Samsung unveils golden Galaxy S4; shameless Apple ripoff jokes ahead

galaxy s4 gold 1

It’s been a long-running gag in the land of smartphones that Samsung wants to be just like Apple. The company has gotten a lot of flack for its use of a physical home button, icons in TouchWiz reminiscent of iOS, and more. While Samsung has come into their own in terms of design in recent years, the company is about to give wit-filled jokesters yet another reason to snicker.

The company has introduced a golden Samsung Galaxy S4. While we don’t have much to go on aside from the image Samsung Arabia posted on Twitter, we imagine it’s the same as the current Galaxy S4 in terms of specs and features.

The photo only shows the side strip, with what used to be a faux chrome material replaced by what could be actual gold. We’re not sure if the back of the device is gold-plated as well, though their decision not to show it has us believing it isn’t.

Samsung’s Dubai outlet is advertising this phone, which leads us to believe it’ll be a limited launch for the United Aram Emirates area. It’s fitting considering folks in that area love them some gold. We’ll be trying to gather more info from the fine folks at Samsung, but in the meantime take a look at the device in the photos above and below, and let us know if it’s something you’d ever consider buying if it launched in your area.

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  • Steve

    I can understand this being a UAE thing, but if this launches worldwide Samsung deserves the Apple hate.

    • Dean Politis

      Samsung has done gold phones before. Maybe Apple is copying off them.

      • phatmanXXL [16,000+ posts]

        Sheeplogic, same thing will happen if Apple makes an iPhone with a curved front, the Samsung will make one AGAIN and people will say they copied apple.

        • josh nolan

          sheeplogic…hell if it wasnt for apple you would still be using shitty blackberries…sure I feel Android has caught up and surpassed Apple but it took 4 or 5 years to do it…those early droids….were laughable

          • josh nolan

            apple got stale over the years because…there was no other competition for about 3 years… then they just slowed down

          • chuck30

            Thats true Appple is kinda stale now but what else can they really do? Ok, yes they can make a phone with a bigger screen but becides that what else?

          • josh nolan

            S3 was probably the first Droid phone that I consider legit… the RAZR sucked and many others were not much better

          • chuck30

            Apple isnt going anywhere anytime soon

          • josh nolan

            Oh no I do not think that either….I own both android and apple devices… definitely not going anywhere a 77 billion dollar operating budget…keep in mind the federal government’s operating budget is 76 billion…. and working for verizon…never once did we have 150 people lined up at the door for an S3… or even the S4…or any Android phone for that matter… They have some serious marketing magic… an intangible.. others just do not have yet

          • josh nolan

            samsung isnt going anywhere either the part of the company that focuses on phones is about 29 billion or so

          • ari_free

            Yeah but look what happened to Monopoly Microsoft

          • chuck30

            I agree with Josh, Samsung is good. They make other things becides phones. Tv’s, Refridgeraters, washers and dryers and many other electroincs .

    • frankie

      who cares who apple hates? samsung made gold phones far earlier than they did, jus a few months ago the galaxy golden was released lol

      • Steve

        Sounds like an adult film.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I hope that none of my Android friends would want something so pretentious as the Gold iPhone.

    • galreap

      Not only pretentious but ugly too. Gold is just an ugly colour on any phone. Those rich oil magnates from the UAE have zero taste.

  • noel

    Makes sense that it is a UAE release.

  • Steven Cannan

    ……I have no words

  • Toasted_Cracker


  • NYCHitman1

    Dumbest thing I have ever seen.

  • Droiddoes314

    genius idea. Everyone copies everyone. If it makes money and I am a bussiness person I would be stupid not to make one of my own. I hope sammy make a gold note 3 i would buy that but not a S4 because its too old of a phone.

  • Androphoner

    Why? Because HTC has a gold HTC one at first, an it is massive gold


    Now I can be like Trinidad James all in my galaxy, don’t believe me just text.

    • themuffinman75

      All gold everything, LMAO!!!!!!!

    • james ortiz

      I popped a galaxy I’m sweating hooooo!

  • ML

    We all know Apple sucks

    • chuck30

      Sucks at what? Making money? Because we all know that isn’t true.

      • Arrowhead1022

        This is what confuses me about fans of giant corporations. They proudly proclaim their favorite company makes more money and feel good about it. Equivalent to saying “Look. This giant company takes so much money from me and others by charging a shitload!! har har!!”

  • Alan

    No, just no. Gold looks so tacky these days in a world of brushed aluminium and kevlar. As long as it doesn’t poison British shores, I’m happy

  • simpleas

    we love options!

  • Worldclassflame

    Smooth timing Samsung lol

  • joseph mcfadden

    they don’t want to be like apple…they are simply mocking them =) don’t confuse the two.

  • zifnab


  • Dean Politis

    To be fair, Samsung has had gold phones before Apple did. You can find gold phones on some of their flip phones.

    • TalkingMoose

      Motorola had ACTUAL gold plated phones back in 2007, not just golden-ish colored phones.

      Another “innovation” Apple fans claim for their own.

      • chuck30

        no one said apple invented the gold phone

        • frankie

          so why are the ifanz claiming they copied them? samsung has been doing gold phones far longer lol

          • chuck30

            because of the timing, it just looks odd that since apple comes out with a gold phone then samsungs does it. Why didnt they make a gold S4 or S3 in the first place? The S4 has been out for at least 6 months now, so why didnt they make one then? The average person doesnt remember what came out 10 years ago or even cares. It just looks odd.

        • bstiff

          really? you would have thought there had never been a gold phone in existence until apple thought of it from the way some people act.

