Mobile Roar Podcast #15: Best Android Phones of October

Have you seen our Best Android Phones as of October 2013 list? We debate the rankings and more on this week’s edition of the Mobile Roar Podcast. Other topics include the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear launches as well as the arrival of Android 4.3 for the HTC One (and a discussion of what other handsets might see updates soon). Remember, you can catch us live every Thursday at 2PM Eastern.

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0:01:00 Best Android phones as of October
0:09:36 Will Gingerbread/ICS phones get KitKat?
0:12:55 Do you say “soda” or “pop”?
0:14:35 Apple surpasses Coca-Cola as top global brand
0:19:25 New SnapChat feature makes photos viewable for 24 hours
0:23:20 Send SnapChats to “youdontknowkev”
0:23:44 With Bluetooth 4.0 LE will more fitness devices be compatible with WP?
0:26:55 HTC One getting Android 4.3
0:30:54 Nokia Lumia smartwatch photo leaks
0:35:10 Note 3 and Galaxy Gear launch
0:37:50 Retina iPad Mini may see supply issues when released
0:41:20 Windows 95 game “Hover” comes to the web


0:43:22 Kevin: Google Play music for iOS/Chrome for iOS incognito
0:49:20 Edgar: Verizon insurance open enrollment/KitKat prizes hard to find
0:55:19 Joe: Joe’s Lumia 925 finally arrives/can’t complain about AT&T anymore
0:56:13 Breaking Bad is over :(
0:5705 Chris: Humble Mobile Bundle 2/HTC gives Beats share back

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