mommy and daddy not buying you enough toys to play with?

    6. Just name one thing that they copied? The shape of a rectangle? The aluminium body? Comon man.

      1. He’s a terrible troll, just ignore him man.

      2. Technically, I think HTC beat Apple to an Aluminium phone with the Legend

        1. HTC Legend was unveiled 2010, the first aluminium iPhone was unveiled 2007. At least to me that looks like they were three years behind iPhone.

          1. Apologies, I was referring to the HTC Legend’s Aluminium unibody. The original iPhone was a mix of Aluminium and plastic.

      3. The only things they have in common ios stole from Android lol

  20. Some people just make me sick. Complaining that the HTC One doesn’t have a memory card, and now that there’s a bit of plastic on the side, asking why did they make it look cheap? Seriously? Are you being serious? The reason there is more plastic now is because the back opens to the…MEMORY CARD.

    1. If they want to sell more than few units they BETTER have put a memory card slot indeed.

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      Now we all know where that failed proposition went now don’t we?

      1. I’m pretty sure I know what kind of website your cousin makes $51/h. She could make 5 times more if she worked offline tho.

        1. she work prostitute

  21. I’m going to need to hear some very nifty features on this before I give up my Z Ultra. Please give me some HTC!

    1. I love the Z ultra. I haven’t seen it in person yet but there are two reasons why I wouldn’t pick it: 1. lack of camera flash (how in the world Sony forgot that?), 2. Overall size and weight. This beast is just too big and heavy, even compared to the Galaxy Mega and specially compared to the Note 3. I would love to have a 6.4″ screen phone but it would have to have absolutely minimum bezels (top, bottom and sides).

    2. z ultra screen is terrible

      1. wth? no?

        1. All the recent Sony screens are bad. Poor contrast and viewing angles. They get washed out quickly. They are using tft panels for some reason

          1. Viewing angles is the worst argument of all time. I only ever look at directly at my screen, as do most people.

          2. You never turn on your phone when it’s laying down on your desk for a quick glance?

          3. have you viewed a triluminous display in person? I don’t mean saw it in a video, in person.

          4. Yes, I have. The z1, which was utter crap. “triluminous” hahaha Nice marketing term for cheap tft. Blacks look so grossly grey

          5. Contrast ratio: 650:1 hahahahahahaha

          6. Pretty much no.

          7. Most people with jobs that I know do, since they can’t always be gawking at their phone. I’m busy so I can’t always be picking up my phone and staring directly at it in order to read it. Plus typically poor viewing angles means poor contrast.

          8. To each their own I guess.

  22. I’m with you Rick P,this US an article about the one maxed sand you have Samsung fans trying to convince us to buy the note 3 ,lol I’m waiting for the one max the speakers and build quality with an LCD display and huge battery I’m sold on it

    1. Why wait? Just buy an HTC flyer and you’re all set. xD

    2. I don’t see any posts trying to convince anyone to get a note 3. I already said I’m getting this phone, I was just saying I do like my note 2 and an not a samsung hater or fanboy of any brand.

      1. whether they are trying to talk people into getting the note 3 or trying to talk people out of getting the one max makes no difference. they are trying to prevent or erode any gains by the latest and soon to be greatest new kid on the block. the one did it with the gs4 and the max will do it to the note 3. can’t blame them really I’d be plenty pissed too if something came along that trounced upon my beloved handset, lol!

        1. Who is? I think you guys are a little paranoid. I saw two people say they liked the note 3 too… I didn’t realize that it was either black, or white. So you have to hate every other brand except htc? Lol. Obviously we are here since we are interested in this phone. I could name ten phones I think are very nice, am I not allowed to like other phones? Lol

          1. paranoia? hardly. i think you misconstrue my efforts here. i never said I hated samsung. in fact i think they have a very good phone that is worthy of being a flagship. its just not up to par with the htc one although you wouldnt think so given the vitriole being meted out from the htc hater samsung fanboys on this thread. i aim only keep the record straight and encourage people to make informed decisions about their next phone. get the facts and dont allow samsung marketing and samsung fanboys to influence your decision.

          2. Can you show me one post that said anything bad about htc? I don’t see any

          3. Dude look around you. they are lurking all around talking all kinds of smack about the one max. i cant pinpoint any one post because they are everywhere

          4. Hardly… I love my htc one more than anything I’ve ever owned, and was very excited by the htc one max but I am on the fence now. I just don’t see it as a worthwhile upgrade to my htc one. Hopefully the htc one max squared will be more of an upgrade. It isn’t talking smack just because our opinions are not identical and not everyone is giving out praise only

  23. One max has an awesome screen, finger print scanner, nd the battery life is great the only reason I’m not picking it up and sticking with my htc one. Is because that it’s the same phone just more power nd a bigger screen size, at least the note 3 is different from gs4 nd does it’s own thing one max is just a bigger HTC one with a fingerprint scanner. So I’ll be sticking with the one for now #haterscommentdownblow lol

    1. Just wondering, how do you know about the screen quality or battery life? It isn’t even released or reviewed yet

  24. I’m totally going for it, I think it’s one of the best on the market right now. I’ve always had samsung and I want to try something different and I won’t buy Apple for sure. I’ll add this one on my wishlist on unioncy.com where I collect all my tech stuff, waiting to get my hands on it!

