HTC One might soon be available in iPhone 5S-like gold color option according to leaked images


HTC One Gold color

The HTC One is no stranger to color. Originally launching in standard silver or black aluminum color options, it was only a few weeks after its initial release that leaks of the device in red and blue varieties began popping up around the net. Of course, we know today that those leaks turned out to be accurate with the HTC One in blue being sold exclusively in Best Buy stores, while the red remains exclusive to Sprint.

With this week’s iPhone 5S announcement, we watched as Apple introduced the device in an all new color option: gold. It’s not a bad color by any means, in fact I personally know of a few friends that will be picking one up (despite my best efforts to lead them towards better, more capable Android options). Guess they’re just not thinking straight with all that bling staring at them in the face.

Now it appears HTC could be looking to bank on this new color as well, with a champagne gold HTC One housing leaking out on the net. Still, we’re leery on the legitimacy of this leak, only because it’s not a fully assembled model but other than that, seems legit. At first glance it looks like nothing more than yellow lighting from the room, but in the middle image, you can see darker hues of gold on the inside of the housing. Certainly wouldn’t be a bad color for the HTC One and one that’s sure to become more popular once the iPhone 5S arrives on the scene.

What do you guys think? Love it/hate it?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Or it’s just the lighting.

    1. It’s always the lighting. Seeing it in person will result in a different color. Remember you’re looking at it on a screen. You can get a gist, but it’ll always look different in person.

      1. It looks yellow to me.

        1. looks like urine to me

  2. i find the gold color to be incredibly tacky and gaudy.

    1. on any device

  3. And the suing shall commence.

    1. I hope C3P0 wins!

  4. Please HTC don’t do it. That had to be the worst color decision apple could have used.

  5. “We’re no strangers to love…”

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

  6. I thought HTC already did this as a publicity stunt

  7. Wish they would just go ahead and make a green variant so I can snag that gorgeous device

  8. Introducing the new HTC One in douche-bag, red, black, blue and silver.

    1. with optional pink fuzzy pair of dice earplugs for the ultimate pimp phone experience×400.jpg

      1. Yea i can definitely see Italians picking this up lol

        1. I can see a lot of ‘pickups’ with this

          “for a good time…only $5 for 1 hour with one of my gals”

    1. imma take a backhoe and uproot dat tree!

  9. Hey! They stole color options from apple! The iPhone 5c was the first phone to ever come in color! /troll

  10. To me it actually appears to be an HTC One Max housing. If the recent leaks are proven correct, you can make out what looks like the square cut out in the back for the fingerprint scanner.

    1. Its for the camera.

      1. Yeah, you’re r right. I guess that I was hoping it was for a fingerprint scanner more than anything. There’s not a lot of news coming out on the One Max. And if you want to see something bad enough, you will. That’s the case here, damn!

  11. I’d rather it be banana yellow.

  12. Late to table with this. Going to look like the copied Apple :/

    1. Yeah, it’s not like it’s been done before right. I mean, the champagne gold Asus tablets don’t count right.

      1. 1) I was referring to smart phones.
        2) I wasn’t saying they did copy. I’m just saying people are 100% definitely going to say that because of the timing.

        1. If color was a trademark then we are all screwed.

          1. No it’s not a trademark, but the timing is definitely going to make people suspicious.

        2. They are copying too much from apple.

    2. HTC is just slow to release colors. it was made before iphone

  13. “in fact I personally know of a few friends that will be picking one up ”

    Can you dig it?

  14. File this under WTF…..

    Seriously,what is that supposed to be in the pix? An HTC ONE that someone dropped in the cat box & then blew ther nose on?

  15. I’m sure gold colour options existed before the iPhone 5S!

    1. yes they just slow to release colors at HTC

  16. The Tawianese are following in the same foot steps as the Koreans in copying products of The Geat American company called Apple.

    1. htc never copies anyone they made the gold color before apple and many colors to come from HTC one even green. so shut up. htc is just slow to release phone colors. if they wanted to copy they would have copied siri everyone knows htc doesn’t copy anyone and never copied anyone. apple copied many features of HTC one. do research before you open your mouth.

  17. oh god no this is one thing that oems need to not copy from apple. The color is really tacky. also unlike white, its going to be really obvious what theyre trying to be (iphones). They should offer a unique color instead and differentiate their brand as not just another iphone wanna be

  18. All I can think of when I hear about the gold iphone or this one is:

  19. One word “China”

  20. I love how HTC released an article saying how Apple was un-original like a week ago, and now HTC is making a “Gold” HTC One, and I love both Android and Apple Equally, but come on HTC stick by your words

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