Star Command and Time Surfer make their Android debut in Humble Mobile Bundle 2

Star Command alien ship blown up

After finding huge success on Kickstarter (twice), Warballoon’s long delayed Star Command is finally making its Android debut but only through Humble Mobile Bundle 2. A mix between Star Trek and Game Dev Story, Star Command places you in command of a spaceship and its crew where it’s up to you to manage everything in your ship, building new facilities, hiring new crew member, and yes, even battling the occasional hostile alien. The charming retro-styled 16-bit graphics will take you back to games like X-Com, and is one we’ve anxiously been waiting for.

Time Surfer featured

Also making its Android debut for Humble Bundle 2 is Time Surfer, a new title from Kumobius (developers of Bean’s Quest). Gameplay is definitely of the endless running variety, mixing in a little “Dragon, Fly!” for good measure. Tapping the right side of the screen causes your character to dive, while pressing the left side allows you to rewind time for a 2nd chance at better navigate through obstacles. As is the trend these days, the games visuals feature that 8-bit flare we’ve come to love.

Humble Mobile Bundle 2

Don’t forget that there’s also a handful of other great Android titles featured in the new Humble Mobile Bundle 2 (sorry, no iOS games). Here’s the full list:

  • Bloons TD 5 (regularly $3)
  • Punch Quest (regularly $1)
  • Star Command (Android debut!)
  • Time Surfer (Android debut!)

Pay more than the average — currently around $4.63 — and you’ll also get 2 bonus games for a combined $13 value:

Because these titles aren’t offered through the Google Play Store, all game will need to be sideloaded to play. Also keep in mind that device support can be iffy so just to be on the safe side, a list of known supported Android devices for each title found in HMB2 can be found here. Enjoy!

[Humble Mobile Bundle 2]

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  • Ashley King

    Yes! This is the best Humble Android Bundle yet! I’ve been waiting for Star Command since it was gathering funding on Kickstarter.

  • BoomerJMoore

    Definitely picking this up!

  • daikon7

    Does anyone know if star command will be supported by the play store when it finally gets released there? i don’t mind buying this early and sideloading it but i much prefer having updates through the play store eventually.

    • Chris Chavez

      It should make it onto the Play Store. And about those updates, the developer of Star Command says they plan on adding a ton of features and additional gameplay over time, so yeah. Waiting for the Play Store version might be a good idea.

  • drspikes

    Humble bundle now has an android app that will alert and manage app updates bought through them.

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  • Andrew Campbell

    The games will still update from humble bundle…. I have the original Android Humble Bundle, And “The Room” just updated to add the epilogue chapter. So there should be no worry of updating.