Motorola adds another hilarious Lazy Phone ad to the ranks [VIDEO]

Motorola’s “Lazy Phone” ads have been a big hit since they began airing nationally a couple of weeks ago. They feature TJ Miller, a comedian who is tasked with being the proverbial “lazy phone” that has to be touched all over in order for it to do anything.

The latest entry in this series of ads has hit YouTube, with the “lazy phone” slivering its way into the backseat as he looks to nestle himself safely between two seat cushions (causing the unsuspecting driver to drive into a lake as he looks to find a gas station).¬†Of course, another guy rolls past with a smartphone that doesn’t have to be finagled at all, thanks to Motorola’s Touchless Controls.

The campaign seems to have taken off well, with Motorola’s most popular YouTube video netting over 14 million views since it’s been uploaded. Those are Galaxy S-type numbers, and Motorola hopes it’s this sort of creative advertising — coupled with phones that have some pretty unique features — that will help them sell a lot of Moto X units both this year and next. Catch the latest ad above.

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  • DavidB23

    While these commercials are hilarious; I dont think they are getting the brand name out as well as they should. “Moto X” was mentioned one time in a 60 second commercial. People are remembering the commercial; but not what it is for.

    • steveb944

      I think it’s pretty decent compared to some that advertise an iPhone for the whole ad and then say “but buy ours”. Lazy phone is every phone other than the Moto X.

  • veccster

    Thats a form of advertising. It gets you talking about it without being overly intrusive with product placement.

    Kind of like the famous Budweiser commercial of the marines walking through the airport and others clapping.

  • tomn1ce

    Did they take this commercial out from what happen to those using the fruity navigation app from a year ago! lol

  • hemipw54

    My cellphone thinks these commercials are offensive and has asked me to file a class action lawsuit on its behalf. But I am just to lazy to do it, as per the commercial’s message.

  • tharealoc

    It’s ok that they crashed into a lake, ios7’s new feature makes the phone waterproof!

  • ari_free

    Apple 5S: Touch n you

    Moto X: U Can’t touch this

    • real0325

      Yeah, those milliseconds touch.