AT&T, T-Mobile detail Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear release plans (US Cellular, too)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 featured

More major US carriers are announcing release plans for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and its partner smartwatch the Galaxy Gear. AT&T and T-Mobile have both come out with expected launch dates for the updated phablet, with AT&T beginning pre-orders today for a release around October 1st. Pricing on a new two-year contract is set at $299.

T-Mobile’s installment plan sees the phone priced at $199 down with payments of $21/month for 24 months. A release date of October 2nd has been announced, which is the same for the Galaxy Gear. That device will cost $299 without a contract option. AT&T did not announce a specific date for the Gear, only that it is coming soon.


US Cellular has also announced plans to carry the handset in October, though a specific date or pricing was not confirmed.

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  • Dean Politis

    $299 is too much for the Galaxy Gear. It isn’t that attractive either.

    • Big_EZ

      I Could see it take off at about $150, but for me it would have to be no more than $50 when bundled with the Note 3 since it’ll be more of a novelty.

      • Fel Pe

        Gear should be 199 or 149 if purchased together with the Note 3. But obviously is a new product so they are just shooting the price high to see what happens.

  • TechSwagg

    there’s no way Galaxy Gear should be priced anywhere near the Note 3..

  • SAberdroid610

    Just pre-ordered my GN3…can’t wait to have that sweet thing in my hands in Oct!!! Been rocking the OG Note since it’s release, but time to put it out to pasture.

  • AndroidProfit

    You can buy 3 Nexus 7’s for the price of the Note 3 (T-Mobile).

    • Fel Pe

      ATT charges 299 plus at least 20/month extra for it (yes, att finances the phone and put the price together with its monthly service charges)… so basically the note on ATT is more expensive that in TMOBILE. Just like everything else in ATT is more expensive as well.

      • AndroidProfit

        We need to END THIS MADNESS! It’s time that we are able to buy the phone and shop the carrier. T-Mobile got us part way there but I think Google is the one who will help get us all the way there.

        • Fel Pe

          We certainly do. Last December I gladly brought my 3 lines to T-Mobile from ATT and slashed my bill in half maintaining the same service quality. People are starting to realize now that the whole high end phones for 199 thing was just an illusion, created by Apple and ATT back few years ago. Google and T-Mobile have been trying to end with this madness with the new service plans and unlocked phones (Nexus) but is up to us, people, to realize how the numbers work and then decide whats the best option/phone/service out there.

          • AndroidProfit

            It was the lower plans of Tmobile that made me truly realize just how much I was paying for a phone. I told my wife we should go back to flip phones and use our current smart phones at home or away via wifi.

          • Fel Pe

            Whats most incredible is that T-Mobile had cheaper plans before if you used your own phone, but then they disappeared with them when ATT was to buy TMOBILE. I’m just so thankful to the FCC for not letting that happen.

      • Jorell Albino

        True, AT&T is more expensive than T-Mobile. However, AT&T has a better selection of smartphones (Optimus G Pro, Galaxy S4 Active, Moto Maker for the Moto X, Galaxy Mega 6.3, HTC One Mini, etc, and that’s just currently), they have LTE wherever I go, I get a ridiculously good discount on my bill for being with them (3 phones 2 tablets for about $188/mo where 3 phones and two pre-paid tablets on T-mobile would be about $180 once you factor in insurance)…its not for everyone admittedly so I’m not blindly defending AT&T, but in my situation if I can have better coverage, better speeds, better phone selections, better discounts, the ability to bundle home services with wireless services, AND get that for $8 more a month? Yeah I’ll choose the evil AT&T.

        • Fel Pe

          I dont know how your mathematics adds it up. But if it does like your saying then youre probably better off on att.

  • charlie brown

    i dont understand the smartwatch phase am i missing something because i dont need a super watch thats tied to my super phone does not make sense

  • SnookGators1

    Getting my note 3 in February once this 6 months requirement for JUMP passes! can’t wait!!!

  • GavinGG

    Am I the only one not all hyped about the watch? It’s slick basic to me for it to be that expensive. But on the other hand, I sure have preordered that behemoth Note 3! Big Red’s launch date is 10/10 which is quicker this time around!

  • Wes Loveday

    As usual, VZW is nowhere to be found!

    • Fel Pe

      Verizon is so deeply focused on Motorola devices… BIG mistake.

    • GavinGG

      The launch date is 10/10.

    • mcl630

      Oh I’m sure they’re somewhere, probably giggling and dreaming of ways to stick to their customers even more.

      • mcl630

        Meant to attach this…

    • Alex Elkins

      verizon already has preorders ready.

  • MrDSL

    I love the Note line but after using my OG Pro the slight difference in width really makes a difference holding one handed..

  • Morris


  • Himanshu

    Thanks for the confirming the release date.

    • zzzvyvwarner

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      Gear should be 199 or 149 if purchased together with the Note 3. But obviously is a new product so they are just shooting the price high to see what happens.

  • Phil

    To bad ATTs version will have bootloader sealed tight

  • Guido

    Galaxy Note 3 is a great device, I used it at the event :D