    1. lol, stfu and get off this thread unioncy marketer youre wasting our time with your nontributions

  25. God damn, I need this

  26. I just wish they were using the 800 instead of the 600 again. I still want it though

    1. No one said what cpu they were using?

      1. Go check out tech blogs.. the leaks are all pointing to the 600 again. (The same leaks that talked about the fingerprint sensor long before there were pictures)

        1. Cheers.

    2. why, do you know anyone who has ever complained about the real-world performance of the one? i certainly have not had issues as ive put my one through its paces playing real racing 3 and madden 25 among other highly demanding games. no lag no stutter. on the work side i can scan using my phone multipage documents and convert them to pdf in record time than from what i was able to do with previous smartphones.

      yes it would have been nice to have the 800 and i’m sure it will appear in future iterations but the 600 is perfectly capable for now and its not broke, so why fix it?

      1. Yes, but also driving a larger display now. Plus “for now” it will be fine, but it is up competing against devices with better specs in the same price range, you think they would have wanted to remain competitive.

      2. *First world problems*
        2GB of RAM isn’t enough, even though I always have about 1GB of RAM left on my HTC One

        The S600 isn’t fast enough even though my phone spends most of it’s time at 1-1.3GHz.

        32GB of internal storage isn’t enough even though I have like 10GB left with everything I want on my phone AND useless stuff.

        I’m telling you, it’s them First World Problems.

  27. Reviews are very very bad from the ones I’ve read :( I’m a little worried now

    1. take them with a grain of salt for now. its too early and most of the initial reviews are probably from samsung paid pundits. you need to wait for the credible mainstream sources to publish their reviews in order to make a well-informed decision

      1. Techradar, the verge, etc.. aren’t credible? I hardly doubt out of the ten bad reviews I read that they are all “paid pundits”

        1. No Techradar nor the Verge are credible. They are both paid for and bought by Apple and Samsung.

          1. Seriously? LOL

            So then why did the original HTC one get such a great score?

          2. Yes. It is common knowledge.

          3. So evidence please?

          4. Just look at their reviews. Anything that isn’t Apple The Verge is overly critical. Same if it is Android, but not Sammy. Surely you aren’t this daft

          5. Surely you aren’t as daft as to think every review you don’t agree with must be “paid”

          6. There are MANY sites giving it bad reviews… Are you really as naive as to think every single site is paid?

          7. to preserve credibility and a modicum of objectivity for the future. how can you say the htc one sucks when the rest of the reviewers of the world say otherwise? LOL, no one can be THAT dumb im sure…

          8. Where did you read I said that, or anything even close?? I own the HTC one moron, you’re the dumb one if you can’t grasp the things I wrote lol I’m typing this on my HTC one right now.

          9. I said “If reviews are paid for by samsung and apple, why did HTC one get such great scores then?” If you can’t grasp that and I need to spell it out for you further, please do not procreate

  28. I just grabbed the Galaxy S4. Honestly I can’t imagine going any bigger without some foldable or wrap around display. No stylus on a phone this big? Glad to hear you can disable blink feed now. It’s the primary reason why I skipped the ONE! If I wanted to be told what to do with my phone I’d buy Apple LOL. Glad to see the bigger battery. This class of phone demands it.

    1. Moron.

      1. ooh please go on! I feel enlightened by your immense vocabulary and grasp of the spoken word already! Please change your user name. I’m embarrassed that is remotely resembles mine.

        1. Truth hurts eh? Only morons and those that are sheep buy Sammy over HTC. You complain about no stylus but when HTC released 2 tablets in 2010 with a stylus you people mocked them but then Sammy did it and it as awesome. HTC does not tell you how to use your phone again a moronic statement. So see all I did was state the truth and little baby got his feelings hurt.

          1. Someone having a different opinion from you must be a sheep? Wow, that is some intelligent logic. The HTC one is a great phone, best I’ve ever owned by far. I admit though, it is the best for ME. Samsung phones are also great. Can’t we just get along and enjoy good technology?

          2. No. We can’t. We must disagree. If we didn’t then the world would implode or something. IDK…

  29. No Boom Sound?

    1. Yes it has boomsound

      1. So Boomsound is still featured but the Beats Audio branding is no longer present?

        1. Correct. Beats Audio bought out it’s remaining shares is the reason for no branding and it wasn’t beats audio that made the speakers BoomSound.

  30. At least you can’t say this review is bought out by apple lol


  31. Fudge!! That’s right!! Beats are gone!! Fudge!! Then I’ll have to equalize my music, myself again.


    Oh well, Where’s that ViperAudio MOD at, though?

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