HTC One Developer Edition receiving Android 4.3 this week, carrier models will have to wait

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Back in August, HTC’s US President Jason Mackenzie let everyone know his company was working hard to deliver the Android 4.3 firmware update to the HTC One in both the US and Canada before the end of September. As we near the end of the month, the clock is ticking and Mackenzie is back on Twitter with a quick status update.

Turns out the timetable has been slightly tweaked, with 4.3 now said to hit only HTC One Developer Editions in the US — no carrier models. Mackenzie does mention that HTC Ones in Canada can look forward to an Android 4.3 update next month, unfortunately there was no schedule on 4.3 for carrier banded models in the US (typical). However, he did assure tweeters that HTC is working “full speed” to obtain US carrier certification. Gotta love that carrier middleman (one of the reason I opted for the HTC One Developer Edition and not the carrier model).

It was only a few weeks ago we saw¬†Android 4.3 for the AT&T HTC One leak out online, so we don’t imagine it will be too much longer. HTC DROID DNA owners might have noticed that the device seems to have been left out of today’s news, but we’re sure HTC’s will update us on their plans for the DNA — as well as carrier models — in the coming weeks.


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  • Alu Zeros

    great phone, only thing that sucks about it, is no google wallet. I realized that a lot of these other android phones might offer great stuff, but software updates just seem better. looking forward to the nexus 5

    • remister

      You can install Google Wallet on there. NFC Paying, that’s another story :)

      • No_Nickname90

        I seen my friend use Google Wallet to make a payment. It took him like 2 minutes to make that payment. I was like WTF!? I do not want to waste all that time. LoL!!

        So swiping your card and going still seems to be more convenient and less time-consuming.

        • Barry D.

          I agree. Unless I’m missing something to me it seems much faster to just use plastic.

        • remister

          Before the update, I used it (on the nexus 4) , it was so quick. So I don’t know what specifically changed post update. I hear sending money to a friend takes a couple of days.

    • Weston

      What the hell are you talking about? My HTC One on Sprint came with Google Wallet pre-installed. Verizon, T-MO, and AT&T block Google Wallet.

      • Alu Zeros

        i forgot the sprint version has it, my bad, yeah that’s what i’m talking about though verizon at&t and tmo block it, and they suck at bringing updates on time.

  • Tony Lai



    WOW,is this the same guy who used to work @ MOTOROLA & tell lies regarding updates,or,just mentored by him?

    • Weston

      You are a twat.

      • KOLIO

        You’re welcome……………….

  • No_Nickname90

    Lovely. Now I can use a 4.3 Sense ROM. I can’t wait for the Tmo one. I want WiFi Calling. That would be so lovely at times.


      Um, maybe you should go back and check the phone. You have wifi calling already. Duh.

      • No_Nickname90

        Oh? Trying to be a douche, are we? You lose that functionality if you put a non-Tmobile ROM on the phone. So if I put HTC Sense that’s based on the developer edition 4.3 on my phone, I won’t have WiFi calling because that’s not the Tmo version, that’s the developer version.

        If that were the case, then EVERY developer ROM would have WiFi calling. There’s nothing hardware related that says it’s a Tmo phone. It’s all in the ROM you’re using.

        And I definitely don’t have it on Google Edition.

        • blest

          *dap* @nonickname


    I dont care about the wait. It will be worth it. Just wish the carriers would get their crap together and let us get the updates or let HTC provide us with a download link so we can download it ourselves.

    • DavidVarghese

      It’ll be worth it, but I do care about the wait… Hopefully Sprint can quickly get the update out without too much delay..

  • BigCiX

    Nothing new….carriers always wait.

  • domatau

    whatever happened that top sales guy at htc talking about carriers in usa getting 4.3 by end of september?

    • Weston

      You are a twat

    • No_Nickname90

      They have exactly 7 days left: Central Time.

    • Mike Reid


      He lied.


      I have some reasonably high regards for HTC, but they have a multi-year history now of missing & breaking their promises.

  • Roy Psy.D., M.D.

    HTC DNA users weren’t left out. He updated them. Its 4.2.2 now with a new sense experience and they have to wait til December.

  • mhmmd123

    Chris, the carrier HTC been saved until the Christmas…

  • ankan

    Hey…I bought my developer edition from USA..but I m using my phone in another country…so will I be getting the update for my phone in my country….

    • Danny Medina

      No you have to come back into the USA to get the update lmao

  • GokhanE

    This seems to be typical of HTC. By the time 4.3 comes to the US HTC One’s, it will be KitKat 4.4 or 4.5 or perhaps even Android 5.0. Why bother promising it in the first place knowing that they are always at least six months to a year behind Android updates.

    • vishoo

      True… But every one of their updates is a major improvement and they try to fix at least every imaginable mistake of the past version as they put the new one out…

  • bvoak

    As a former Rezound owner, I’m pretty well stretched out. This ain’t gonna hurt a bit…

  • Neal Brown

    The One it’s the last HTC device I will ever buy again! I took a chance thinking that with such a greatly designed body, they would provide software that is equally as great. Fooled me again they did, but no more.

  • Andy Post

    I have the htc one dev edition. haven’t seen an update here in the us yet….. (as of sept 25th)

    • Andy Post

      Currently downloading the update as of sept 26th thursday 12:25pm ET usa. HTC dev one edition att usa

  • barack313

    I am very dissatisfied with HTC and their updates. CEO Peter Chou should step down. I have the One as well, and while it’s a great phone overall, the Ultrapixel gimmick has run its’ course and proven to be inferior to other cameras. This company seems to be totally aloof when it comes to understanding the wants and needs of the few, faithful customers it has left. Word is that Samsung is working on a premium line of phones (aluminum build.) If HTC can’t seem to right the ship soon, I will not be purchasing another of their products. This business incompetence has gotten ridiculous.