Didn’t get insurance for your phone? Verizon, Asurion now hosting open enrollment!

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It is usually worth it for us butter-fingers to get smartphone insurance, but those few bucks ($10 for me) a month can quickly add up. You usually find its value much later, though. Thankfully, there are good opportunities for those who regret not signing up upon purchasing the device. Verizon and Asurion often host open enrollment on device protection plans and right now is your time to sign up!

Those who didn’t sign up for device protection within 30 days after their device purchase will have until December 2nd to enroll. You can choose between all protection plans Verizon has available, including the following.

What device protection plans can I sign up for?


  • Total Equipment Coverage – $6.99 per month ($1 extra for Verizon Mobile Security)
  • Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty – $1.99 per month
  • Asurion Wireless Phone Protection – $5.18
  • All my devices are insured, but I have been surprisingly good at keeping them safe. I know my luck would change as soon as I canceled, though. I like having the peace of mind, so why not look into this open enrollment session to get your device protected?

    You can simply go to Verizon’s site and click on ‘Enroll Now’. You will notice the dates on the main page are wrong, but the ‘Enroll Now’ page will display that you have until Dec. 2 to sign up.

    How many of you are insured? How many times have you used your insurance? I have a device replacement about once a year, so device protection is worth it for me.

    Thanks for the tip, Juan!


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    • Carl Rood

      Actually, unless you chronically lose of break phones, most analyses show that insurance and extended warranties aren’t worth the money. In fact you’re probably better off putting that $10 /month into a “rainy day” account. Remember, real insurance is them betting you’ll never make a claim.

    • frankie

      if you really want some peace of mind try finding another sort of insurance such as protect cell or something similar.. They have benefits such as buying the phone back if you never make a claim and you keep it in good condition.. Doing the math its like spending only $20-$30 for 2 years worth of coverage. (assuming you qualify for buyback)

      Not to mention Asurion is horrible.. Sometimes they make you fill out waivers and affidavits and it lengthens the time to get back to business

    • inAZ

      I have “Computer Hardware” insurance through my insurance carrier. It’s $5k of insurance for less than $20/year with about a $50 deductible – much less expensive than Asurion.

      • Fred Marshall

        That’s an awesome idea!

        • inAZ

          Why thank you (got the idea from someone else ;) ). Your insurer will probably not call it “cell phone” insurance and so just make sure your phone is covered under the computer hardware insurance (or whatever name they have for it) – then really, most of the electronics in your home are covered, tablets, computers, etc.

          A few years ago I had to use it after having the insurance just a few months and after a short conversation on the phone with my insurer, they sent me a check a few days later for the full price of the phone minus $50.

    • Chris H

      Asurion is annoying. You can’t have more than 2 new phone claims in a year (as my wife found out the hard way) and you have to pay $100 to replace a phone anyway. If your screen breaks or your phone gets wet, take it to a local electronics repair place. We have a local place that can replace screens for cheap (except the GS3 which is $100 anyway) and even bring a wet phone back to life (if you get it to them quick enough).

    • Daawesomeone

      Look up Square Trade…being a costco kiosk manager we promote costcos partnership with them 4 times claims, covers all damages, $25 deductible n its $100 one time only thing it doesnt cover is lost or stolen but that depends on the person whos buying

      • Sherlock Holmes

        $25 deductible? When I go to their site online, claims are a $99 deductible with an initial enrollment cost of $125 (or $7.99/month for 2 years).

        • Daawesomeone

          For phones?

          • Sherlock Holmes

            Yeah. Not sure if you’re referring to some special deal Costco has with them, but that’s what it’s like on their site.

            • Daawesomeone

              Guess so, its a special deal you get when you purchase thru Costco. :-)

    • anonymously_redacted

      Those in certain regions are also eligible for Total Mobile Protection ($10/mo). It includes enhanced tech support and several other features.

      • Covert_Death

        Tmp rolling out nationwide soon

    • arshagarbon

      Insurance is a ripoff. $8 a month plus anywhere from a $100-$175 deductible. Kind of why I just started buying mid level phones for $150-$300 no contract. As long as it lasts a year it cost me the same anyway.

      • Covert_Death

        That’s great if your happy with a mid level phone but for those of us who want the best insurance is worth it for 600 phone

        • sdrawkcab25

          except, usually by the time that you use your insurance, a $600 phone is only worth $150-$200 on ebay… so for less than the cost you would of put into an insurance plan, you can get a refurbished phone from another supplier(also usually includes a 90 day warranty)… obviously it is a gamble…but i’d rather bet on not losing/breaking my phone.

          • bstiff

            dont they give you the depriaciated cost anyways. Last time I used / had insurance and lost my phone they paid for some cheap ass flip phone. This was years ago though.

        • Rob in Katy

          I was surprised by what best buy quoted me on insurance. It was less and I want to say no deductible. I didn’t have a phone worth getting insurance on at the time. They said that you could even insure a verizon phone or move it from verizons insurance to their’s.

    • robertlwalters

      If i purchased a Moto X Dev Edition do they still cover it if I did not purch the phone through Verizon? And would they replace with Dev Edition?

    • Covert_Death

      Please update your info…. Tec is now 8.00 even a month and tmp is 10.00 even. I’m a VZW employee and this changed 2 months ago

      And if its an iPhone its 10 a month no matter what and the deductible is 169 where as every other smartphone is only 100 deductible