HTC One Max rumored for head-to-head launch with Galaxy Note 3


We’re still waiting for HTC to officially announce their HTC One Max, but the latest rumors say it could happen soon. According to dates associated with an entry in one of China’s regulatory forums, October 15th might be one to circle on the calendar. The timing would put the phone head-to-head with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3.

Is the timing in HTC’s best interest? It would seem wiser to launch the phone ahead of Samsung’s established brand, potentially diverting buyers from the Note 3. Given HTC’s recent struggles, taking Samsung head on could result in another disappointing launch to join a growing list of recent smartphones with lackluster sales performance.

The One Max, in all fairness, isn’t quite the same phone as the Note 3. It features a large 5.9-inch display, but don’t expect a stylus or any customized software. Still, there isn’t much else in the phablet space to compete with Samsung’s offering at this point.

To be clear, the date only reflects a potential Asian release. The chance of seeing the One Max in the US is starting to look smaller and smaller each day.

[via PhoneArena]

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  • inAZ

    HTC, please add a very functional stylus to this phone and I will jump from the Note to HTC. All things being equal, the stylus and the functionality it brings makes the Note a winner.

    However, I still think HTC’s phone design hardware/software is better.

    I think the stylus (option) for phones is going to have to become the standard, just as the way Asus brought the tightly integrated keyboard to their Transformer line and changed the game. Now, what I want to see from Asus (or someone else) is a 8″ and 10″ tablet with the tightly integrated keyboard and a stylus with all of the cool functionality that it brings!

    • JosephLagalla

      asus vivo tab. its windows 8. but its has the other stuff u just mentioned

  • Guest

    this is what the htc one max should be but htc doesn’t listen

    • Diet Dr. Phat [17,000+ posts]

      That would’ve been the Note killer

    • wumps13

      right otherwise bye bye htc

    • MITM

      thats pretty good… the stylus looks kinda ugly – but I never really used one; so maybe thats a perfect design

      Id like the S800, but Id rather have a processor thats optimized like the X8 from Moto… a S800 optimized for the One Max would be excellent

      3GB of Rams is cool but not needed, 2 should serve just fine– might as well make it 4GB to future proof for 64bit; if u really wanna go over 2GB.

      I dont mind no sd card if theres 32 or 64 internal storage… I still have a phone with 1 GB internal and a 32 GB sd card, and its not full.

      Camera doesnt really matter to me, smartphone cams will never compare to my everyday camera

  • harold

    I have to say i’ve had both notes and love the size but I really don’t use the stylus much.So the one max would fit me good.

  • JonnyPo

    Another nail in HTC’s coffin.

    • Andres Galvan

      Same was said about the One. While it wasn’t the savior HTC wanted it to be, it’s one of the most popular phones of 2013, and it picked them up considerably.

    • Silver Back


  • kev2684

    if this release with snapdragon s4 processor I swear…

  • Diet Dr. Phat [17,000+ posts]

    For offering much less than the Note 3, I hope its at least cheaper on contract compared to the 199 to 350 the N3 is going for, for me to even consider it.

  • wumps13

    should be cheaper than the note 3. Btw the note 3 is ahead because it’s available in europe.I hope they put a sd card otherwise…..

  • simpleas

    we’ll wish them the best i guess lol

  • Fel Pe

    Snapdragon 600? No memory card slot? No Stylus and custom software? No removable battery? 2GB of RAM? 4.1 Mega pixels?? This war is over before even starting!!!!

    • MITM

      Samsung paying you Overtime now?

      • aiyo

        i know htc been firing lots of people now and going bust and all……but chill out bro….there’s lot more phone company you could join just in case

        • MITM

          Blackberry fired me already

  • sunday39

    They should somehow sell this phone for $150 on contract and they might sell a few

    • Silver Back

      ya mum

  • Tony Lai

    Put the Snapdragon 800 in and we might have a competition… it’s a shame that if it only uses S600.

    • MITM

      you can do everything on a phone with a S600 than u can with an s800

      • Tony Lai

        Can you be more specific? Cuz I would like to know what S600 is capable of that S800 is not.

        • MITM

          read what I said again… I didnt say the 600 is capable of doing something the 800 couldnt do

      • simpleas

        until you start playing Dead on Arrival 2 and the damn gpu suffers.