      • bstiff

        wasn’t there a prada phone a while back with real gold and diamonds? Think it went for 10k or some such.

  • DDroid45

    It’s bad enough to use flimsy plastic, but to paint it gold, I say it’s a bad joke, if you gonna do something, do it better, HTC on the other hand, will look so better, it’s already the better looking android

    • ari_free

      If it’s real gold then the joke is on everyone else.

      • DDroid45

        You as well as I know that will never be the case unless it’s one of those horrible specd luxury phones

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    You mean just like the Rose Gold high end Samsung TV that came out a while ago?

    There 75″ super high end TV? I cant say I wouldnt own it!

    • bluevoodo

      conveniently timed, ey? Im sure its just pure coincidence. ;)

  • Alex Alexander

    Dubai? That must be real gold

  • Anthony McKay

    Does that gold get rid of that bloated POS TouchWiz off it? No?.. Well then I’d consider buying this just as much as I would an iPhone or Blackberry.

    • chuck30

      nope, samdung loves TouchJizz

  • John Andrew Stuart

    Samsung ‘s timing couldn’t have been worse. May be pretty to look at (keywords may be) at least once, after that, Meh. Would I buy one? No. Will Samsung be the epicenter of gags when compared to Apple? Definitely. Why Samsung chose to do this is beyond me.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    It’s just a color but it looks bad on Samsung’s part. Maybe Apple has patent on gold color phones now as well.

  • Christopher Todd Smith

    You guys do realize that companies have been releasing gold phones for years, right? Not gold colored plastic, or gold colored aluminum, but actual 18k or 24k gold phones. Search for gold nokia on google and see some of the slider phones from 10+years ago that they released in “gold editions”.
    Makes me so mad that any time apple does anything that others have been doing for years, and Samsung comes along and does the same, all of a sudden Samsung is “blatantly ripping off apple’s idea!!!!!!” That is so ignorant!

    • Christopher Todd Smith

      I mean, for the love, simple google search turns up this:

      a gold Samsung phone from 2004. when will we hear “oh my gosh, apple copied samsungs gold phone idea!!!!!!!”



      The timing

      • Christopher Todd Smith

        so, since samsung has been releasing gold phones since at least 2004, they should have stopped doing this now because apple finally released one?
        makes sense to me!

    • galreap

      The timing is the problem here. They should have released it before Apple released the 5S.

      Are you really going to choose to ignore the fact that they released it as the SAME time the 5S gold was released? Right after it was announced that demand for it was high?

      Why did Samsung wait till Apple released one? Look I get that gold phones were around before and yes they all look tacky including the iPhone gold. But it’s very laughable trying to justify Samsung’s actions. I mean a 5 year old can understand this mess.

  • TalkingMoose

    If this device is for the UAE, I’ll lay odds it’s actually gold plated.

  • Ron_Swanson

    Apple sues Samsung saying they own the rights to every color ever invented

  • Derek Ross

    God dammit Samsung. Let me write up the Press Release for you. ME TOO! ME TOO!

    • frankie

      did you write the press release for them too when they made the galaxy golden weeks ago and the other gold phones from yesteryears?


        But the timing…..

  • ArmageddonX

    This was the first thing that popped into my head.

  • godrilla

    they should have gone with platinum!

  • Ben Edwards

    You can hardly say it’s a ripoff of Apple though. This would have been in the works long before the 5S ever surfaced in gold, and it’s not the first Samsung phone (or Android phone, for that matter) to be released in a gold version for the Arab market.

  • ari_free
  • ari_free
  • barondebxl

    Samsung has no shame at all.

    • simpleas

      right cause Samsung never had a gold phone….

      • barondebxl

        Right, cause the gold 5s didn’t push samsung to release a gold S4 now……

        • johnnyboy5520

          Apple shamelessly stole from Android. So I see no problem with Samsung releasing a gold phone.

          They want gold? Give them gold!!

        • simpleas

          or the gold Samsung caused the iphone to launch the gold one now… either way, sammy has the first gold phone, im sorry brah

          • barondebxl

            I’m sorry for you…. If you can’t see that the gold 5s inspired samsung to release a gold S4. Maybe a space gray will follow…. But Samsung came out with a gray first too….

        • AtDIelement

          Because I guess they can just whip up a gold phone at the drop of a hat? I don’t think either of them copied each other. Bad timing mostly.

        • Charles Humphries

          Actually the Gold GS4 was in Saudi Arabia before the gold 5s was even announced. So was the pink.

    • endinyal

      Funny. It’s very true. Just wait till Samsung ditches Android to push their own proprietary OS. Maybe that will finally bang some sense into these guys’ heads that Samsung was treating them as tools. With Samsung being the only real Android handset manufacturer making money, when they ditch Android for Tizen, that will pretty much spell the end of Android.

      • Lou_Sasshole

        If you’re stupid enough to believe that they’re actually gonna ditch Android, well… *pats head*

  • bstiff

    yeah cause apple has the patent on gold now?

  • Hipking23

    Samsung Already had a “Samsung Gold” Line, look it up!!!!

    • Keith Sevek

      Yeah, I bought my Granddaughter a Tab 3 in Gold and Brown.

  • cooldoods

    I think having a gold phone is shameless in itself anyhow.

  • dan_gallo

    Looks horrible.

  • Keith Sevek

    Apple tells people what they want and Samsung makes it.

  • JohnHarrison

    samsung products makes people feel second class. reminds people of being cheap and korean

  • Wes Loveday

    Does it come with a matching “grille”?