        • MITM

          runs pretty damn good on the new Nexus 7

          • JBrowne1012

            Apparently 2 people as of now disagree

          • MITM

            lol make that 3

            its all good tho

    • Silver Back

      htc one is smoother than touch wiz…go figger

      • Tony Lai

        I never said anything about the UI. Why are you replying to my statement about the choice of hardware with a software statement?

  • Ron_Swanson

    Phone will be dead on arrival if specs are true

    • Silver Back

      scardie cat

  • veccster

    Note 3 smashes this in spec’s and functionality.

    • MITM

      you havent even seen the One Max yet… stfu

    • simpleas

      we all know that.. be nice man

      • Silver Back

        you a real dumbass you know that

    • Silver Back

      bigger with better screen,sound,design,build quality,sd 3400 bat,finger print scanner,sense 5.5 whats not to LOVE…HTC=Enlightenment

  • dealspaaji

    if the configration is true its dead on arrival

  • vinnyjr

    Nothing can compete against the Note 3. The Note 3 has everything the Android user wants and needs. As far as I’m concerned the only manufacturer who gives their customers what they ask for is Samsung. Samsung takes allot of crap because of the use of plastic. I completely disagree, their phone is top of the hill bad ass. The bottom line is the Note 3 is more powerful than most people’s home laptop, I have several top of the line Samsung phones, the new iPhone 5S and my next phone just to balance my list is the latest and greatest of them all, the Note 3. The phone is just too good to be true.
    Thank You Samsung.

    • MITM

      Touchwiz is horrible

    • JBrowne1012

      I’ll hold out for Note 4 maybe Not Note 3 it doesn’t have much of a wow factor Xperial ZL is more wow and Badazzz

  • Austin Keeler

    why are they releasing this phone after the Note 3 and the Iphone 5s comes out??? everybody in marketing should be fired LG was smart they release the G2 way before both of these phones came out.

    • JBrowne1012

      Not like iPhony 5s is real competition any ways why compete with the 5 when its irrelevant.

  • harold

    Phone arena .com shows specs as

    The One Max, is HTC’s debut in the phablet category boasts some serious muscle on paper: a massive 6-inch Super LCD3 display featuring a 1080p resolution will be run by a quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 system-on-a-chip and 2GB of RAM, all of this powered by a 3200mAh battery.

    • InspectorGadget80

      never listen to iphonearena

      • harold

        Specs are specs no matter where they come from if correct.That site was around way before apple products.

  • http://Google Raul

    I think that HTC is going to end up like BlackBerry.

    • harold

      What happens when Samsung comes out with their own mobile os?Everybody knows that where they’re going.

      • JBrowne1012

        they will fail as they usually have unless it does more in a better way

        • simpleas

          wtf ru talking about.. they’re no1 in the world… sigh fuckin ifags

          • uzo ufondu

            He’s taking about the mobile os, in which they are definitely not number 1

    • Silver Back


  • No_Nickname90

    No. Those were just rumors you saw. The phone could still be something else. You never know what they’re going to bring out.

    I mean, if it’s just a larger HTC One, then yea… It’ll flop. I’m sorry, but that multi-window(or any similar) feature, though.

    Well… It may not. I actually like the HTC One. I would probably use Multi-windows like a few times then turn it off. =.3

    Hmm… Let’s see. October is going to be a lovely month.

    On a side note, who’s ready for them scary movies that will be coming out?

  • indio7777

    If it has the same camera as the HTC One…no thanks.

  • Chris McKeever

    No SD card slot, no buy.

  • Silver Back

    BOY YOU CAN ALMOST SMELL THE FEAR OUT THEIR…..sammy n iFonies..HTC ONE HTC BUTTERFLY S AND HTC MAX Best Mobile Phones 2013….PS tipping points already come for ifonies, n sammy have got touch wiz and S everything…LMAO

  • Silver Back


  • socalrailroader

    ” Still, there isn’t much else in the phablet space to compete with Samsung’s offering at this point.”

    LG Optimus G Pro
    LG Optimus G2

  • Knobskin

    Maybe the phone won’t have a region lock on it lol….. Still a phone that big should have a stylus! Oh well, I’m happy with my G2!!

  • hirschmead321

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